Best 9 Onggi Pots

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish and is quickly growing in popularity all around the world. Kimchi is a side dish, made with fermented vegetables. Most commonly, kimchi is made with salted cabbage, but other vegetables such as radish, garlic, and onion are often added. It is a great snack to have and can be paired with so many different dishes.

To make Kimchi the traditional way, you would need to have an onggi pot. Onggi pots are an essential kitchen tool in Korean households and have been used for generations to make kimchi. Onggi pots are traditionally made from clay and sand but are now usually made from ceramic. They are fired in a kiln which leaves them with tiny pores. These tiny pores allow the kimchi inside the pot to breathe but making it watertight to achieve proper fermentation.

Onggi pots are not only used to make kimchi but can also be used to make soybean paste and fermented salty fish. These pots were traditionally kept outdoors in the summer, and buried under the sand in winter for warmth and to prevent the contents from freezing.

Finding a good onggi pot is your first step in the process of making kimchi. Having your own onggi pot allows you to test out its many different uses, creating some wonderful fermented dishes that can keep for quite a long time, and pair so well with many main course dinners.

Here are some great onggi pots to take a look at:

Best 9 Onggi Pots

This traditional pot will help you make kimchi how it should be done and is a treasure to keep at home!

The Korean Traditional Glazed clay pot has gone through the kiln twice to ensure it has the perfect amount of insulation and airflow to properly ferment the food within. This onggi pot can be used to make kimchi, kochujang, doenjang, and even soy sauce, and maintains its freshness and flavor throughout the fermenting process.

The total size of the onggi is 9.45’’ W x 8.27’’ H, with a capacity of 5L, which is more than enough to make a batch of kimchi to last a while.

This onggi pot was made the traditional way in Korea and is the ultimate, most authentic onggi pot you could hope to own. It is kimchi made the way it should be, and it really is a great piece for decoration when not in use!

For a traditional onggi jar, which is hard to find nowadays, this is a great option. This onggi jar will help you make some kimchi the right way, and with all the correct processes needed for the perfect batch!

Using the traditional glazing technique, this onggi jar keeps in flavor and freshness throughout the fermenting process and will produce kimchi how it should be. This onggi jar is larger than others found on the market, measuring in at 15.35’’ L x 13.78’’ H with a total capacity of 25L. This is kimchi making at a large level!

The onggi jar is made by the Korean Community Food Cooperative, so you know you will be supporting local enterprise when making your purchase. It is an authentic piece that will stand the test of time, making batch after batch of authentic kimchi, as well as other tasty fermented dishes.

Its simplistic and aged design should not fool you, this onggi pot is a kimchi-making machine which will be an asset in any household. It is the pot for you if you want to make kimchi the old school way.

This smaller onggi pot will not give you heaps and heaps of kimchi, but it is really versatile in all of its different uses.

The dark brown onggi jar only measures 5.5’’ W x 4.7’’ L and has a total capacity of just under 1L. It has been treated under high heat and the micro-holes allow for proper air flow, meaning the kimchi or other contents will ferment properly over time.

Not only can it be used to make small batches of kimchi, various sauces and soybean paste, but it is the perfect storage vessel for them as well, and can be used on the dinner table thanks to its beautiful, simplistic design.

This onggi jar is natural and safe and does not contain any toxins or lead. It is a great option for serving food, storing food, or making kimchi.

On a smaller scale, this might be the perfect onggi jar for household use. It will make just the right amount of kimchi for your home and will serve as a beautiful, decorative piece on the table top!

This fermentation pot is modeled and inspired by the original onggi pots used in Korean fermentation.

It has a 5L capacity fermentation pot with an additional water channel for oxygen, producing a mold free environment to prompt a natural lactic acid fermentation process.

The ceramic is lead and cadmium free and is completely safe to use. There are additional stone weights which help push down the contents for a more thorough fermentation.

The pot can be used to make traditional kimchi, or other probiotic-rich foods such as sauerkraut, all packed with natural enzymes.

The overall size of the pot measures 11’’ x 9’’ x 11’’, giving a substantial amount of space for a large kimchi haul.

A more modern take is used in the design of this fermentation pot, but it still utilizes the authentic fermentation process that has been used for centuries to create some super tasty kimchi.

The original onggi has been introduced to modern design in this Crazy Korean Cooking Fermentation container. It is a large container which will help you make more than enough kimchi to satiate your cravings!

This fermentation container combines the best of the ancient Korean onggi processes with modern technology that is easy and simple to use. The sandy brown color of the container is perfect for strongly colored foods, and no visible staining will be noticeable.

It has an overall capacity of 22L, which will give you an insane amount of kimchi to enjoy!

