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Clay Pot! Say What?

Who said that clay pots are only used for flowers and plants? Not us! That’s right, if you’ve never thought about using a clay water pot, you’re missing out on their practicality and health benefits! When we think about being environmentally friendly, we probably think, “steel, glass, or metal jugs.” Today, we’re showing you a new and healthy way to drink water: clay water pots! It’s a healthy alternative to your every day jugs and cups, and it’s something you may want to consider keeping on hand. You may ask, “what are the benefits of  these pots?” We’ll show you! And, we put together the best 5 clay water pots for you to check out. Ready to get hydrated? Check it out! 

Benefits of Clay Water Pots

One amazing benefit that clay pots have versus plastic or even glass bottles is their water cooling capabilities. Scientists state that storing water in clay pots is the best way because it will keep the temperature of the water down, and provide the healing benefits of earth. Clay pots are known for transferring the “chill” to the water based on the climate. Quality? Yes! Clay properties are unique and porous, which will help cause evaporation. 

Clay pots have small holes visible at a microscopic level. So, water can seep out, gain energy, become a gas, and the gas evaporates. Overall, this is what is causing cooling. If you buy pots that contain micaceous, that is a natural insulator. 

All in all, you have a porous jug that will keep your water cool, no ice cubes needed (unless you really love that crisp chill!) Of course, clay also contains alkaline, which is the opposite of acidity. Acidic water is something you want to avoid in general. The more basic water is, the better (pH 7+). No more gastronomic pains! Finally, after knowing all this information, it’s time to choose your clay pot!!

The 5 Best Indian Clay Water Pots

A clay water pot shaped just like a bottle! Get the best of both worlds!

With a 1L capacity water dispenser, this clay jug is going to take you far in life! Its self-cooling properties are seen throughout the entire bottle, so you save money on what could have been electricity making ice. Naturally, because your water jug is made out of clay, be careful not to suddenly drop it or expose it to extreme temperatures!

What great things can we say about this bottle? Well, let us tell you! First, the bottle is made with 100% non-toxic clay, and it’s unglazed and contains no artificial colors. For all eco-lovers, you’ll adore this next point: it’s self cooling since made with 100% raw and natural materials. Amazing! Enjoy a natural taste of water made with only the finest natural ingredients.

Next, this water jug is shaped like your typical water bottles, measuring at 10.5” x 4”. Lastly, this water bottle contains one clay bottle (with a cap) and one clay glass! All in all, if you want a quality glass and jug that provides the best quality-tasting water, this is the one for you!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to try out a clay jug!

Looking for the convenience of a water dispenser with the benefits of clay? You found it right here!

This beautiful clay water pot has a 7-8 liter capacity to keep you hydrated all day long! Of course, because of the porous nature of clay, water will evaporate to the bottom. Don’t worry, though, you pot is not leaking! This can easily be taken care of by putting a tray underneath your jug, or a dish.

About this pot… there is a beautiful design with a pull off top to pour your water inside! Then, there is a tap using MSeal, which will prevent water leakage. You’ll beat the heat with this pot by your side! Please do note that this pot is dishwasher safe, however, we recommend hand washing your earthenware.

Lastly, remember that porous clay might absorb your dish soap, which will reduce the clay pot’s lifetime.

With the proper care of your clay pot, it’ll last you many years to come!

This right here is a 1 liter capacity water jug! It screams, "modern" and "simple" - just the kind of pot that fits everyone's needs!

Specifically made for plants, this can water a 2’x2’ garden space. Read on to see how people love using it for drinking water! With your clay water pot, you can save time and money! Just water your plant every few days. Growoya helps reduce your weed growth since there is no surface water. Since these clay jugs do not contain lead, it is suitable for organic vegetable growing!

One review raves about this jug being the BEST drinking water. They verified that this water can bring temperatures below room temperature, and it also brings the alkaline. Not to mention, it will increase the pH levels of your drink.

Some things you need to know about this brand is that it’s not certified to contain drinking water, but that doesn't stop everyone! According to one devout fan, if you want to drink out of it, just take a lead swab test first to be sure. Lastly, remember to keep the water under a tray or pot.

Now, you’re good to go!

Easy Breazy Hydration!!

This earthenware features a gorgeous and rustic design jug with handle and lid. This is made with 100% natural clay and is unglazed. With easy cleanup, just wash and dry, you can reduce waste and reuse your jug forever!

Your pH levels will neutralize, which will create alkaline water. You’ll get cold water in no time! One thing to note about clay jugs is to not expose them to extreme temperatures, for example, taking the jug outside of the fridge and putting it in the oven. An extreme example, but the clay will crack if that happens!

Since the water jug requires easy care and cleanup, it makes your life smarter, not harder!  

For the price, this is an incredible product. 

This wonderful carafe is great for those that love simplicity.

Make this your everyday water, milk, or juice jug! This wonderful brown color will start conversation at family dinners, events with friends, or whenever guests are in your home. Refill your jug as needed, and let it work its magic!

The product size dimensions are 6” L x 6” B x 10” H. With all clay pots, be sure to have your dish, towel, or tray underneath for the “sweating”. If this is your first time using a clay pot, this one is sure to last you a lifetime! Some people even love buying several for all types of drinks! Give it a try and you surely won't regret it! 

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