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Apple Strudel - Apple Strudel - Best Things to Eat in Europe

Apple Strudel

No visit to Austria would be complete without enjoying a delicious slice of apple strudel, a traditional Viennese pastry which is believed to date back to the late 17th century.   

This sweet treat is a perfect accompaniment to your afternoon coffee but also makes a delicious dessert.

Apple strudel is made from layers of thinly rolled dough wrapped around a filling of sliced apples, sultanas and cinnamon.  The pastry parcel is then cooked, sprinkled with icing sugar, sliced and served warm with cream, ice cream or vanilla sauce (a thin custard).

You’ll find apple strudel on the menu at most Austrian restaurants, cafes and coffee houses but a good way to learn more about this Austrian favorite is to join an apple strudel making lesson at Vienna’s Schonbrunn Palace. Not only will you get to see exactly how apple strudel is made, you’ll also get to eat the finished product!

- Contributed by Carolyn from Holidays to Europe


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