Tokyo Station is a bustling section of the capital city that is a central hub for bullet trains, subways, and transport. Not only does it act as the transport center in the city, but it is also a rich destination for a cuisine experience that is like none other.

There are more than enough culinary experiences to be had at Tokyo Station, you just need to know which food to have in order to enjoy the ultimate cuisine tour at Tokyo Station.

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Ramen is a staple dish in Japan. It is a Japanese dish which is made with Chinese wheat noodles. These noodles are served in a broth made from meat, fish or vegetables. The broth is often flavored with miso or soy sauce and features toppings such as nori, menma, scallions or pork.

At the Tokyo Station, Ramen Street is a definite place to visit. There are eight popular ramen shops found in this street. The ramen sold within Ramen Street range from the traditional shoyu ramen to a more modern twist on the Japanese dish. You will be able to find the perfect ramen to fulfill your cravings at one of the eight restaurants within Ramen Street.

Recommended restaurant

Ippudo | Location: Marunouchi Brick Square, 2 Chrome-6-1 | Phone: +81 3-3217-2888


You cannot visit Japan without indulging in sushi.

Sushi is not all raw fish, the name sushi actually refers to foods which use seasoned rice and vinegar. There are many different types of sushi to choose from, making it appealing to a wide range of tastes and palettes.

In Japan, the most popular ingredient in sushi is sashimi, which is raw fish. Sashimi can be used in different sushi dishes. Nigiri-zushi is hand pressed balls of rice with some wasabi and other ingredients on top, such as tuna, yellowtail or prawn. Maki-zushi is balls of rice wrapped in by nori seaweed and can contain tuna or cucumber and salmon.

There are many types of sushi to choose from, and in order to fully appreciate them all, you should choose a restaurant which has a conveyer belt to sit at. Different plates of sushi are made in the kitchen and are sent out on a conveyer belt for customers to pick up and eat. This way, you can see the food you want to eat, instead of ordering off a menu which you might not understand.

Recommended restaurant

Numazu Uogashizushi | Location: Kitchen Street, 1F Tokyo Station, 1-9-1, Marunouchi | Phone: +81-3-6212-0371


Kaisen-don is a bowl of warm rice which is topped with fresh seafood or sashimi. Most commonly, the topping on a kaisen-don would be fat salmon, crab legs, salmon caviar, sweet scallops, or sea urchin.

It is the ultimate bowl of deliciousness and is a definite food to try for seafood lovers. Many of the toppings found on kaisen-don are at a much more affordable price in Tokyo, so it is worth testing them out while out there.

Recommended restaurant

Kushiro | Location: 6F Kitte, 2-7-2 Marunouchi | Phone: +81 3-6256-0817

Ishikari Nabe

This is an incredibly hearty dish that gets its name from the Ishikari River. The dish is served in a cast iron or clay pot. It is a miso-based broth served with winter vegetables, tofu and salmon. While it started off as a humble dish eaten on the beach after a day of fishing, it has been taken to new heights and reinvented with modern Tokyo cuisine.

There are many different types of nabe to choose from, but the Ishikari Nabe has a wonderful fullness and freshness thanks to the salmon.

Recommended restaurant

Tajimaya | Location: Tokyo Station 2-1 Yaesu, Chuo-ku | Phone: +81 03-5203-2099


Yakitori describes grilled chicken, placed on skewers. While chicken is most commonly used for yakitori, other ingredients such as meat and vegetables can be used as well.

Yakitori is widely popular throughout Japan. It is the ultimate snack to grab when on the go and is full of the sticky and sweet barbeque flavor that everyone adores.

Traditionally, yakitori is cooked on a rectangular clay grill which is just long enough to cook the chicken without burning the skewers. However, they are now also cooked on conventional gas or charcoal grills.

