Best Funnel Cake Fryers

10 Best Funnel Cake Fryers


Funnel cakes are such a delightful treat to eat! They can be eaten in a wide variety of ways. They can be eaten just by itself, with sprinkled sugar, ice cream, etc. Just thinking about it makes my mouth drool. Which is why I don’t blame you for coming to this article on my 10 best funnel cake fryers. 

For this list we will be focusing on a wide variety of funnel cake fryers. I will be trying to come up with a list that will have a fryer for your needs. You may just want one to make cakes for yourself or you may need one for a business. So obviously if I had a list of only strong fryers, then it would be of no use to you my readers. 

I’ll make sure to go over what to look for in a fryer. Then I will make sure to highlight the important qualities of each product. You won’t be disappointed with any of them! With that said, let’s get started with my list.

 About Funnel Cake Fryers

Think about why you need a funnel cake fryer. For example do you need to have a fryer that can cook multiple funnel cakes or just one? When considering this detail, I highly recommend looking for a medium sized fryer. It would be well worth it because of the flexibility that it brings. 

Say that you want a fryer to cook one funnel cake but all of a sudden you want to be able to make it faster. This provides excellent flexibility because if your cheaper fryer doesn’t do the job, then you would have to buy another one. It’s also important to look at the design of the funnel cake fryer because it would impact the cooking. A flat bottom funnel cake is the best for cooking lots of funnel cakes at once ( They give plenty of space for your cakes so you’ll be able to cook great cakes for all purposes!


I like to include a tip section just in case you disagree with my list. I want to let you know that if you want to look for other fryers than you would want one that is safe. This means that it would ideally have a lid or some sort of feature to prevent a mess. You don’t want to get burned from the oil or have an oil spill that touches your wires!

This deep fryer is my #1 on my list. The reason for that is because of the flexibility that it provides. It has a large enough space for you to cook a wide variety of fried foods. Meaning that if you get tired of making funnel cakes, then you can make other fried foods that you crave. 

This is also beneficial for a business. It’s large enough to cook a lot of funnel cakes at once which is helpful. Also you can add other wide varieties of fried food to your menu for your customers. So for a business and regular people, you get a lot for your money! Taking all of these points into consideration, it is no wonder that it’s number 1 on my list!

What makes this product stand out compared to my number 4 is because of the warranty. This one comes with a 3 year warranty which means that they are even more confident with their fryer. They may have good reason for this as well. The reviews suggest that their product is extremely excellent as well.

Now other than the warranty, it has the same features as the number 4. There’s no problem with that as well. The very good fryers tend to do the same thing. It’s very easy to clean and simple to use. It might not be ideal for people who are trying to make cakes for the restaurants. But with that said it is still an excellent enough product that validates it’s spot.

This fryer is extremely excellent and that’s why it is on my number 2 spot. The reason for this is because it’s easy with the cleanup. The removable oil tank makes cleanup a thing of the past. It’s arguably one of the most flexible products on this list because it’s easy to bring outside as well. This means that people who want to open a simple food stand can use it as well.

It’s not as good as the fryer on my number 1 list because it’s not as big. At most you would have enough spots for 2 funnel cakes. This becomes problematic because depending on the demand for your cakes, you can have angry customers due to delays. This may cause you to buy more fryers which makes you waste more money. However with that said, this is still an excellent and efficient fryer.

Now I can probably guess what you’re thinking if you know about this product ahead of time. There’s a really big reason why I have this ranked so high. It’s easily the simplest to use in my entire list. All you need is 4 cups of oil and you are ready to go.The reason for this is because the fryer is designed to set the perfect temperature automatically. The only thing you have to worry about is taking the funnel cake out. 

The next best thing about this product is the one year warranty that comes with it. This means that you can have time with this product and can change it back if you don’t like it. I enjoy that because it normally suggests that they are confident with their product. This product will work for you for a long time!

This product ranks below the more simpler fryers because of its inefficiency. You end up using more oil than you probably need. This means that you would be using up a lot of money on oil for some of the simplest tasks. So if you just wanted to make one funnel cake for yourself to eat, things would become problematic. You would make a lot of ingredients just to make one funnel cake to eat. 

With that said, it still ranks relatively high on my list. The reason for this is because it still does extremely well in all other possible scenarios. You can use it for a party, selling, etc. It also does all of this extremely well! I am also positive that you won’t be disappointed with this deep fryer.

I like this product at this place despite its limited amount of space. The reason for that is because of how much you can place in each fryer. This product is also more efficient than the other fryers that ranks below this one. One of the reasons is because of how easy it is to clean. You can take apart the entire fryer and clean each part separately. You won’t have to worry about any food residue. 

The biggest reason why it’s better though is because of the cooking speed. This product promises to cook your food in minutes. Thus you can expect your funnel cake to come out really fast. This means that this product can be an efficient buy for restaurant owners as well. Since the funnel cake can come out quickly, the owners don’t have to worry about the limited space.

This product is better than the three fryers ranked below it because of the time it saves. This product preheats the oils really fast. This helps contribute to cutting down on the time it takes to make your funnel cakes. What makes this product really unique though is the odor filter that it comes with. This is really important in my book because it helps people get used to cooking with fried food. There are people who can't stand fried food thus the accessibility is fantastic!

Furthermore the product comes with a see through lid which adds even more points in my book! The reason for this is because it really adds to the accessibility. A person who can't stand fried food and has no experience cooking it will find this helpful. They would be able to see the food being cooked safely and stand the odor. This product is my recommendation for all types of people. Especially those who have a hard time with fried foods!

I like this fryer at this spot because of the convenience of this product. This product is still small but is bigger than my number 10 spot. It also provides more functionality than my number 10 spot. As the name suggests, it is able to cook a wide variety of fried food. So you aren’t limited to just funnel cakes. You know what they say, eating too much of something will lead to you getting tired of it.

This fryer is also safe to use thanks to the lid which you can see through. The lid also functions as oil prevention. This is extremely important because of the possibility that oil splashes on to the wires. If that happens then a fryer can cause massive damage. You don’t have to worry about it with this product!

This product is better than my number 10 spot because of its efficiency. This product is easy to clean as well because of the removable basket. It has a timer on it which helps with the cooking of your funnel cakes. Furthermore it helps with the cooking because of the temperature adjustments it has. This helps you figure out the best method to get a better cooking on your funnel cakes.

 It also provides more flexibility than the number 10 spot because of its ability to cook more fried foods. It's also more powerful with its 1800-watt heating element. Both of these are great because you would be able to cook a lot more food both fast and efficiently. What makes this product even more unique is that the oil tank is also easy to clean. The oil tank is also dishwasher safe! This makes the whole thing easy to clean. You'll have a fun time with this product!

This is my number 10 product and another Hamilton fryer. In a sense that speaks to the quality of the products this company produces! That said, the reason for this is because this product has the fewest amount of features. However it can do all of those things very well! 

It has a lid that would cover your food while it is frying. This would help make the cooking process both safe and clean. It also cooks the food very well and at a fast time. It offers a quick and easy cleaning method which all cooks would want. That is because the idea of cleaning a huge mess of oil is frightening! You would be able to cook a lot of food for your family and have a pleasant time doing it!


Ah this was such a long list but I hope you enjoyed reading through it. I made sure to take into consideration every single possible feature when making this list. That is why some funnel cake fryers are ranked higher than the others. They just barely edge out the other ones thanks to just one of their features. I had to do a lot of research for this list and I hope you find it informative.


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