You may be like me who sometimes wants food to taste better but you don’t have the skills to make it taste better. For example, a simple roast might taste delicious at first but will later become ordinary with repeated meals. That is actually quite depressing but luckily for you, there is a way to elevate the taste of a roast with little skill. Just change the pot that you use to cook your food! That is literally all it takes to make some food taste infinitely better.

But you might be wondering what clay cookware should you use? What if a clay cookware you bought might not do the job? You don’t want to spend an unnecessary amount of money to find the right one just to make something taste better. At a certain point it just doesn’t become worth the time and effort. Well luckily for you I am recommending some of the best Portuguese clay cookware on Amazon right now. 

The reason why they are Portuguese clay cookware instead of regular clay cookware is because they also have a decorative value. You might not like cooking with clay cookware and that is okay. But these cookware will help you feel like you did not waste your money because you can use them as a gift. They will help make your loved one’s house look beautiful which will give you some value for your money!

Portuguese Cooking

Before we actually start looking at the different cook wares, I have to talk to you about Portuguese cooking. Since I will be going over Portuguese clay cookware, then I might as well right? A lot of the foods that you want to make from Portuguese cuisine will benefit immensely from a clay cookpot. For example, you can make a very popular Portuguese dish called Bacalhau. This dish is essentially just salted cod fish with a variety of vegetables. The reason why this would benefit from a clay cookware is because it would help make the fish and vegetables incredibly tender and more flavorful. Sounds delicious right?


My main goal with this section is to inform you of some great recipes that you can try out. This is because you might not be a particularly good cook and that is okay. We all have to start somewhere and you can start with some of these easy recipes. All you have to do is follow the directions and you should be able to produce something that is tasty. It will also help you build up the confidence to possibly try more complex dishes down the line. Your family or whoever you cook for will thank you at the dinner table!


Here we have a very hearty dish that will be sure to fill up everyone at the dinner table for a long time. It is wonderful fish that is flavored with potatoes, onions, eggs, and black olives. Also very easy to season since all you need is some salt and pepper. Will greatly improve your cooking abilities because you can practice with seasoning. You don’t want to eat a meat dish that taste bland. 


Another easy dish to make as well because all you are doing is making a stew. Just add the carrots and corn to the chicken. Stew the dish which will help combine all of the wonderful flavors into something truly excellent. Whatever you have left over can be served with a bowl of hot rice. I just love this dish!

I am really in love with this particular product because it provides so many benefits to your cooking. That is because you can use this clay pot to make different dishes and they can be greatly enhanced. For example you can make a Cazuela and then transfer all of that good stuff to a different pot. Keep whatever residue is left in the pot and then cook some rice with all of that stuff. This will help enhance the flavor of your rice which will go extremely well with the Cazuela. 

The only possible downside is that this pot may have ways to damage the quality of your food. For example it may not be food safe. Luckily for you it actually is so you don’t have to worry about that. The real downside is that for your first time use, you have to soak the whole thing in water for 8 hours. This is tedious because you may not want to wait that long. But if you can overcome the wait, then you will be rewarded!

Great for people who want to make something quick and easy. Also for people who don’t want to make a large amount of food. Like you wouldn’t want to use a giant pot to make something for dinner if it is just you right? You would waste money, time, effort, and food. The last part is especially important since I consider it blasphemy to waste food! I also love that this product can be used as a serving plate as well which is extremely important for people who are on a tight budget.

An example of this would be college students. You can make something quick and then you can just eat it off of this product. You don’t have to waste money on buying another plate and that money can be used for school supplies. This might not seem like a lot but every amount counts for college students! Finally just make sure that you don’t have an induction stove since it is not suitable and you will be ready to go!

This product is really good for people who are very indecisive. What I mean by this is that you can buy a lot of different sizes on Amazon right now. Why this is a good thing is because you can just buy the cheapest size possible and try it out. If you do love it, then you have an easier time picking whatever size you want. You will never have to worry about a situation where you have to buy a size that is too big or too small for you.

Finally I love that this product is also pretty easy to clean as well. All you have to do is use dishwater to clean the thing. This is pretty much a godsend because you don’t have to follow a complicated cleaning process to take care of a product. Of course you might think that it isn’t really a big deal because you can just deviate from the cleaning method if it is too complex. But I think it is really important because it is possible for the product to deteriorate if you don’t follow the cleaning process and you don’t want that.

This is probably the most special clay pot on this list because you don’t have to follow a certain cooking method. You can do Korean cooking as well with bibimbap and it is extremely delicious. You just add rice, vegetables, sauce, and your choice of meats. Add an egg for good measure and you have a healthy meal. If you don’t want Korean cooking, then you can still make a lot of delicious Portuguese dishes like roasted chicken.

This product is also eco friendly, food safe, and easy to clean. All of this adds to the convenience value which is valuable for a lot of different people. Lastly you have an insurance policy in the form of a “warranty”. You can call them back for whatever reason and they will make sure to take care of you. They want to make sure that you are only getting the highest quality product and I just love that care they give to customers. 

Probably the easiest product to work with for beginners. The only thing that this product is good for is making sausages. This might seem like a boring point because you want to make something more complex. But it is always good to practice if you aren’t that confident and you can do that with this product. If you can make perfectly cooked sausages, then it will make you more confident in cooking more complicated meats.

Now this product doesn’t even require an oven. All you need is a match and alcohol! This means that almost everyone can use this product. Just add the alcohol to the roaster, the amount will influence how long the fire will occur to cook your sausages. To cause the fire, just use the match to light it on fire. The final steps are easy since all you need to do is rotate the sausage until it is perfectly cooked.

Don’t you hate it when you use something for so long and then in the future you find out there is something wrong with it. This is especially important for people who are using something to make their food. For example, you don’t want to use a cookware that has lead in it right? It might not be a lot at first but years of eating foods that have lead mixed into it will be problematic for your brain and kidney.

Luckily for you, this product doesn’t have lead. Furthermore they made sure to have it tested in a laboratory. So if you want confirmation, then you can contact them for the reports on their product. So you can make your huge portions for a family gathering without any fear and that is wonderful. Eating something that may or may not have dangerous substances mixed into the food will make the dining experience less enjoyable.

At first glance this may seem unnecessary but hear me out. This product has such a sleek design that I think you should consider this product to hold the salt to season your food. It brings a little class to your kitchen which can help impress your guest. You don’t even have to use it to hold your salt, it can be used to hold things like peppers or any other spices. But the most important question now would be how safe is the product?

Seasoning like salt can be contaminated by the holder that you use. But you don’t need to worry about that since this product is also food safe. So feel free to sprinkle your salt over your meats without fear. Finally if you just want to get rid of it for whatever reason, then just give this to someone you care about. It looks extremely pretty and will make the recipient very happy with what they got!

This product does the exact same thing as the other products on this list. It will cook your food perfectly and works as a plate too. This means that you can save money and some time for people like college students or workers that are late to work. The two main differences is that you have more places that you can use this product and it has handles! They may seem like minor differences but it can be critical information for certain buyers.

Now for the first point you can use this product in ovens, wood burning ovens, grills, microwaves, or even gas stoves. What this means is that you can use this product while you are traveling. So if you don’t like that beef jerky that you are chewing on while on the road, then you can make something more flavorful. The last point is also important because it provides a little convenience. You don’t have to worry about accidentally holding a part that is way too hot. Just use the handles! Overall an excellent product if you just give it a chance.

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