The skewers are dipped into a soy sauce and rice wine mixture and cooked for a while, they are then re-dipped halfway through cooking to coat the chicken in the tasty sauce. This leaves the yakitori sweet, sticky and juicy, perfect to be eaten straight off the grill.

Yakitori fits into many different diets and can be eaten as a snack or a light meal on the go.

Recommended restaurant

Bird Land | Location: B1 Marunouchi Eiraku bldg, 1-4-1 Marunouchi | Phone: +81 3-6269-9825


Izakaya isn’t so much a dish, as a type of informal Japanese pub. Similar to tapas bars and Irish pubs, Izakaya offers a selection of pub meals, all with a Japanese touch. Most of the items served in an izakaya are meant to be shared.

Some of the common menu items you might find are:

Edamame – soybean pods which are boiled and salted

Goma-ae – vegetables served with a sesame dressing

Karaage – bite-sized deep fried chicken

Kushiyaki – meat or vegetable skewers

Tebasaki – chicken wings

Agedashi dofu – deep fried tofu in broth

These Japanese pubs are a great taste experience but are also a wonderful place to relax outside the hustle and bustle of Tokyo Station with a cold beer and some delicious snacks.

Recommended restaurant

Akita Pure Rice Sake Bar | Location: Kitamachi Dining, 2F Yaesu North Exit, Tokyo Station | Phone: +81 3-6256-0518

Indian Cuisine

Yes, there is some incredible Indian cuisine to be found in Tokyo Station. Most of the Indian food found within Tokyo Station is from Northern India. However, there are some locations where you can find some South Indian dishes such as Tamil and Kerala.

Some dishes you will come across are the Mangalorian masala crab curry, which has an exquisitely fresh flavor and juicy pieces of fresh crab in a masala sauce. There are also lemon oyster curries which are traditional but have a great new twist with the help of Japanese influence.

You will also be able to pick up some dosas, which are crispy light crepes made from fermented rice flour and lentil batter, these are served as a side with the curries, but are delicious eaten on their own as well.

There is a surprisingly wide choice of Indian cuisine to choose from in Tokyo Station, whether you prefer the heavier Northern Indian curries, or the fresh and seafood filled curries of the South.

Recommended restaurant

Dhaba India | Location: 1F Sagami bldg, 2-7-9 Yaesu, Chuo-ku Phone: +81 3-3272-7160

Italian Cuisine

Another foreign culinary experience to have in Tokyo Station is Italian cuisine.

There are some really delicious Italian foods to enjoy in Tokyo Station. For starters, you could have a mixed green salad, served with a healthy portion of Parmigiana Reggiano. Arugula leaves are coated with a high-quality balsamic vinegar to perfectly compliment the flavorful cheese.

Another great dish to try is a burrata pizza. This pizza is topped with cherry tomatoes and a whole ball of fresh burrata cheese. The thin pizza base is the perfect base for the cold pizza, full of fresh flavor, completed with the creamy burrata cheese.

There are also some really tasty pasta dishes to try, and Japan is known for its amazing Japanese-Italian pasta. Al dente noodles and fresh shavings of parmesan cheese help to create some wonderful pasta dishes that can be plain or with a variety of sauces or flavors.

Recommended restaurant

Eataly | Location: B1F JR East Tokyo Station | Phone: +81 3-3217-7070

Pastries and Cakes

You might have worked up a bit of a sweet tooth during your time at Tokyo Station, and luckily, everything isn’t just savory. There are some restaurants that offer some of the best pastries and cakes around.

Mousse cakes, sponge cakes, jams, creams, all varieties of cakes and pastries are on offer. You will most likely have to choose between cakes of the day, but it gives you the perfect excuse to sit down and work through tasting as many as possible.

The pastries are usually light and perfectly balanced, not being too sweet. It is a good place to sit back and relax, tasting some sweet treats while taking a break from the busy world outside.

