10 Best Frozen Aloo Paratha


Potatoes are such an amazing ingredient and everyone is familiar with it. However it may not be appealing to most people. Fortunately for you I can recommend to you a very tasty dish made with spiced potatoes. That dish is aloo paratha and will surely bring a smile to everyone in your family. It doesn’t even matter that what I will recommend are frozen, they are that delicious once you reheat them!

They may be a frozen product but there are still important things to look for in a frozen aloo paratha. Hopefully my detailed explanation will be enough to convince you why they are ranked the way they are. The last thing I want to say for this part is that my list won’t all be aloo paratha. While I was doing my research I found that it was hard to find places that sell aloo paratha and that means that there isn’t a demand. So I will recommend the paratha that I think will work best with spiced potatoes!

Here is my best aloo paratha on my list. I like this frozen aloo paratha because it has a wide variety of ingredients mixed with the potatoes. This means that it will definitely have some wonderful flavors. You will also get a considerable amount of potatoes (45%) which means you’ll get your money's worth. When you take a bite of the aloo paratha you won’t end up with just bread!

The only real negative I can think about this product is the reheating process. It is actually an involved process and not something you can just use a microwave for. That said the reheating process is still quite simple so you shouldn’t have much of a problem. The only other thing worth noting is that it contains peanuts which is bad for those allergic. Otherwise there is no other reason to hate this product and will definitely fill you with joy!

Another great aloo paratha but for different reasons. The reheating process is simpler which is great for convenience. It also works great with pickles, yogurt, or other accompaniments. However the second benefit also works against it for my ranking. The reason for that is it requires help but the number 1 product doesn’t. This paratha with yogurt would be better but this paratha by itself wouldn’t be.

That said I recommend this product for people with patience. This product works best if you are willing to experiment with different accompaniments. I’m just worried that people might not do that because there are only 4 pieces to try with. This means it would be troublesome if you can’t find the right accompaniment with just 4 pieces. I assure you it would be well worth the effort to experiment with it!

Here is my first frozen paratha that doesn’t have potatoes with it. It is ranked really high on my list because of the great value that it has! It comes with 25 parathas which is more than all the other parathas on my list. It is also great because it would help compliment the spiced potatoes you plan to use with this product. The reason for that is because it is already flavored with salt and sugar. 

Another benefit is that it helps with the texture of your aloo paratha as well. This paratha is layered and that provides a more unique texture compared to a regular paratha. This product has no negatives when you look at it as a compliment to potatoes. But it is ranked lower than my other two products because it isn’t already premade. Thus this means that how good it is will be dependent on your skill. It may lack consistency but you’ll be happy with the flexibility that it gives you.

The cord isn't retractable and you have to unplug the rice cooker to turn it off. This rice cooker is easy to clean and this is a long lasting and durable rice cooker that you will be able to use for many years to come.

Potatoes and cheese are a classic combination that most people will enjoy. This is why I want to recommend this product for my readers. Paneer paratha are known as the indian cheese which will work wonders with the spiced potatoes that you plan to use for your aloo paratha. In addition to that you can add even more condiments which will greatly add to the flavor experience.

My only real problem with this is that again the flavor will depend on your skill. If the person cooking with this product isn’t skilled then they could potentially waste a lot of money. Also since there isn’t really a demand, impatient people might not be willing to spend the time on making something they don’t know if they will enjoy. Which is why I will recommend this product to those who are experienced cooks and with a lot of patience.

This paratha might be on the more pricey side but it is still quite affordable. It also has a lot of natural benefits as well. The spices that they use to flavor their bread have no msg or additives. If you also care about recognizable brands then this product has that too. The spice brand that they use is Galaji which is also highly rated. This means that you can be sure about the quality of this frozen product.

The last beneficial thing about this product is that it has a long shelf life. It is a small detail but I think it is worth it to point out all possible benefits. That said there might be a small problem with the product. It isn’t known what is in the special spice brand that they use on their bread and that will make it harder to use the right spiced potatoes. So it is even more required for you to be a skilled chef otherwise you will definitely be unhappy with the final product.

If you like cooking that follows tradition then this product will amaze you. It promises to have the same quality as food that you can find paranthewali gali. This is great quality that you are getting from an item that is meant to be frozen. It also works well with any type of spiced potatoes that you enjoy since it is flavored in a simple way. The only real problem you have with this product is if you are allergic to wheat, soy, or nuts. 

You might not like any combination that you make with potatoes. This is fine as well since you can just eat it the way it was intended for. I don’t want to make any suggestions that would make my readers upset. So that is why I will always point out any silver lining, no matter how small it is. Just heat up these beauties for a little bit and I am sure that you won’t have anything to complain about. 

Nothing much to say about this product because there aren’t many features. It can be kept frozen for a long time and is quite easy to reheat. The taste is also rather simple since it is only flavored with onions. The lack of features might make you wonder why I have it ranked higher than three other products. But sometimes the ol’ reliable is better than other products that have baggage.

It is also quite easy to work with the paratha as well because it is only flavored with one item. It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with spiced potatoes that work well with the onion flavor that this product has. This means that I can recommend this product for anyone regardless of their cooking level. The only way for you to have a problem with this product is if you just don’t like the taste of whatever you make.

This is actually quite similar to another product on my list but I like this one more. The main reason for that is this is more well regarded compared to the other one. It is also known as thepla and is quite popular in Gujarat. This means that you can enjoy some true indian cooking with this product. That is enough to make up for any possible shortcomings that this product might have.

Speaking of shortcomings, let us talk about them. It has the same problems that the other product has. You’ll have trouble freezing and reheating the paratha. You also will have trouble with preserving the curries. However the quality of the paratha and the curry might just make up for it. A tasty paratha requires equally tasty curry. This means that whatever you do with this product will surely make your palette jump in delight.

A unique product on my list and will also work well with my article. You get some plain paratha which will work well with whatever spiced potatoes that you make. The only real problem that I have with this product is that it might not freeze well enough since it is not made for that purpose. This also means that you might have some problems with reheating the paratha if you want the original taste. 

That said you could also not like the aloo paratha that you make with this and that is fine as well.This is why the product comes with 2 packs of curry that is ready to eat. You can just enjoy the remaining paratha with the curry you have. That said you might have problems with preserving the curry for a long shelf life. Thus you should quickly determine if you are going to like the aloo paratha you make with this product in order to determine what to do with the curry.

I can’t really rank this product any higher on my list due to two reasons. You would end up buying a product that has extra things that you might not even want. The other problem with this product is that the paratha you obtained aren’t flavored with anything so it needs more work. However I can think of a silver lining in all of this. There is a lot of things that you can do to make the product great.

You don’t have to worry about making a specially spiced potato that will complement the bread flavor. You can just make whatever spiced potato that you want and try it out. That said it could be possible that you just don’t enjoy it in the end. This gives the product another reason why it is great because you still have 25 chapati to feed your family with. You can even try to add potatoes to the chapati, the value you get with this product makes up for the shortcomings.


Aloo paratha is a relatively unknown dish in the United States and that is just a tragedy in my opinion. It is a perfect dish for you to enjoy for breakfast in the early morning. Even if they are kept frozen they still taste wonderfully. This is why I tried my best to recommend to you what I think you would enjoy. However you might realize that there is a problem with my list.

I mostly recommended regular frozen paratha. You would have to make the spiced potatoes yourself to get aloo paratha. You lack convenience with the list that I created for you which I want to apologize for. There is only one reason for that and that is frozen aloo paratha is hard to find in the US. I hope this article helps in spreading the wonders of this indian dish! The more people that are interested in aloo paratha will mean that there will be more of these products due to a higher demand!


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