Made with high-quality polypropylene and 7-10% natural clay, it has the optimal porosity (micropores) and conditions needed to properly ferment foods. It has been approved by the FDA and is free from lead, BPA, and DEHP.

The overall design protects the surface of the food and creates an anaerobic environment, which is perfect for the survival of probiotics. The rate at which the probiotics thrive is imperative to the crispy texture and lively color of the fermented food produced, which this product promises. There is an inner vacuum found in the lid, which helps to keep food fresh and stops the decomposition of food.

This is a modern take on onggi pots, but still achieves the same fermentation process well, which is so necessary for making the perfect batch of kimchi!

While not entirely a Korean onggi pot, this fermenting crock will achieve the same results with some additional features to help out.

This crock is ideal for making kimchi and other probiotic enriched foods such as sauerkraut and cucumbers. The modern design sees a large water channel which creates an oxygen-free environment for optimal fermentation within the crock.

The diameter measures 5’’ wide and the crock comes included with some stone weights which help to keep the contents submerged beneath the fermenting liquid or brine.

There are micropores present which allow for the proper inside environment, providing everything necessary for fermentation to happen without the food decomposing rapidly. The crock can hold a total capacity of 5L, which is large enough for a decent sized kimchi haul.

This is a great crock to use if you are starting to experiment with fermenting your own kimchi and other vegetables. It is a sure-fire way to whip up a great batch and can be used time and time again.

Use this authentic onggi jar to make some small batches of kimchi or other preserved foods, to share with your family at home over dinnertime.

The dark brown, compact container measures a humble 5.82’’ W, 5.23’’ H with a mouth diameter of 3.54’’. The total capacity falls just under 1L, so you will only be able to create smaller batches of kimchi when using this jar.

The Earthenware has many small micropores which allow for suitable airflow, to promote a healthy fermenting process.

This small onggi jar is perfect to use for making soybean paste and other fermented condiments, as it can be easily set on the table when it is time to dish up and makes a great addition to kitchen décor at the same time.

This easy to use container is perfect for fermentation to create kimchi, pickled vegetables, and other delicious foods.

The combination of Korean earthenware principles and modern design have come together to create a high-quality fermentation pot, made from polypropylene plastic which helps boost the fermentation process.

The inner pressing plate is adjustable and minimizes the air within the container. This promotes an anaerobic state which helps with the growth of probiotics.

The double lid blocks out odors and air and means there is no fermentation smell escaping the container. It is completely safe to use, and can be used in the freezer or microwave, and is both heat and cold resistant. All materials used in the container are lead, DEHP and BPA free.

A total of 3L can be held in the jar, making a decent sized batch of kimchi or other vegetables to be consumed at home.

This modern take on kimchi making is easy to use and is friendly to those who are only starting out with making kimchi and other preserved foods.

Harnessing the same principles as traditional kimchi pots, this crock jar will help you create some delicious kimchi the authentic way.

The crock jar can hold a total of 8lbs of vegetables and has a liquid capacity of 5L. It is really easy to use, with a built-in burp lid and weighting stones. The lid allows for the fermentation gasses to escape, while still keeping outside air out. This helps the vegetables and contents of the jar to stay properly preserved. The weighting stones help to keep the vegetables properly submerged in the brining liquid, ensuring an even fermentation process.

Only 100% natural materials are used, with high-grade ceramics and food safe coatings.  There are no preservatives or artificial additives needed to preserve the kimchi or pickles made, and they will last for ages just by being put through the proper fermentation process in the crock.

The ceramic crock is incredibly easy to clean and care for, and it has been designed for long term storage of vegetables. When not in use, it just needs to be cleaned properly, dried well and popped on the shelf until you want to make your next kimchi batch.

For an easy to use and simple fermentation crock, modeled on the principles and design of the original onggi, this is a great buy. It will serve you up some great kimchi time and time again.

The Best Onggi Pots

Everybody loves a little bit of kimchi in their life, and why stop there? The right onggi pot will help you create your own homemade preserves, pickles, and sauces using ingredients you choose. It is a great way to connect ancient food techniques with modern cooking, and it can all be done simply from the comfort of your own home, with minimal work from your side.

Make sure the onggi pot you choose has the right amount of micropores and airtight ventilation to ensure that the right fermentation process is followed, giving you some lovely homemade kimchi to enjoy.

Finding the best onggi pots is your first step in the process of making kimchi. Having your own onggi pot allows you to test out its many different uses, creating some wonderful fermented dishes that can keep for quite a long time, and pair so well with many main course dinners. #kimchi #onggi #koreancooking #koreanrecipes #kimchidish #kimchipot #kimchirecipes #koreanfood #asianfood #asiancuisine is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED 'AS IS' AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. All prices on this site may change and those considered valid are displayed on


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