The Ultimate Guide To T65 Flour

France is a culturally rich paradise that everyone will enjoy if they visit. They are well known for a lot of things like art, fashion, Eiffel tower, etc. But the thing I will be focusing on for this article is their bread. They are best made with the T65 flour and the effort you put into making them will definitely be worth it. You’ll get to taste the french life once you master how to use the flour. 

The main problem you might have with this flour is that it might not be good to use for other things like sweets. There are better flour’s out there for you to use and I will point them out in this article. The reason for this is that I don’t want you to leave disappointed if you want flour for making things like sweets. I might end up missing another possible alternative because it is not possible to cover everything. But that is still okay, all you have to do is research and that is part of the fun of cooking!

Difference between this flour and other flours

T65 flour is such a strange name for a flour and most people probably have no information about it. Thus most people probably have no idea what the differences are with other types of flours. That is where I come in, I will tell you all the differences there are with the other flours on the market. So when it comes to your cooking, you’ll be able to choose the most appropriate flour for the food you plan to make.

The flour I will talk about in this section are Type 0, Euro 1150 flour type, and Cake Flour. Two of them are uncommon flour and you might be wondering if you’ll even be able to obtain them. But I think it is still important to talk about them because of the possibility that you might be able to work with these flour. The possibility isn’t 0 so if you obtain the flour in the future, you’ll already be well informed. 

The first flour on this list is the Type 0 flour. This is actually a really good flour that you can use as a substitute for the T65 flour. The reason for that is the flour can be used to make a good variety of bread. However the bread you can make with the flour is different from the bread you can make with the T65 flour. You can make croissants with the Type 0 bread and you can make artisan dark bread with the T65 flour.

The next flour on the list (Euro 1150 flour type) is also a fantastic substitute for the T65 flour. For the most part you can make the same variety of breads that the T65 flour can make. The only difference is that the Euro 1150 flour type specializes in making wheat bread. So in a sense, this flour offers more flexibility than the T65 flour. 

The final flour on the list is the one you’ll most likely be able to obtain. This flour isn’t good for making the bread that you can make with the T65 flour. It specializes in making things for dessert. So as you can probably already guess, this isn’t a good substitute. But I am mentioning it here because I still wanted to give an alternative for all my readers out there if they don’t want to make bread. 

Tip for the T65 flour

I only have one tip when it comes to cooking with the T65 flour. You can use the All-purpose flour as a substitute for the T65 flour. It is probably the most similar flour out there in the grocery stores right now. So if you can’t obtain any T65 flour but if you want to work with it, you can just practice with the all-purpose flour that you can find in grocery stores. 

How to make T65 flour

I wish I can teach you how to make the T65 flour but unfortunately I can’t. The reason for that is because you have to watch the mineral amount in the flour. If the mineral amount is too high or too low, then you don’t have the T65 flour anymore. Thus your best bet is just to buy the flour from online, or a grocery store if you can find it. You wouldn’t want to try to make bread with the wrong flour, the flavor might not be right.

T65 Flour Recipes

There aren’t a lot of unique recipes that you can make with the T65 flour. The reason for that is because most things you can make are bread. However you can use this as a substitute for other dishes. Granted I won’t be sure about the taste, you would have to experiment with it. But I will still make some alternative recommendations because I am sure most people would be just disappointed if they only saw bread recipes. But if you don’t like the recipes I recommend, feel free to try other recipes but just make sure you like the taste!

  • Muffins - Well muffins are clearly not bread haha. I am still recommending this alternative because there is a lot you can do with it. You can add a variety of toppings to the muffin which means you won’t be tired of the taste. A good classic dish that won’t disappoint anyone you make it for.
  • Moulin Ruch - Well here is my best bread recipe recommendation. There is nothing too complicated about this recipe. All you have to do is follow the recipe and you’ll get some good hearty bread. Great for making sandwiches for your family to snack on at home. Very hard to be disappointed with this recipe. 
  • Homemade Bagels - Another bread recipe who would have guessed. This recipe is best used for your breakfast needs. A lot of good things you can do with these bagels for breakfast. Pair it with jam or make your very own breakfast sandwich and you’ll find that the time you spend on making these beauties will be well worth it. 


Well there is all you need to know about the T65 flour. It can be a tad disappointing that you can’t make anything complex with the T65 flour. But you can’t go wrong with making a stable food like bread. The last thing I wanna mention is that I hope I managed to help and thank you for reading!



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