Peljesac Wine Tour

The Peljesac Peninsula is a popular wine region, situated along the Adriatic coast in Croatia. The peninsula produces some of the best-known wines in Croatia.

The mountainous region is made up of four different municipalities, Trpanj, Orebic, Janjina and Ston. In total, the peninsula is only four miles wide and 40 miles long but produces a great amount of wine yearly. The narrow coast is accessed through an hours drive along the incredible coastline of northwest Dubrovnik.

The Peljesac wine produced here is a powerful, tannic red wine with smoky, gamey tones, with slight notes of baked plums and licorice. While the peninsula also produces white and dry wines, the deeply colored red wine is what has made the region famous. The wines produced in the Peljesac region are also considered to have a high alcohol level, averaging between 13-15%.

Wine tourism has increased tremendously in this region, thanks to unique, bold flavors, and the picturesque setting of the peninsula. It is the perfect getaway, traveling along the coast exploring the different wineries, from the larger wineries with commercial centers, to the family-run vineyards found within the village of Potomje.

Below are the best wineries and wine tours in the region.

The Best 7 Peljesac Wineries

To truly enjoy the Peljesac wine region, you should visit these wineries. They are some of the best in the peninsula and offer up some of the most beautiful views, history, and incredible wine.

Milos Winery

Frano Milos started his winery right after the collapse of communism, buying up land provided by the state wineries. He went on to create and perfect his Stagnum wines. Made from the local Plavac mali grape, the wines are mostly dry reds, but the range also features a wonderfully refreshing rosé.

The highlight of the winery, other than the wine itself, is the sunlit tasting room. This tasting room is built into the rocky mountainside and has incredible views. The winery is well-loved by locals and tourists, to spend a laid-back afternoon enjoying a specially crafted wine tasting.

Peninsula Wine Bar & Shop

Found beside the main road in Peljesac, right in the center of the local wine scene, sits the Wine Bar and Shop. This shop features over 60 wines from the local Peljesac and Korcula regions, giving customers a full choice of different wines available.

Along with the small boutique winery, there is a small restaurant where you can pre-order fish or meat and have it prepared right in front of you on an open fire found behind the bar.

The Peninsula Wine Bar & Shop is known for its wide range of local wines, its great food, friendly service, and reasonable prices. It is worth a visit!

Saints Hills Winery

Entrepreneur Ernest Tolj founded Saints Hills Winery, and the wines are created with guidance from the oenological team overseen by French Specialist Michel Rolland.

Saints Hills Winery offers highly individual wines, one such being the Dingac which is aged for 18-24 months in barrels. Their Sveti Roko, which is a plavac made from grapes from local vineyards in Komarna, placed fifth in the Battle of The Bottle wine tasting weekend in 2013.

Along with their award-winning reds, Saints Hills also creates a white Nevina, which is a blend of Malvazija and Chardonnay, and their rosé made from local Plavac mali.

The wine cellar and tasting center sit on the edge of an old village found on a hill, right in the heart of the Peljesac Peninsula. This allows for incredible views of the Peljesac countryside from the tasting rooms and restaurants.

The winery offers standard tours of the cellars or a tasting session which comes accompanied by a 5-course meal in the restaurant, each paired with one of Saints Hills wines.

Saints Hills Winery offers the full package of a winery, from breathtaking views, great wine, and food that is suited to the area and the wine so well.

Vinarija Vicelic

Although smaller than some other wineries, Vinarija Vicelic is one of the highest-quality producers of wine in the peninsula. Their signature wines are the Dingac, Plavac, and Vicelic. These are full-bodied and have wonderful spicy notes of oak, red berries, and mature, hard tannins.

The winery has great views of the peninsula, all taken in while enjoying a wine tasting of their most spectacular wines.

Vinarja Matusko

Matusko is one of the most beautiful wineries in the peninsula. The hidden tasting room sits in the famous tunnel Dingac. This tunnel leads through the hill from Potomja, and it is named after the hill which has one of the prime locations and views on the peninsula.

This winery is worth the visit. It is built under a house, with the wine cellar extending hundreds of meters under the ground, which leads up to a room to experience the wine tasting.

Matusko offers an authentic look into the old wineries of the peninsula, with its traditional homes, wines and feel. It helps you appreciate the area and the culture it holds.


Run by brother and sister Niko and Mare, Mokalo produces what is considered one of the finest Pavlac in Dalmatia. Their wines are known as Bura Dingac and Mare Postup, and all wines are signed by their author Niko.

These wines are very sought after, and the quantities are limited. You will have to book a visit beforehand, and cannot just arrive at the winery for a tour.

Mokalo Dingac Bura was awarded the best Croatian Plavac for two consecutive years. With some of the most sought after wine on the market, the price remains fair, you just need to make sure to plan a visit ahead of time to get a spot.

