What is a Yukihira Saucepan?

The Yukihira Saucepan is a traditional Japanese pan that has become a staple in many Japanese households. They were introduced in Japan during the 19th century, the Meiji era, and have stuck around since then, being one of the most common cooking utensils you’ll find in the average kitchen.

You’ll find that Yukihira pans are defined by the unique dimples all over the steel; this prevents the food from sticking to the pan and gives it its signature appearance. Also, historically, Yukihira pans were made from hammered aluminum, hence the deep grooves. Today, you can find them made of aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and even hybrids.

Copper may not be as popular as pan material nowadays, but it is still useful for confectionery and heats up rather quickly. Used by both professional chefs and your next door neighbor, the Yukihira pan is fundamental when making traditional Japanese cuisine such as miso soup, stewed dishes, and broth. This pan style is popular for its perfect heat conduction abilities, lightweight quality, and affordability. It comes in many different sizes to accommodate to your needs.

The popularity of this utensil means many brands manufacture it, which can make it difficult to find the best model for your needs. So we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best Yukihira Pans, paying attention to durability, heating capabilities, and efficiency!

The 10 Best Yukihira Pans

Around for 70 years, Yoshikawa manufactures excellent Yukihira Saucepans! The base is made of forged high quality, lightweight, and stain-resistant 18-8 stainless steel with circular grooves all around it and is held with a beautiful natural wooden handle that maintains its coolness throughout the cooking process.

It comes with a bird beak spout at both ends of the body, perfect for pouring any liquids out whether you’re right- or left-handed!

The dimples found within the pan are done by hand and exist to maximize heat retention and distribution. In fact, the more hammered the pan is, the most durable it becomes.

Within the body, this brand has provided easy-to-read measurements, a unique quality you won’t find in most kitchen utensil brands. You can choose between four different quart sizes: 1.2 quart, 1.7 quart, 2.2 quart, and 3 quart. And thankfully, this pan is compatible with all stove-tops, including induction! This is especially important for someone who will be using this pan often.

This brand makes its Yukihira Saucepan is in Tsubame City, a quaint city that specializes in high-quality metalworking, so you know your pan is made with absolute mastery! If you’re looking for the best of the best and the pan that many people have adored for years, Yoshikawa’s Yukihira Saucepan is the one you should invest in.

The Kotobuki Yukihira Saucepan is an updated evolution of the traditional Yukihira Saucepan. It is made from stainless steel instead of aluminum to maintain its durability and is 7 inches in diameter, which is standard for most Yukihira Saucepans.

It has also been designed to work on Induction Heat (IH) stove-tops, which are becoming more and more present everyday; the ability to work on IH stove-tops is also important since Yukihira Pans are not normally compatible with them, especially when made entirely with aluminum.

There are spouts on both sides of the pan for maximum pouring and dimples on the inside, so you won’t have to stress over food sticking and burning.

The markings inside the pan to denote milliliters is quite unique to this brand; this is especially helpful when making and measuring certain liquids, or keeping track of serving sizes. The inserts signify 400, 600, 800, 1000, and 1200 milliliters in the pan.

This is the pan for someone who already knows what they’re doing and is looking for maximum practicality in a Yukihira pan. 

LI-GELISI creates its own traditional Yukihira Saucepan that comes with four different diameter options: 6.3 inch, 7 inch, 7.8 inch, and 8 inch. Providing this kind of choice is great for people looking for a specific pan size depending on kitchen space and dish versatility.

This model is made entirely of all-metal stainless steel for durability and longevity. Of course, there’s a light wooden handle to keep it cool; the base itself is designed to create an air flow that maintains the handle’s coolness as well.

The two spouts on each end of the body are necessary for those broths and brews you’ll be cooking up with this thing.

The stainless steel material makes this pan compatible with Induction Furnaces, Induction Cookers, and Gas Furnaces, as well as perfect for heat encapsulation to provide even heat distribution.

It’s double riveted too, baby! So don’t even think about this Yukihira Pan falling apart after the first week; trust us, this model will last you. This is a classic choice for those looking to invest in

MyLifeUNIT is another traditional design of the Yukihira Saucepan. Like many others, this model is made with 18-0 stainless steel; you can choose between a body diameter of 8.6 inches or one of 7.9 inches depending on your serving sizes. 

It has a light wooden handle that stays cool during the entire cooking process and those key dimples to prevent sticking, burning, and spilling.

Yes, you can use this over electric stoves thanks to the stainless steel bottom. And when you need to pour out any liquids with accuracy, this brand has got you covered; there are two spouts on either side for this exact purpose, so you’ll stay clean and hassle-free!

Once you’re done with cooking, the hook at the end allows for easy storage for the next time you use this pan, which, realistically, would be very soon given the versatility of Yukihira Pans.

So if you find yourself cooking many dishes at home, pick up a Yukihira Saucepan from MyLifeUNIT---you won’t be disappointed.

Wow! MyLifeUNIT has also delved into the distinctive black shade for another on of their Yukihira Saucepans. 

