5 Best Indian Clay Yogurt Pots

Chances are you know what yogurt is and have tasted it before. You probably bought this sweet treat from a grocery store and ate it after a great dinner. What you don’t know is that there are better versions of yogurt. For example there are these things called Dahi. This type of yogurt is delicious and can be eaten on its own. But you can get a little creative and make some delicious raita. The difference is that raita is best used like a dip, this will help elevate the flavors of your main dish.

Hopefully I piqued your interest. You’re probably wondering where you can obtain this type of dish. Your best bet is to either buy the yogurt or make the yogurt on your own. I strongly recommend that you make the yogurt instead because there is a possibility that you don’t like how other people make raita or Dahi. This becomes more of a problem if you go to several restaurants and don’t like what they produce. It becomes a problem because of money and time. 

So what do you need to make this delicious yogurt? Well you need a traditional Indian clay pot because Indian yogurt requires an important cooking process. That process is called fermentation and clay pots will do this job wonderfully. That is because the clay pot is great at working with heat and it will improve the quality of the yogurt. It will take some learning to get used to this cooking process, but the time you take to learn this method will be worth it. 


Let us first go over raita and what you need to make it. It needs yogurt, spices, and a variety of veggies to make a refreshing dip. The important takeaway from this information is that it requires yogurt. The yogurt component is the key ingredient for raita and you can make it with yogurt that you buy from a grocery store. But the quality of the raita will be significantly damaged with poor quality yogurt.

So that is why you have the Indian clay yogurt pots. They will help you make some excellent quality Dahi and they will be great for the raita that you make. An added benefit is that some of the Indian clay yogurt pots that you can find are large. So you will definitely get your money's worth with the Indian clay yogurt pot. You can then experiment with making raita in order to make something truly delicious. 

What is Raita used for

At first glance you probably can figure out at least one thing that raita is good for. They can be good with bread and you would be correct. It works great with naan but let us get a little more creative. It will work well with a variety of Indian dishes as well since it can help you deal with the spicy levels that Indian food has. For example it can work well with Indian curry and kofta. 

The only problem is that you might not know how to make those types of dishes but that is still okay as well. That is because the raita you make can work well with other types of dishes from other countries. For example they work well with sandwiches or even tacos. It might seem unorthodox but it works wonderfully. That is because sandwiches and tacos can get spicy. The raita will help you by creating balance. What is also great is that you don’t need a lot of work to make sandwiches or tacos because they are pretty easy to make. Your taste buds will thank you for this perfect harmony!


Dahi is great because they are pretty easy to make and you can flavor it anyway you want. It is also easy to make because all you need to do to flavor this dish is just add the juices of whatever you want. Once you get the yogurt, you can eat it by itself or you can also experiment with this fantastic yogurt. It can be added to curry which will greatly increase the deliciousness of the curry or you can use it in a dessert like cake. The point is that you can experiment with dahi and it is a great way to practice your cooking skills!

What is Dahi used for

I mentioned some pretty obvious use for Dahi. But for this section I want to explain some more practical use that you can do with Dahi. You don’t need to do anything complex like making a dessert or even curry if you are not confident about your cooking ability. It can be used as a dip for things like french fries. It can even be simpler, you can just use the yogurt as like a marinade. All you have to do is use this for chicken and then cook it. It is really simple, even people with no real cooking experience can do this. Dahi is great at building that vital confidence that you need for cooking!



This recipe is just to teach you how to make a Dahi. All you need are pretty simple to find ingredients like milk and cream. The process to make it also isn’t that hard to do. But I just wish to say that there needs to be a change at the part where you have to place the mixture into the pot. What you need to do instead is place the mixture into a clay pot instead. You’ll get some excellent Dahi!


What I love about this recipe is that the Raita will be great for almost anything. You can use this dip for your fried food, meats, vegetables, etc. But I strongly suggest that you use this raita for a dish that requires some sort of cooling. So this means that this recipe is best for spicy dishes. You get this wonderful balance of spicy and coolness. Furthermore this recipe is just really easy to make, so have fun with it!

