Churros are the perfect sweet treat for any occasion, whether you’re craving a something sweet after lunch or need a quick and delicious dessert to serve up after a dinner party. There’s nothing better than being able to make churros in the comfort of your own home but it can be hard to find the perfect tools to do so, but to help you out here’s a list of the top-rated churros makers!
  1. StarBlue Churros Maker

StarBlue’s churros maker is one of the most highly rated products on Amazon and perfect for making your own churros at home. The device is small, sleek and compact meaning that its very portable and easy to take out with you and is not difficult to store. It is complete with non-stick plates, so it is very easy to clean up after use. StarBlue’s churros maker is also temperature regulated, so you don’t have to be worried about your churros burning. Its heat suppressing handle also makes it safe to use for the whole family and it is a much healthier option to frying the churros in oil.

This easy to use device comes at a super affordable price, retailing at $29.99 on Amazon with free shipping and returns available. When you make your purchase, you will also receive a e-cookbook with some great recipes to help you start out, as well as a dough cutter to help you get your churros perfectly shaped. At such a great price with so many family friendly features this is the perfect addition to any kitchen!

2. Bernar Churro Maker

If you’re looking for a more classic approach to making churros at home, the Bernar Churro maker is a must buy! Made and imported from the city in Spain where churros were first made, this small device is the perfect way to recreate traditional churros recipes in the comfort of your own home. The small handheld plastic device comes with five different nozzles, so you have options for the way in which you want your churros to look. One nozzle that is included with the churros maker is hollow, making it easy to pipe in your own flavored fillings.

The Bernar Churro Maker is incredibly easy to use, simply pour in your dough and it will come out the perfect shape. All you have to do is place the shaped dough in vegetable oil and fry it, and you have the perfect dessert. The Bernar Churro Maker is available on Amazon starting at $25.30. This Churros maker is ideal for anyone looking to recreate a famous dessert or add their own touch to a traditional dish.

3. CucinaPro Churro Maker

Although its slightly more expensive than some of the other options, the CunicaPro Churro Maker is still very affordable and an easy way to make a quick dessert! The churro maker comes with four non-stick plates, two for churros and two for empanadas, that can be removed easily making them very easy to clean. There’s also no oil involved in the cooking process, simply make your dough and put it in the cooker and minutes later you will have six perfectly shaped churros, and the fact you can also make empanadas is an added bonus.

The CunicaPro Churro Maker can be purchased on Amazon for $34.94 and comes with a cookbook full of recipes to get you started on making your dough. It also includes a circular dough cutter to help you get your churros and empanadas to be the perfect shape. With its simplicity, and no oil being used you won’t feel any guilt whilst eating churros make in this cooker.

4. Tescoma Easy Dough Shapes Maker

If you’re looking for a churros maker that can serve multiple purposes, the Tescoma easy dough shaper is the perfect choice. This small, compact device can be used to not only make your own churros to fry at home, but also gnocchi and donuts. It is very easy to use, with several nozzles that can be changed over based on what you are making, that attaches to a plastic compartment which you then simply turn the handle of and then you have a perfectly crafted churro.

The Tescoma Easy Dough Shapes Maker can also be dismantled making it incredibly easy to clean after use, and an added bonus is that it is dishwasher safe. If you place your order on Amazon for $22.99, you will also receive a free e-cookbook with a range of recipes for everything that can be made with the device as well as a three-year warranty and money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

5. Hot Paella Churro Maker

If you’re looking to make high quality traditional Spanish churros the Hot Paella Churro Maker is the perfect choice. The churro maker holds two cups of dough at a time, and simply pressing down on the device will push out the dough into perfect form, ready to be fried on the stove in vegetable oil. It also comes with multiple nozzles, allowing you to try out some fun shapes whilst enjoying the taste of a traditional churro.

This aluminum churro maker is very easy to clean, and although it comes at a slightly higher price, retailing at $33.87 it is much more durable than plastic churros makers. It is currently sold out on Hot Paella’s online store but is available for purchase on Amazon. The Hot Paella Churros Maker is a perfect way for you to easily make an amazing dessert at home to share with family and friends.  