The body is made of high strength aluminum alloy and is 7.9 inches in diameter. The handle is made of beech, a specific large tree, and protects your hands from any heat and stays cool while resting on the stove-top.

This model was built to allow for fast and even heat conduction, and with the composite base, you can safely use it over electric stoves/IH. This option also has those signature dimples to prevent any spillage, adhesion, or burnage of food. The spouts at both ends also add to the praticality; I mean, who could say no to this sleek Yukihira Pan?!

You’ll want to invest in this model if you’re someone interested in the traditional aluminum style pan and a surefire utensil for all your kitchen needs. However, we will warn you: aluminum may not be the best material to come in contact with acidic foods, so be mindful of what you’re putting into this pan!

This is a Yukihira Saucepan made by LI-GELISI with a beautiful gold finish and a vivid wooden handle, complimenting any kitchen design.

The body of the pan is made of aluminum, paying homage to the traditional Yukihira design, while the bottom is made of stainless steel to ensure longevity since you’ll most likely be using this pan a lot!

Just remember the avoid acidic food to maintain the quality of your aluminum body. It does a great job at evenly distributing the heat thanks to the stainless steel encapsulation, which prevents uneven heat spots.

The design is meant to be versatile, capable of being used on Induction Furnaces, Induction Cookers, and Gas Furnaces! And never fear! You won’t burn yourself touching the handle since this saucepan is designed to maintain air flow. And this baby will last you; the double rivet keeps this model strong for even the toughest of jobs. 

This pan has an eccentric and snazzy appearance, with the golden shine and the uniquely structured dimples, without losing its main traditional functions. This is perfect for any cook looking to stand out and impress in the kitchen.

This unique Yukihira Saucepan is also a viable option for your kitchen needs! LI-GELISI is at it again with another Yukihira Pan this time in black with an aluminum body.

However, the base itself is made of stainless steel, accommodating to Induction Furnaces, Induction Cookers, and Gas Furnaces. The stainless steel base is also important for heat encapsulation, which distributes the heat evenly to avoid hot spots and save energy.

Like the other options, this one has a wooden handle and double-sided pour spouts, both practical for solving certain inconveniences.

As you can tell, this model is not too different from LI-GELISI’s golden Yukihira Pan, but may suit those who are looking for a more subdued alternative to match modern kitchen settings. You can’t go wrong with a classy black design!

Now this Yukihira Saucepan is the one of the most traditional on the list. It is made entirely of aluminum, but made with extreme Yang Alumina Manufacturing Quality Assurance; this means that the hardness of the aluminum is 30% higher than that of normal aluminum. 

You can choose between the 6.3 inch, 7 inch, 7.8 inch, and 9.4 inch diameter. The 9.4 inch diameter may be more difficult to find in most brands, so we’re glad LI-GELISI offers it!

Nowadays, many homes are implementing Induction Cookers into their homes. This option may be best for someone who won’t be using a Yukihira Pan much with modern Induction Cookers, since it’s not suitable for those conditions. You’ll want to use this over open flame stove-tops.

You can safely grab the pan with the handle since its wooden quality keeps it cool. This pan utilizes those dimples to prevent the infamous sticking and burning, as well as the double spouts for any necessary pouring.

This lustrous Yukihara Pan is made by the brand Gorge-buy using high-quality aluminum, as they used in the past. The aluminum allows for comparable uniform heat and thermal conductivity as the higher tier pans, yet this material also hinders its stove-top capabilities.

The various diameter options include 16 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm, 22 cm, and 24 cm, which is the most set of choices offered on this list!

The body is connected to a wooden handle that avoids slipping and scalding; they are connected with a double rivet for durability. Its round design makes it easy to clean, and once you do, you can simply hang it up using the metal ring on the handle.

Lastly, the double-guided orifice allows you to pour from either side when you need to! However, we advise that you avoid getting the handle too close to the heat source to avoid carbonization.

This option would be best for someone who may not need a Yukihira pan for the long-term, but still want the efficiency of the pan when making certain dishes.

Hinomaru Collection is another brand that offers a relatively practical Yukihira Pan made in Japan.

This is a model made entirely of aluminum with a gold finish and a light wooden handle. It is 7.25 inches in diameter, typical for many kitchen brands.

The hammered surface and material allows this pan to heat up swiftly and efficiently. This brand also insists that the gold non-stick coating is much tougher than the conventional silver coating.

As mentioned, the aluminum is not compatible with every stove-top, so this may not be the best option for you if you’re a chef or an avid cook. The inside may also be at risk for discoloration after several uses, but it will still function the same way!

Though it may not have all of the same capabilities as the other models, this Yukihira Pan is still a sensible option, especially when you don’t use it too often. And while you don’t use it, it serves as shiny eye candy for your kitchen!

Common Recipes Made with Yukihira Saucepans

  • Crispy Chicken with Miso Sauce

  • Crunchy Tofu Steak with Mushroom Yuzu Ann

  • Japanese Beef Stew

  • Boiling ingredients

  • Noodles

  • Udong

  • Bouillon (dashi)

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