Indian yogurt that you make from this clay pot will just be perfect. That is because it is very traditional, this means that chances are people from India also use this type of clay pot to make yogurt. I also love that this clay pot is lead free. But the only problem is that you are going to have to remember to season this pot. This is because this clay pot is unglazed, this means that you need to season it in order to strengthen it.

It won’t really be a problem as long as you remember to do it. But if you don’t, then you can easily end up with a destroyed clay pot. You obviously don’t want that because then you would have to buy another clay pot. This would be a waste of money and time. That said it should still be worth it even if you do forget occasionally. This is because you produce 56 oz of yogurt which is a lot. So even if you do destroy this clay pot by accident, you should still have a lot of yogurt to satisfy your cravings while you search for a replacement.

Fantastic  for people  who are unsure about their ability to maintain a clay pot. If you end up destroying one of the clay pots, then you have another one to use immediately. The only downside here is that they aren’t as big as the other clay pot on this list. The only way to make up for this is if you cook with both clay pots at once. But this still could be a problem for people who don’t want to put that much effort into making the dahi.

I would still encourage these people to try because there is a special feature in this clay pot. You don’t need to refrigerate your mixture with this clay pot. This can be invaluable for people who are trying to prepare a lot of food. Furthermore the dahi in this clay pot gets enhanced more because the pot is able to absorb any excess water. You get some delicious yogurt to eat by itself or to be used for amazing Indian dishes. Definitely a worthy purchase!

You might be wondering “huh?” when you look at the title of this product. This clay pot is specifically made for making curry. You would be able to make some fantastic fish curry or even chicken curry. But how does yogurt play into this? Well that’s easy, there is no reason to believe that this pot won’t be able to make yogurt. This factor also suggests that you don’t really have to clean the pot as well. That is because the leftover yogurt that you can’t take out of the pot can be used for your curry. So you will be able to save a lot of time with this type of pot. Which makes this great for people with demanding jobs or college students!

This product is essentially the same as the shabana product on my list. So for the most part it has the exact same benefits as the shabana one. This means that you won’t have to refrigerate the dahi that you make and you get a spare in case you destroy one of them. All of this is good and all but it does have one pretty important difference. It has a pretty important certification from the environmental monitoring service in India. 

I mention this because there are people who are skeptical without some sort of certification. You can say that this product is extremely healthy but there are people who would just think that you are lying in order to make a quick buck. This certification will reassure them because the source is reputable and they can even look at the data themselves. The certification lists all of the tests that this place did on this clay pot. So you will be able to look at the numbers and judge if this pot is toxic or not! I definitely suggest that you give this product a try!

What I love about this product is that you can cook this pretty much on anything. This means that you can cook on a gas stove, wood fire, or even an oven. I love this because it suggests that you can cook while you are out camping. So if you are on the road and you miss some classic indian flavors, then you can just bring out this beauty. It is also quite small which means that you can easily fit this with whatever luggage that you packed. 

Furthermore this product is also nonstick which means that you can use this pot to make dishes to go with whatever yogurt you make with this pot. It is a minor thing but I think it is important because food getting stuck to the pot can discourage people from cooking more. That is something we don’t want! The last thing to mention is that this product is also very easy to clean. All you need to do is to sprinkle baking soda and then rinse it off. Wipe it down and you are done. No mess! A lovely product for people who love no hassle.

If you don’t like the products I choose, then just let me say some final things. Look for a product that is both durable and easy to use. That way you are able to save money and time. This is a crucial detail because these ideas can easily discourage people from cooking. I don’t want this because I believe that cooking is a wonderful thing. It can help you explore a whole new world of opportunities. I know it can seem very daunting but I know you will thank me for this encouragement. 

Want to start making Indian yogurt at home? Check out the best Indian yogurt clay pots.

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