After a year like 2020, most of us can use a little pick me up. We’re spending way more time in the house than ever and it looks like this year is going to be a socially distanced holiday season too. Covid has spoiled lots of stuff this year. Weddings have been postponed, graduations, anniversary parties, birthday parties, they’ve all been sacrificed this year because of the pandemic.

But, like they say, necessity is the mother of invention. People have gotten real creative in adapting to our new normal. From homemade candy chutes for trick or treaters to global dance parties online, someway somehow, we humans always make a way. That’s why we put together this list.

Whether it’s a spoiled birthday, someone who has become an amateur chef during pandemic, or you just want to tell the foodie in your life that you’re thinking about them, we have what you need! This list of the 20+ best gifts for foodies includes gifts that will give the recipient a good laugh as well as those that will have them singing your praises for years to come!

Make this year a special year of gift giving. With 20+ options and a remote holiday approaching, you could actually do 12 days of Christmas and send a new gift every day leading up until Christmas. Or fill the bottom of the tree for your favorite foodie. However you do it, this holiday season doesn’t have to suck ass and we’ve done half of the work for you – Happy Socially Distanced Holidays!

Best Gifts for Foodies

Get ready to blow someone’s wig back when you choose the Duo Plus 9-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker from the Instant Pot Store. This is the kind of gift you give someone to show them you want to love them for life! Every foodie wishes they had a tool like this in the kitchen. This is no ordinary pressure cooker. It is literally like 9 different types of cookers in one – seriously!

It is a rice cooker, a yogurt maker, a food warmer, a slow cooker, you can use it to sterilize things, it’s a steamer, oh yeah, and it is a top of the line pressure cooker. You can even use it as a pan to sauté onions and stuff! It cooks meals that serve six in one shot and you can just press one button for say, slow cook ribs, and this bad boy does it automatically!

This isn’t the type of gift you get for a casual foodie who you are just getting to know. No, these ‘do everything’ tools will buy you love and hugs for years to come and the Smoking Gun Food Smoker from TMKEFFC Store is one of those tools! If you like a smoky flavor with your food or drinks, you’re going to love this. Smoke cheese, cocktails, and BBQ meats, whatever you want. You can use it safely indoors, it is handheld and battery operated, and it comes with a bag of apple wood chips to get you started!

We absolutely love cooking along with the Truffle Shuffle live cooking class. You can opt to attend the live class or watch a recording later, either way its super fun. 

The menu changes every week, just select what you would like to cook and all the fresh ingredients will be shipped directly to your doorstep. The best part is that there are always a truffle product included!

There's nothing better than getting a box of meat in the mail! This is the ideal gift for the meat lover in your life. The sampler box comes with two racks of memphis style ribs, vanilla bourbon bacon, sauce, and bacon caramels.

You can also opt to gift the bacon of the month instead or choose from hundreds of other delicious meat options on the website!

We love the grow your own microgreens kit from Hamama Greens. The kit comes with everything you need to grow three sets of seeds. It makes it so fun and easy to eat healthy at home!

Some delicious options include Some delicious green options that you can choose from are Super Salad Mix, Hearty Broccoli, Energizing Kale, and more!

The goal was to create the toughest and most beautiful double-walled vacuum insulated water bottles and My Bougie Bottle definitely met their mission!

Another bonus is that the beautiful designs on the bottle are meant to raise awareness for the conservation of everything on our planet that is so beautiful!

The Polar Blend makes a great gift and is a great for travel or camping. It's a cordless blender that has two-speeds and blends anything, anywhere. It has a USB port for easy charging and features a 24oz smart sensor cup. It can also carry liquids up to 140 F. 

Also, it has a patented switch that turns the blender off when the lid is open.  

Fiesta Collection - Tequila Tasting Set

How will your foodie love this Bamboo Tequila Tasting Set from Great Useful Stuff Store? With warm tortillas and taco meat on the side! That’s right; this is a tasting set, complete with a cutting board for slicing up avocados for your tacos and limes for your drinks. You even get a sweet little ceramic knife to go with the set. A foodie and a drinker are going to get a lot of use out of this party accessory!

