You probably have had naan bread before if you ordered an Indian curry dish. They are heated to perfection and then you dip them into the wonderful curry. This combination creates music in your mouth. The only problem you will have with this combination is that you will be saddened when there is no more curry. But don’t worry, naan bread is still good without the curry combination. So it could work as a leftover snack on a nice day.

But how should you obtain naan bread? Should you spend a lot of money at a restaurant? Buy them frozen at a grocery store? How about you spend time making them at home instead? The only problem with the last one is that you have to develop the skills to make a good naan bread. My answer to this question is that you should buy them from a grocery store. That is probably the best bet for the majority of the people reading my article.

The reason for this is because not a lot of people will have the budget to constantly spend money at a restaurant. This is obviously because of the pandemic which has hurt all of us in a financial way. Making them at home might also be problematic because chances are most people don’t have the experience or the time to learn how to make naan bread. This is because again we have the pandemic to worry about. Most people might have to spend more time finding money, so learning how to cook might be a no starter.

So naan bread from the grocery store is definitely the best option. This might seem like a frightening prospect at first because frozen food doesn’t sound appealing. But luckily for you, the naan bread from grocery stores are actually excellent. I will go into great detail as to why these Naan breads are some of the best. Hopefully at the end you will actually agree with my sentiment.

Recipe to try

Naan Chicken Sandwich 

Here we have a pretty classic dish that most people have probably tried already but with regular bread. What makes this dish special is that it has a special sauce that has mango chutney and tomato paste. This combination works perfectly with the delicious chicken. Best served hot and will be perfect with a glass of something cold like orange juice. Here we have a mouthwatering dish and it is certainly worth the time to perfect.

Indian Chicken Curry

An extremely complex dish that also has complex flavors that works well together. Essentially it is a chicken curry dish that will promise to bring the heat to your mouth. But that can be too much for people and they need something to cool down. Luckily for them, this dish has a wonderful yogurt mix that works perfectly with the curry. You can serve this with rice and the wonderful naan bread. The naan bread works especially well here since all you need to do is dip it into the wonderful curry and yogurt mix. Just delicious.

The first naan bread on my list will surely delight the taste buds with its texture. This bread is soft and fluffy which is exactly what you want from your naan bread. It is also not a bland bread because it is made with buttermilk and ghee. This combination will intensify the flavors of your bread which is exactly what you want. A bland naan bread is definitely something that no one wants to consume.

What I also love about this product is that it can be frozen to preserve freshness. This is a plus because normally you don’t associate frozen with fresh food. So you can definitely hoard a lot of this in your freezer! Trust me this is definitely something you will want to do. Lastly you know they are a traditional naan because they are hand stretched. This will create the unique teardrop shape that a good naan bread will have. If this was some cheap manufactured naan bread, then it won’t have that unique shape.You definitely must give this a try!

What I love about this dish is that it inspires the cooking mind. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced cook, you will all be inspired. This is because this naan bread is infused with roasted garlic which is just delicious. This is really important because it would encourage you to possibly try out making your own special naan bread. You might try a different spice combination which will produce an unique naan bread that will change the dining experience.

For example a regular naan bread with curry will be good. But a naan bread that has a special spice combination with curry can be magical. The last good thing to say about this product is that it comes with real easy instructions to follow. This is invaluable because sometimes it can be annoying to guess the right cooking time for products if you are a beginner. The convenience of a product will always be a plus for me and that is why I can definitely recommend this product too.

This product is great for the people who want a healthier option. That is because there are people who may be put off by the idea that the naan bread is made with buttermilk and ghee. While it does add a lot of flavor to your naan bread, it is an unhealthy combination. So much so that people who are trying to lose weight will be frightened when they read about this. The whole grain in this product will be able to make you feel better about eating this.

Furthermore you can make it even healthier to eat by making a special vegetable combination. You can make a salad with a special dressing and then you can wrap all of that goodness with the naan bread. If that still seems unappealing to you, then you can add a small amount of chicken breast to the sandwich. The point is that you can make a dish that is delicious enough where the buttermilk and ghee doesn’t matter anymore!

