The Ultimate Guide To T45 Flour

There is one word that I learned to associate with french food and that is “fancy”. This word has a positive and negative meaning when applied to food. It suggests the food will definitely be tasty but the food will also be very expensive as well. The price associated with these fancy foods makes it hard for people to try it. This doesn’t mean that regular people like me can’t try fancy food, but it can take a long time for our next tasting!

Where am I going with this you might be wondering? The answer to your question is extremely simple to figure out. I am trying to suggest that you make french food for yourself to try at home. You can do that with the T45 flour to make some good french food for your family to enjoy. However you might be disappointed with what you can make with this T45 flour.

You will definitely make french food but the only thing you can make is french pastries. I don’t mean that you can’t use this as a substitute for other types of food, but it is best for pastries. You can use it for bread but it isn’t suitable for it. I’ll do my best to inform you about the important points of the T45 flour throughout this article. By the time you are done with this article, you’ll definitely be an expert on the T45 flour.  

Difference between this flour and other flours

It can be hard for people to think about immediate differences with other types of flours. The reason for that is because it is really unfamiliar and most likely not commonly used. However you are most likely familiar with walnut flour, all-purpose flour, cake flour, etc. You’ll probably be able to figure out the difference between the T45 flour with these flour I just mentioned. But you might not be familiar with the differences with other uncommon flour used for cooking.

Those other flour I mentioned are T55, T65, and T150 flour. You see what I mean by uncommon type of flour? These flour I just mentioned are also most likely not commonly used in most households as well. I’ll point out all the differences that I can think about and I will tell you if they can act as substitutes for T45 flour. You’ll definitely be a more informed cook at the end of the day!

The first flour on the list is T55 flour which is very similar to the T45 flour. For the most part you can use T55 flour as a substitute over the T45 flour for most products. But the main difference is that the T55 flour is suitable for making bread too. So if you want a flour that has more uses than just making sweets then this flour is for you!

If you want a flour that has nothing to do with sweets then the T65 flour might be best for you. This flour is best used for french food as well but it is for bread instead of sweets. The only down side with this flour is that it can’t be used for other types of french food as well. So because of that, this flour can not be used as a substitute for the T45 flour.

`The final flour is the T150 flour which is an excellent substitute but not for the T45 flour unfortunately. This flour is best used as a substitute for the T55 flour because it can be used for bread. The only difference is that this flour makes whole wheat bread instead of the regular bread from the T55 flour. So if you are looking for something more nutritious, this flour is what you’re looking for!

Well I tried to cover the flour’s that I think are the most useful for all of my readers. But as you probably figured these aren’t all the uncommon flour’s out there. I only covered these three flours because they are the ones you’ll most likely be able to find in your grocery stores. I just have one last thing to say in this section and that is to have fun at your cooking!

How to make T45 flour

You’re probably excited for this section because you don’t know how to make T45 flour and are waiting for me to explain it. Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to make the flour at home with ingredients from any grocery store. So your best bet is to buy this flour from an online store. This might be unusual because I am not recommending the grocery stores, but I assure you that you will be happy with the quality!

T45 Flour Recipes

I find it hard to deviate from classics when I am recommending food to make. This is why for this section I will recommend the best food to make with T45 flour and those are desserts. That doesn’t mean I won’t be recommending other things you can make with it but they may be less suitable. Still I will recommend these recipes because you might end up enjoying them yourself!

  • Brioche Chinois - You can think of this as a cinnamon roll if you are unfamiliar with the name. It is another flexible dessert that you’ll enjoy. You can top this with chocolate, cream, etc. You can also just mix sweets into the bread itself which is also tasty. Overall a fine dish to create at home!
  • Sourdough bread - This is the bread recipe that I will recommend in this section. It is also another flexible recipe that you’ll enjoy. You can add a variety of toppings or use these breads to make a sandwich.
  • Vanilla & Chocolate Crepes - Here is a classic dessert that most people think about when you think about french desserts. You can't go wrong with the classic flavors vanilla and chocolate. What is also great about this dessert is that you can add a variety of different toppings on it. This dish will definitely bring a smile to all of your family in your household!


T45 flour is definitely an unfamiliar flour for most households.but you’ll definitely love it. It is the key ingredient in making a lot of tasty food but you’ll need to practice constantly at home. The time and effort you put into mastering how to use T45  will pay off in the long run!


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