Recommended restaurant

Hidemi Sugino | Location: 1F Kyobashi Daie bldg, 3-6-17 Kyobashi, Chy-ku | Phone: +81 3-3538-6780

Soup Curry

Soup curry is a delightful mix of a Japanese-style curry, mixed with a rich soup broth, all served with rice. The curry soup is loaded with spices, fresh herbs, and fresh vegetables. It is a healthier option to traditional ramen.

You can also choose to have some meat, such as bone-in chicken, a minced beef patty, or pork belly, with your curry soup. However, it is perfectly fine to have vegetables only, and it is a tasty way to get in your fill of vegetables for the day.

Many restaurants will let you customize your soup by choosing your own vegetables and toppings, as well as for deciding on your spice level.

Recommended restaurant

Sapporo Dominica Ginza | Location: 3-8-11 Nihonbashi, Chuo, Tokyo | Phone: +81 3-3231-1347

Katsu Don

Katsu don is fried pork drenched with miso sauce. The miso katsu is placed on top of a bowl of rice and served with an egg. It is a filling dish, thanks to the rice, and the miso katsu has a strong, enjoyable flavor.

It is a fairly simple dish and is enjoyed by many as a meal during the day. Although, just because it is simple, pork, rice, and egg, it in no ways means it lacks in flavor. It will soon become one of your favorite dishes that you will be popping out to buy during the day.

Recommended restaurant

Kushihan | Location: Tokyo Station B1F, Kurobe Yokocho, 1-9-1, Marunouchi | Phone: +81 3287-3851

Tempura Fried Foods

When in Tokyo, you have to indulge in some deep-fried tempura foods. Whether it be shrimp or vegetables, these deep-fried pieces of golden delight are mouthwatering, and you will see yourself going back for more and more.

Many restaurants in the Tokyo Station will actually deep fry the tempura batter near your table, letting you in on the way it is cooked. There are also some great dips to pair with deep-fried shrimp or vegetables, making the dish so much better.

Recommended restaurant

Ginza Hageten | Location: 2-1-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ky | Phone: +81 3217-8910


Ochazuke is one of Japan’s most comforting foods. It is a bowl of rice soaked in a hot bowl of tea. It is usually enjoyed after a meal as dessert, but it can also be eaten as a sweet breakfast.

There are quite a few variations of ochazuke to be found, some made with dashi from frigate tuna, mackerel, dried sardines or skipjack tuna, as well as chicken stock. These can be topped with salmon, chicken or lightly pickled vegetables.

With so many variations of the dish, you can have a savory one for lunch and then treat yourself to a sweet, traditional ochazuke for dessert!

Recommended restaurant

Dashi-chazuke En | Location: Nishiguchi underground mall No. 1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku | Phone: +81 6279-4196

Beef Tongue

Gyutan, beef tongue, is a popular dish in Japan. It has a chewy texture, with the taste coming from the rare cooked beef. The beef tongue is chargrilled to perfection and is often served alongside rice or vegetables.

It is considered a delicacy, so it will have a higher price, but it is definitely worth the tasting.

Recommended restaurant

Negishi Yaesuten | Location: 2-1 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Yaesu Underground Shopping Center, Tokyo | Phone: +81 3281-2188

Best Food In Tokyo Station

For being the hustling and bustling center of the city, Tokyo Station has so many different dishes and tastes to offer both locals and tourists. It is a culinary experience in a small area, with enough options to satisfy every taste and then some.

From savory to sweet, you will be like a kid in a candy shop when picking out food to eat at Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station is a bustling section of the capital city that is a central hub for bullet trains, subways, and transport. Not only does it act as the transport center in the city, but it is also a rich destination for a cuisine experience that is like none other. There are more than enough culinary experiences to be had at Tokyo Station, you just need to know which food to have in order to enjoy the ultimate cuisine tour at Tokyo Station. #tokyo #tokyostation #Japan #traveljapan #travel #travelfood #japanesefood #japaneseecusine #japanese #sushi #udon #restaurants #ramen


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