Korta Katarina

The winery was built from the investment of US enthusiasts who wanted to experience the beauty of the peninsula and the wine from the region. It is one of the most beautiful wineries in the area and has one of the best hotels to be enjoyed by visitors.

The ethos behind the winery is that the wine is a reflection of the origin, and they hold true to this by creating great wine from local produce and have built the winery in such a way to really appreciate the local scenery, culture, and views.

All of these wineries are fairly close to each other, and can be visited over a few days, giving each winery the time it deserves to truly sweep you off your feet and to appreciate the local produce and fantastic peninsula views.

Make sure to check if you need to book ahead for a visit to a winery, so you don’t miss out!

The Best 4 Peljesac Wine Tours

If you really want to be able to relax on your holiday, it is a good idea to book a wine tour. This will take all the stress of organizing out of your trip, and you can enjoy the great wineries and wine without taking the risk of driving either.

These wine tours highlight the best of the region, and take you to some of the most well-known and well-renowned wineries in the area, with some great views and food along the way. Each has unique destinations which come together to create the perfect day of touring Croatia.

Peljesac Wine Tour

This is the ultimate wine tour of the Peljesac Peninsula. It starts off from Dubrovnik and goes through to some of the best wineries in the region.

The wineries visited along the way have premium red wines such as Postup and Dingac, made from a variety of local grades. Ranging from small family-run wineries to bigger, more commercial wineries, each has a unique destination, which still ties into the beauty of the region.

The tour also leads to Ston, which has a rich history and will allow you to try the Stone Oysters, which are known as some of the best-tasting aphrodisiacs. An additional tour option is to visit an oyster farm with a boat tour from a local oyster producer.

Wine Lovers Tour

The Wine Lovers Tour is the full wine tour of the Peljesac wine region. This private wine tour has been created for those who love wine and takes them through the Peljesac region, known for its premium, top-notch red wines such as Dingac and Postup.

Three wineries are visited along the way, with wine tasting, liqueur tasting, and olive oil tasting. The wineries range from small to large, and often the wine tour is hosted by the owner of the winery themselves.

When tasting wine in Croatia, it must be accompanied by food, so the wineries offer up cheese, bread and olive oil along with samples of their wines, giving the complete experience. You will also be able to taste the famous Ston Oysters at the Ston bay, with tours from local farmers.

The tour goes through the countryside, giving wonderful historic facts along the way in an airconditioned tour bus with a qualified guide. The guides are well versed in local knowledge and will answer any questions you might have.

Private Wine Tour of Peljesac and Ston

This private wine tour starts off in Dubrovnik and goes through the historic town of Ston, which is considered one of Croatia’s best-kept secrets.

The Wall of Ston is hundreds of years old and is the longest complete fortress system along a town in Europe. The panoramic ride through the Dalmatian coast stops at local wineries along the way, with a personal touch from the owners at the two wineries visited.

You can enjoy the tour in a private vehicle which is airconditioned, with a guide who is knowledgeable about the area.

This is a shorter tour, only 2 hours long, but does give you the opportunity to explore the peninsula and its wine.

Private Wine Tour: Ston and Peljesac Peninsula Day Trip

With this tour, you will be picked up from your hotel in Dubrovnik and embark on an hour-long drive to the famous Peljesac peninsula. The tour will stop in the bay-side city of Ston, visiting an old salt factory and to take a look at the medieval walls that span for miles.

The tour will also stop at some family-run wineries, allowing you to taste the beautiful wines and take strolls along nearby beaches. You will also be able to taste the incredibly fresh seafood, sample some mussels and oysters and meet local farmers.

You will receive personalized attention and facts from a private guide, who will be flexible to your wants and interests, letting you chose where to visit and how long to stay if you wish.

This personal tour is comprehensive of the peninsula, and will really give you a wonderful taste of all the best that the Peljesac region has to offer, from wine to seafood and the beautiful views along the way.

The Peljesac Peninsula

There is such rich history to be found in the Peljesac Peninsula, from the impressive Ston Wall to the old family-run wineries found tucked into the hills. The scenery along the way is absolutely breathtaking, and you will be able to taste some of the freshest and finest seafood in the world.

You can choose to embark on your own tour, picking and choosing the wineries and sites you want to visit along the way or take part in a guided tour with a personal driver and tour guide who will pick out some of the best sites for you to experience.

What makes the region so great for wine tours is that most of the wineries are family-run, and the owners often host the wine tours themselves. This gives such a personal touch, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the culture and the process involved in creating some of the best, richest wines in the world.

For a wine lover, the Peljesac peninsula needs to be explored. Find your favorite wine in the area and enjoy some incredible side dishes, paired perfectly to your wine of choice.

The Peljesac Peninsula is a popular wine region, situated along the Adriatic coast in Croatia. The peninsula produces some of the best-known wines in Croatia. That's why we put together the ultimate guide to Peljesac Wine. #wine #peljesac #croatiia #croatianwine #wineo #allthingswine #grapes #peljesacwine


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