Best Japanese Rice Brands

Rice can be described as a wonderful staple food. You can be full off just rice but the only problem is that rice by itself is quite bland. So most people would probably think that all they need is some sort of condiment to deal with this problem. But what if I tell you that the quality of the rice is the main factor that influences the taste? Surprising to hear right?

Ok so you know quality affects the taste of rice but how do you know which rice is high quality? Well you are in luck because I have some amazing recommendations for you. My list of the 10 best japanese rice brands will satisfy your rice craving. They are all carefully cultivated and packaged neatly into one bundle. You can eat them without any help or you can make some amazing fried rice, stir fry, or even sushi!

Anyone can get into rice as well since it is easy to make. All you need is a rice cooker and access to fresh water to prepare. But if you don’t want to do that, then you can do something more complicated. You can use a pan to cook the rice with stock that you have but that it is significantly harder to do. It does improve the flavor but you can do that with a regular rice cooker as well. You can just use a stock to cook the rice instead of using water. There is just so much you can do with rice!

10 Best Japanese Rice Brand

If you want rice prepared by professionals, then this is the rice for you. It is made in Japan but the difference is that it has been prepared by professionals there. The more important detail is that it has been produced in the IBARAKI prefecture. Why is that important? It is important because it is the leading rice production center in Japan. So the professionals from this place must be even more special. 

The reputation of this rice has increased even more since this rice is used by many Japanese michelin chefs. That little detail will help reassure you the taste of the rice! The rice is larger and has a better texture than other grains of rice. Furthermore the flavor has been enhanced due to the fact that it has been produced from volcanic soil. The soil creates a more fertile soil that helps make better rice.

This rice is best used for things like sushi or rice balls but I encourage you to always experiment with what you have. Taste is a subjective thing and who knows maybe that rice dish will taste amazing with this rice. The only problem with this is that you might use up too much money practicing with this rice. So try to get some cheaper rice to practice with before you use this premium rice and you will be okay!

Do you prefer your products be grown in the United States instead? Are you just worried that rice produced here might not be good? Well don’t be worried anymore since this rice deals with both of these problems. This rice is produced in the Sacramento Valley and at the most fertile part of those lands. Furthermore, they are gmo free so you know that they are careful with the production of their rice.

The unique thing about this rice is that you don’t actually have to spend time cleaning it. It is a little unusual because you normally clean the rice before you cook it but you don’t do that here. It is helpful for people who have little time on their hands. Admittedly it doesn’t seem like a lot of time saved but I think that is still worthwhile. You know what they say, time is money!

Want to eat sushi but afraid to because they are made with white rice? Don’t worry anymore because we have brown rice that is great for sushi. They have some amazing health benefits and they are organic which just adds to their value. Another great thing about this product is that you don’t have to worry about it going bad anytime soon. They design the bag to maintain quality and flavor for a significantly long time. 

Another benefit of this rice is that it is so flexible. It isn’t best for just one specific type of dish. You can use it as a side for your main dishes. The last great thing about this product is that it comes with helpful directions for inexperienced cooks. If you want drier rice or moister rice, then you can do that. Just add or remove the recommended amount of water and voila! You can’t go wrong with this beautiful rice.

Now I know that this rice doesn’t seem like anything special but hear me out. This rice brand is special in the sense that it is very sticky. This makes it great for making the perfect sushi due to the fact that sushi needs to maintain their shape. Furthermore it can be used for a variety of other complicated rice dishes that need sticky rice. Flexibility is what makes this rice product amazing.

You also don’t have to worry about the rice requiring a perfect temperature. This rice can be eaten cold or hot. So it is also great for whoever is in a hurry. I also love that this product comes with cooking directions for whoever needs it. This is invaluable for people who have a hard time with eyeballing the right amount of water needed for rice. I can’t think of any complaints for this product, just a very satisfactory product overall.