First things first, you should know that this product has milk, wheat, egg, and it may contain soy. This is really important for the people who may be deadly allergic to the stuff. Also be sure to check the ingredient list of this product because it may contain something else that you may be allergic to. Now back to the product, this bread will be sure to fill you up quickly because you can prepare this product quickly. That is because it has a very easy to follow instruction which tells us that you only need a few minutes to heat it up perfectly.

This might seem like a problem because there are people who like their naan bread crispy. But the thing is that this specific naan bread is best eaten warm. So the few minute cooking that it needs is actually appropriate. Furthermore the bread does not have any preservatives, colors or flavors. This basically guarantees that you will get the freshest possible naan bread for your dining. Definitely give this product a shot, you won’t regret it!

What I like about this product is that people who are uncertain about naan bread would be able to experiment with this product. The reason for this is because of the size of this product. You can make a dish that can go well with a small amount of naan bread. For example you can make a sandwich which would definitely be tasty. But if you mess up with the heating process or you just don’t like the flavor combination, then you can just throw it away and not feel bad. That is because there is a difference between throwing away a mini naan and a regular naan bread. You are wasting less food!

So the main point is that this product provides you with a lot of flexibility if you are just trying to experiment with naan bread. Furthermore it adds flexibility to the cooking method because of the size again. Normally you would need an oven to cook up a naan bread but this naan bread only requires a toaster. So this also means that you can buy this naan bread for a trip since it is quite easy to power a toaster on the road. So if you value flexibility then this product is just perfect for you!

We all know that naan bread has that special shape on the bread that gives its uniqueness. The only problem is that it can be hard to reproduce due to the fact that we don’t have the correct “cooking oven”. What I mean by this is that we need a tandoor to bake the naan bread but chances are that most people don’t have a tandoor at home. You can make that special shape by cooking the naan bread over a fire but it just wouldn’t be the same.

So this is why you would want to buy this naan bread instead of making your own. Despite this naan bread being frozen, chances are it will be more accurate than the naan bread that you make at home due to it being tandoor baked. Furthermore it is hand-stretched by professionals which just adds to the credibility value. So essentially you are getting four beautifully crafted naan bread that will make great sandwiches or great sides for your main dishes like curry!

Whole wheat might sound not appetizing at first glance because you think it sounds too healthy or you just had a bad experience with whole wheat bread. Both reasons are understandable but you don’t have to worry due to the fact that the producers of this product love quality. They made sure that this product will be able to “tantalize your taste buds”. So you would be able to get a product that is both healthy and delicious.

You also don’t have to worry about this product lying about the quality due to the fact that it has no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. So everything you see here is all natural. Lastly I love that this product is probably the most flexible naan bread on this entire list. That is because if you are trying to make something healthy, then you don’t have to worry about restricting yourself to certain dishes. This naan bread will be sure to make your lunch or dinner will have a healthy component. For example, a sandwich wrap might seem unhealthy because it is made with normal naan that has buttermilk and ghee. But it might seem healthier enough for you because now it is made with a whole wheat naan bread. I give this product an A+ for this feature alone!

Last Minute Tips

So this section is for the people who don’t really like the products on my list. I just want to recommend to you some features that you want to look for in naan bread if you decide to look at other grocery stores. You ideally want to look for a naan bread that is tandoor baked and has no additional preservatives. The tandoor baked point is obviously because you want the bread to be as traditional as possible. The preservative point is so that your taste buds don't get damaged. Preservatives will influence the taste of the bread, so you may have an incorrect understanding of how a naan bread is supposed to taste. Lastly if you decide that you actually want to make a naan bread yourself, then I want to recommend a cooking method. Get a pair of tongs and use that to make the beautiful color that naan bread has. Basically you use the tong to hold the naan bread and then you hold it over a stove fire. You will get some great tasting naan bread!

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