6. Zulay Kitchen Classic Cookie Press

If you’re looking for a small, sleek contraption to cover all your dessert-making needs, the Zulay Kitchen Classic Cookie Press is a great option. It can not only be used to make the perfect churros, but also for small, fun-shaped cookies. All that needs to be done is filling the press with churros mix, you can then pick one of the twenty stencils that are included with the purchase and you’ll have churros ready to be cooked.  

The Zulay Kitchen Classic Cookie Press is made from stainless steel, ensuring that it will withstand the test of time. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee, so if any problems arise with your purchase, Zulay will be more than happy to help you out. This is one of the most affordable churros makers, priced at only $10.99 on Amazon, and it’s perfect for any dessert you want to make!

7. Miestar Global Donuts and Churrera Churro Maker Machine

Miestar Global’s Churros maker is the perfect way to make stuffed churros at home. It comes equipped with two plastic tubes, one for dough and one for filling, and a variety of different nozzles that allow you to not only make churros, but to also decorate cakes, make gnocchi, donuts and cookies. It also comes with eight different lids, and ten spouts for pipping fillings meaning you can experiment with new takes on a classic dish.

As it can be dismantled, it is very easy to clean and takes up minimal storage space. Being made from plastic making it a great way to cook with the family, as it’s safe for kids to help in piping the churros. When you purchase it from Amazon for $29.99 you will also receive a recipe for churros, lemon cookies and chocolate biscuits.

8. Ateco Open Star Pastry Tip

If price is your main priority, the Ateco Open Star Pastry Tip is the ideal choice for making your own churros. This is perfect for piping churros with homemade dough and placing them in the fryer for a quick and easy dessert and it has incredible 4.8 stars on Amazon. The stainless-steel makeup means it is not only durable but can also be put in the dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning. It’s also perfect for pipping icing onto cakes, making it a great addition to any kitchen!

The Ateco Pastry Tip retails for a very affordable $5.62 on Amazon and comes with free shipping for Amazon prime members. Disposable piping bags to place the dough in are not included but can be found at many retailers including on Amazon for as low as $8.99 for a pack of 100. If you’re looking for a cheap tool that can be used specifically for churros, this is definitely a good buy.

9. Todo Churros Gun

If you are looking for a more high-end churros maker, that is still reasonably affordable, Todo Churros Gun is a great option for both at home and commercial use. The gun comes with three nozzles that can be used to make both churros and gnocchi and is made from stainless steel. It also comes with a scrubbing handle that can be placed inside the gun for easy cleaning, and the rest of the pieces are dishwasher safe. It is very easy to use; you simply make your own dough and place it in the gun and then squeeze the handle and the dough will come out in your desired shape.

As one of the most well-reviewed churros makers online, the Todo Churros gun is incredibly hard to come by, it has developed a great reputation for both its ability to make well-crafted churros and its long-term durability. Fortunately, Amazon have recently restocked the Todo Churros Gun, and it is currently retailing for $64.99. This is a great tool to have in the kitchen for anyone looking to make churros on a regular basis.

10. HAKKA BROTHERS 2 in 1 Spanish Sausage Stuffer and Churros Maker

If you are looking to make the ultimate churros, the HAKKA BROTHERS Sausage Stuffer and Churros Maker is the perfect option. Designed to make both sausages and churros, it comes with three different sized plastic nozzles to use on churros, depending on if you want to leave them opened for fillings or not. The stainless-steel build of the machine ensures that you will get good use out of it, and it is very easy to use by simply rotating the handle you will have perfectly constructed churros.

This is a more expensive option for a churro maker and is much larger than some of the handheld or electric devices. However, it comes in three different sizes to cater to both commercial and home use. Pricing of the HAKKA BROTHERS Churros maker varies depending on size, ranging from $159.99 to $193.99 on Amazon, with options for warranty add ons also available. Although it is more of an investment this churros maker is perfect for someone looking to make this incredible dessert on a regular basis, and you can be sure it is something that will last a long time!

Header Image Source: Rosanna Pansino


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