On-the-go sounds weird these days doesn’t it? No one is really on the go, but you never know when you may need a professional chef’s knife right? Well maybe not you, but for foodies, having a handy All Purpose Chef Knife from NoBox Tools is a necessity. The fact of the matter is, if you are shopping for the type of foodie that likes to fish, being in the great outdoors is one of those things we can still do for some normalcy. Give them this ergonomic, stainless steel knife which comes with a fancy leather sheath and clips to your belt loop!

We love how O-Yaki Skewer System makes kebab making super easy! You can not only make kebabs outdoors on a grill, you can also use the system to cook them indoors in the oven.

No annoying rotating is needed and the skewers won't touch the icky grates! You can purchase the set in two sizes, and each set comes with 9 skewers!

We're totally obsessed with the Kitchen Mama can-opener. It's totally safe and easy to use and works with just one press of the button. No more cutting your hands from sharp cans.

The blade cuts along the side of the can so there are no sharp edges and its super easy to use. it's also great for busy moms, family members suffering from arthritis, or anyone who doesn't want to take a break from cooking to open an annoying can!

There are foodies who love to eat and there are foodies who love to cook what they eat. If you know a cooking foodie, then you know how particular they are about their sauces and seasonings. Well we found a gift you can give them to add to their cooking war chest – the 4 Piece Sweet Grille Sauce Collection from Stonewall Kitchen. These four gourmet sauces will add that special sweet kick to BBQ meats and give your foodie some new flavors to play around with.

When we saw the Foodie Essentials Seasoning Spices Gift Set from Urban Accents, we knew that it had to be included in this list of the best gifts for foodies. It has five different seasoning sets based on what you are cooking. There is a set of gourmet salts, Spices, a set of rubs for meats, grill seasonings, and even veggie seasonings! No matter what is getting tossed on the grill, this set provides all the spices and seasonings every foodie needs.

The perfect gift for the home cook who is always cooking too much food! Souper Cubes® are perfect for freezing food in the perfect portion sizes, they have options of 1-cup, 2-cups, or a half-cup freezer trays. 

It's perfect for perfectly portioned chicken stock, soups, chilis, and more. The best part is that it reduces clutter of all those mismatched containers in your freezer.

This is a great starter set for a housewarming gift or college student. It includes 5 mini-cookware pieces, especially great for smaller kitchens. 

It includes a sauce pan with lid, a mini wok, a circular frying pan, and a square non-stick pan. The pans are all made with Granitestone cookware, which features an incredible non-stick surface which makes clean up super easy.

This gorgeous personalized grilling kit will be sure to impress any giftee on your list. The tools come in a gorgeous Rosewood box including a grill spatula, tongs, and fork.

The easy to carry box featuring the high quality, stainless steel tools will make any grill guru into a total professional, impressing all the guests!

This gift allows you to make barista style coffee wherever you go! Ideal for the obsessive coffee lover in your life! It's the world's first totally compact all-in-one coffee-making kit.

It includes an electric kettle and everything you need to make coffee in the class pour-over brewing method. It's also airline carry-on friendly and Intelligentsia Coffee called it "the best on the go kit we've found."

The coffee lover in your life can customize their caffeine preference with four different levels of caffeine as options. Explorer Cold Brew makes speciality and organic cold brew super concentrate and it allows you to make the yummiest cafe-style beverages, almost instantly!

Easily make cappuccinos, lattes, use for baking, or more. You can choose from two sizes as gifts. The $20 starter pack of the $50 12-pack!

Keeping hydrated can be such a chore! This is the gift that keeps on giving your friends and family...hydration! It holes 1/2 gallon of water so they won't have to keep refilling their water bottle.

Also it helps you easily keep track of your daily water intake. It has a wide opening so that its easy to add supplements, ice, and more. It also comes in an endless array of colors!

