Best Premade Doughs for Empanadas

10 Best Premade Doughs for Empanad


Cooking has always been a tough thing for me to do. There were a lot of times where I would struggle with the early steps of cooking. For example, I once tried to make homemade empanadas. I couldn’t even make the dough correctly! Oh I remember the look my mom gave me when she saw me struggle forming the dough. 

The point of my story is to help educate the people who struggle like I do. Cooking can be a lot easier than we think. If we look at my situation, I could have just bought premade dough for the empanadas. What’s also great about this is that you can use a wide variety of dough for your empanadas. This means you can still have a fun time with cooking by experimenting with the different doughs.


Empanadas can be made with any kind of dough. You can use pizza, bread, or even pie dough when you are making your empanadas. In the end it will come to personal preference. For that reason, the premade dough on my list will be ranked based on my own personal preference.

This list will only include pizza, pie, and bread dough. The reason for that is because these are the most available type of dough on amazon right now. I’ll make sure to convince you why I like a certain dough more than the other. You won’t be disappointed with my list!     

My Best Premade Dough

This pillsbury product is my number 1 on my list. It’s simple, delicious, and provides a lot of dough for you to use. It can be used to make savory or sweet things. This is fantastic for an empanadas because you can make sweet or savory empanadas. The most important thing about this product is that there are no artificial flavors. Which means that what you get is all natural!

Essentially this product ranks high because of its flexibility. You will find that any empanadas made with this product will always be delicious.

I recommend this product for those who want a bit of texture with their empanadas. I do and that is why it is ranked so high on my list. It comes with 2 crust that really requires little to do. In fact, if you just leave it at room temperature, it can be changed into a variety of dishes as well, 

Their crust is also made with nothing artificial so what you get is natural as well. This type of dough would go well with sweet empanadas. So everyone with a sweet tooth rejoice!

Here we have a pizza dough instead of a pie dough. This one is ranked high because of its dedication to freshness! This dough is made in the traditional way with organic wheat flour. So essentially it ranks high because it’s capable of being so fresh despite being premade. This dough is also ranked lower on my list because of its focus on savory empanadas only. 

For the consumers who prefer savory empanadas over sweet empanadas, I can see you placing this higher. Regardless of its position, this is still excellent premade dough for all to use. 

This one is without a doubt only for sweet empanadas. The other premade dough I mentioned at number 2 is also for sweet. But you could use that premade dough for savory if you wanted to. This premade dough is only for sweet because it is normally used for cinnamon rolls. The lack of flexibility is why I ranked it lower. 

That said this would enhance the flavor of sweet empanadas. The crust of the empanadas would have a cinnamon flavor mix into it. So you could have an empanada with a cinnamon crust and chocolate filling. That sounds simply divine! This would work with any sweet empanada you can think of. Go crazy with it!

Another premade dough, another pillsbury product. This premade dough is used for only a savory type of empanadas. This dough without a doubt should not be used for the sweet types of empanadas. The reason for that is it would give a buttery taste which isn’t good for a sweet empanada. A chocolate filled empanada with a buttery crust sounds awful!

Now try to imagine a more savory filled empanada. You just made an empanada filled with meat, spices, veggies, and a buttery crust. That sounds like an excellent use for this product! It’s only ranked at 5 because I prefer sweet over savory haha!

This product is a little more unique compared to the rest of the other items on this list. The reason for that is because this pie crust is a deep dish. You normally would hear about this in a pizza! This means that any empanada you make would have the crust of a deep dish pizza. For this reason, I recommend this product for whoever likes savory empanadas. 

A good empanada to make with this dough would be one filled with pizza filling. An empanada filled with cheese, pepperoni, and a deep dish crust sounds mouth watering! You are of course still free to experiment with this dough. Other than the deep dish crust, there isn’t anything else special. You will still get your money’s worth though!

This is the simplest pizza dough on the list. The reason for that is because its features are the simplest on the list. All you have to do is unroll the dough and then you can use it to make your empanadas skin. If you don’t crave empanadas anymore, you can just heat up the dough for an easy and tasty pizza crust.

The only thing unfortunate about this product is that it doesn’t have a lot of dough. However the cheap and affordable price of this product shouldn’t make this a big deal. You can have an enjoyable time with your family with tasty pizza crust! 

For this product, there really isn’t a difference between this one and the number 7. They both have the exact same steps to get some ready made dough. The only difference is one you probably figured out already by reading the name. This dough is made for those who really like thinner crust. Unfortunately for this product, I don’t and that is why it’s ranked a bit lower. 

It is also a bit more tougher to make empanadas with. It is easy to imagine the dough coming apart since the crust is so thin. You might have an empanada that would make you have a mess while eating. However I still recommend this product because if you can form an empanada successfully, you can get something real tasty!

This bread dough is the only one on this list for a very good reason. It offers no way to enhance your empanada flavors. It has no preservatives, and trans fat which is good. This means that what you get here is guaranteed freshness. It also fulfills traditional methods if that is something you value. If we look at the literal translation of an empanada, it is a filling wrapped in bread!

You would get your traditional empanada which would still be tasty. Unfortunately I have it ranked so low because it does nothing to help improve the flavor. You could just use this dough and add to it to improve the flavor of course. But in my opinion a premade dough with the additional flavor already added is better than having to prep it.

This product is the number 10 ranked. It is outclassed by all the other products on the list but there is a point for including it.

You may or may not agree with my list and that is okay. But you should at least look at this product and use it to measure the quality of what you want to buy. Any product that doesn’t offer the same amount of freshness as this one at the very least isn’t worth it. 

Finally it is made by a reputable company which is always a good thing. You want to buy a product from a company that is known. Even if this product isn’t as good as the other ones, you will still find that this will do the job!


Wow that was a hard list to create. I had a hard time to create this list because of the lack of features in many of the products and they all came from the same company. There is nothing wrong with that and I did manage to create a list with what I hope are good points. Now go forth my readers! Go and make those delightable and tasty pastries for your pleasures. Even if you decide not to use my list, I hope at the very least that you are informed enough to make good decisions on your premade dough.



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