This product is the definition of simple being better than complex. This rice doesn’t try to do anything fancy and solely focuses on enhancing the basic features of rice. So in that sense this rice is probably one of the best rices out there on the market. The only problem you might have is figuring out how to prepare this rice properly. No worries there because this product got you covered.

On the back you get extremely detailed directions on how to make the rice come out perfect. Of course you would have a problem if you don’t have a rice cooker. But its fine because this product also has directions for a stove top. Such care is certainly praiseworthy!

I bet you have at least once been to a Japanese restaurant in the USA. If you were impressed with the rice that they used, then you should give this rice a chance. This special premium rice is widely used in many Japanese restaurants. So you should be able to replicate that amazing taste you found in that restaurant. The only problem is that you might not know how to recreate those flavors because you’re just a beginner.

So that is why I recommend that you find a good cookbook to help with your culinary journey. Also get some cheaper rice to practice with. If you are able to do that, then you should be able to get that flavor you are desperately searching for! But are they even healthy though? I would say yes due to the fact that what you are getting is all natural rice. So you don’t have to worry about eating anything unhealthy. The only thing you have to worry about is the other ingredients for the recipe!

I bet there have been times where you were going to be late for a very important meeting or for class. But you needed to eat something for breakfast and that made you even more late. So you grab something that is unhealthy and run! You don’t have to do that anymore with this rice product since you can get this rice ready really quickly. All you have to do is put it in the microwave for a few minutes and you are ready to go!

You don’t even have to do the problematic parts as well like clean the rice and put in the required amount of water in the rice cooker. This baby is all ready to go from the get go. If you do have more time, then this rice is great for making other complicated dishes as well. You can make stir fry or fried rice. It would take too long on the day that you are late but it wouldn’t be a problem if you prepare beforehand. The taste will be a little worse than using premium rice but it will definitely be tasty.

This rice is a little more unusual since I bet you aren’t used to multigrain rice. You are probably more used to white rice. But I can assure you that this rice is just as tasty as white rice. It has an amazing reputation since it is ranked #1 mixed grain brand by Hakubaku. It says a lot for a rice to be ranked that high! It is also more nutritious and more flavorful than regular white rice. But is it complicated to make though?

Nope, in fact all you have to do is mix it with rice and cook it in a rice cooker. It doesn’t even have to be just white rice, you can use brown rice or even mochi mugi. You’ll definitely get your money's worth with this product since you can get a lot of rice with this method. Great for people like college students who struggle with money.

Japanese rice are just great in the sense that you don’t have to worry about the quality of the rice. This rice is pesticide free, made with reduced chemicals, and only uses the necessary amount of fertilizer. So if you are a fan of nature, then you’ll be a fan of this. This rice is made with the power of nature. The method is also safe and secure.

This is important to know because sometimes rice can be affected by unwanted critters. So producing this rice in a secure place will always be a fortunate thing. This is just an amazing product and it is rare which makes it hard to obtain. You should definitely obtain this product as soon as possible for your household.


How much of a food enthusiast are you? Are you the type who follows tradition and can’t stand the taste of a food not produced from the original country? Luckily for you this product deals with that problem extremely well. This rice uses koshihikari grown in California to replicate that traditional taste that you are looking for. You will be able to recreate that amazing sushi that you tasted or any other dish that requires rice. 

But is this rice easy to create? Well it is hard to say because the rice requires more instructions than regular rice. For example, you would need to let the rice soak  for a while in order to have the rice absorb everything. You then have to let it sit for 10 minutes for the best quality rice. These steps are unusual since you don’t have to do that with regular rice. The last great thing about this brand is that the bag is designed to maintain freshness while keeping out anything that would be harmful to the quality of the rice. They only ask you to keep it in a cool area to help enhance the effects! So enthusiast, did I get your attention yet?


I know that rice isn’t really a desirable food item but I strongly encourage you to give them a try. You’ll find that the right quality can really change your opinion. Even if it doesn’t, you can make it tasty with help. You won’t be disappointed if you give it a chance. 

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