For some foodies, presentation matters a lot. Sometimes they want to keep their special herbs and seasonings secret. For those foodies, we found this slick looking 6-Jar Revolving Spice Rack from Hossejoy. The rotating feature makes it handy when the chef is moving from spice to spice plus, they can fill these six jars with their most prized seasonings and spices!

If your foodie loves meat, they are going to love the Premium Organic Gourmet Spice Gift Set from FreshJax Store. There are 10 different spice combinations in this set designed to jazz up every different type of meat you can think to grill up. There are chicken blends, burger blends, steak blends, pork blends, and more. These are kosher certified, non-GMO, gluten-free, and organic spices with no artificial flavors added to them. Another bonus – when you buy this set, part of the money goes to help end childhood hunger through the FreshJax “Campaign To End Childhood Hunger.”

Why is a bug catcher on this list? Well if you're purchasing a gift for the cook or foodie in your life, chances are, they are sometimes dealing with a fruit fly issue! My kitchen has been totally fruit fly free since I set up my Katchy Bug and a clean kitchen makes for a much more pleasant cooking experience!

Do you know what a masala dabba is? Most Indians do and probably the foodie in your life does too. For those who don’t know, a masala dabba is a traditional Indian spice “rack.” Actually it’s a spice dish. A true authentic masala dabba like the Masala Dabba from Warrior in the Kitchen is fancy looking, may have some fancy etching on it, but it is always stainless steel, pretty and contains 7 different spices in separate tiny spice bowls with their own tiny spice spoons. This genuine masala dabba is the perfect addition to any foodie’s kitchen setup.

For a fun and hilarious gift for foodies, we found a non-lethal version of Russian roulette played with hot sauce! That’s right; Pure Bred Idiot from Ass Kickin’ Store is a board game that comes with 12 different hot sauces that increase in heat to burn your face off hot. Players spin the wheel and have to take a shot of whatever mouth burning sauce they land on. This is a party favorite and the hot sauces are premium gourmet – so hot, but good!

These gorgeous Himalyan salt shot glasses make a great gift for the party animal foodie in your life! It comes with four shot glasses, serving tray, and a ceramic dish.

It makes a great housewarming gift also and it also comes with patented inserts to make sure that you don't add too much salt to your tequila.

This awesome waffle maker helps you to easily make stuffed waffles. You can stuff them with anything that you like including sausage, fruit, ice cream, whatever!

Not only that, it's cordless, portable amd can be used easily on any surface, you can even take it with out for a picnic or go camping with it!

There's nothing that we love more than a good subscription box, it's like getting a present in the mail! Here's one of our favorites, the Tropical Fruit Box.

Inside, they'll ship a selection of the freshest and most exotic tropical fruits that you can't find at your local supermarket!

Did you know that oysters are pretty easy to shuck when you got all the right equipment?

Gift your friends or family with a oyster shucking kit including  gloves and a shucking knife and forty of the freshest in season oysters! 

Can the foodie that you are shopping for cook damn near anything you can think of? What they need is a challenge and we have a fun way to do it! The Foodie Dice from the Two Tumbleweeds Store is a neat twist on meal planning. Just take the dice out of the old timey flour sack and roll them. The dice will give you a combination to put together for a great meal. You may roll eggs, potatoes, cilantro, carrots, and beef – see if they can whip up something good from that!

This one may not sound like much but when you have a busy household where trips to the grocery store are frequent, this handy tool is something every foodie needs. It’s the Visual Grocery List Magnet Pad from Elwyn. This handy meal planner has all the foods that you need listed by grocery aisle. All you have to do is circle the items that you need! It comes with 50 sheets that you can rip off and slip into your purse on the way to the store.

Got a special baker in your life? Treat them to one of these gorgeous 100% beech wood rolling pins. They are carved with high-precision laser and can be used for cookies, pies, noodles, any more!

It can also be used to create art pieces and it's the traditional size of rolling pins at 17.5 inches of length. There are also many designs to choose from!

This two quart cold brew coffee kit is a perfect gift for the coffee obsessed foodie in your life. It comes with everything you need to brew a coffee or tea: the 64 oz mason jar, micron filter, silicone sealed lid, and cone funnel. Great for hot or iced beverages.

Just brew in the fridge for 12 hours for a coffee that is smooth and nuanced, without any bitterness!

For those cooks who are tired of cutting their fingers on the grater! Protect their hands with the gratest and help them grate garlic that is much richer in flavor!

Prepping ingredients is also much faster with the gratest and it pulls out the deepest, richest flavors from your ingredients, gathering all of the natural juices and oils in the plate! Don't want to waste any of that goodness!

This one's really a gift for yourself! Give it to the cook in your life so that they'll make you the juiciest turkey that you have ever had in your life.

It can also be used to cook chicken. The patented teardrop shape holds the poultry at a 20 degree angle, upside down so all the juices and fats self-baste that often dry white meat.

The thing about foodies is that they will try practically anything, from the bizarre to the extraordinary. If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone like that, you can’t go wrong with 1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die written by Mimi Sheraton. This book is combination travel book and foodie porn. From a famous food critic and writer, you will take a tour of the world from Mongolia to France getting a glimpse of some of the best dishes the world has to offer and for foodies to try before they die!

Mimi Sheraton’s book will take you for a food tour around the world. Eating Across America written by Daymon Patterson will take you for a tour across America guiding you to the best places to stop for street food in all 50 States. You’re going to discover some of the best hole-in-the-wall diners, food trucks, and drive-ins. At a time when solo road travel is probably your best bet in a pandemic, you have at least another year for a road trip like this!

These stone drink chillers keep drinks cold without diluting the drink. Even better, they are handmade in Pakistan by artisans under fair trade practices.

This set comes with 4 polished, gorgeous stones that are all different colors!

This fun mug is perfect for the traveler in your life. It comes with a green brushpen which allows you to mark off the countries that you have already visited in the past and allows you to dream about the countries that you would like to visit in the future!

We love this one, it's a totally fun and unique gift!

This gift is straight and to the point. Foodies do a lot of cooking which means they all need cutting boards. The Engraved Bamboo Wood Cutting Board from the Quintessential Hostess is a clever gift for the foodie you love. It’s very light and durable and if your foodie happens to be a fan of Star Wars too, well you can’t go wrong giving them a cutting board that says, “Yoda best cook ever.”

This gift is also great for kids who are emerging chefs! It includes everything that you need to make 32 mochi ice creams. Another option is inviting friends over for a mochi making party! I would also be so excited to win this prize at a secret santa party.

Also available are kits for making fortune cookies, raviolis, sushi, or more! 

Foodie Stocking Stuffers

Peeling eggs may not seem so time consuming to most of us, but if you are preparing deviled eggs or any meal where you have to boil at least a couple dozen eggs, it can be very time consuming. For those people, this little stocking stuffer may not make it out of the cabinet every day but when you need it, you can’t beat the Negg Boiled Egg Peeler from the Negg store.

Do you want fun meal planning dice that you can carry around? These Food Dice from the Two Tumbleweeds Store is smaller than the other one we showed you. It’s perfect travel size but that little trinket packs a punch. You can come up with more than 186,000 meal combos from rolling these dice!

This intelligent portion clip not only seals in the freshness of an opened bag of food, it includes the portion measuring spoon so that you can easily measure out your serving without digging around in your pantry. 

It also includes three portion sizes in one! 

Believe it or not, we even found a gift card for foodies! Yes, Whole Foods offers a Gift Card that reads, “For my favorite foodie” – the perfect stocking stuffer for a foodie. It doesn’t expire and will not be dinged with fees. Whatever you put on the gift card is theirs to use whenever they want at foodies’ favorite spot; the grocery store!

Last but not least, stuff a stocking with this Funny Foodie Gift Sarcastic Tee for Men from Crazy Dog T-Shirts Store and watch the smile spread across their face! This cute I’m into Fitness t-shirt is a clever way to show someone you love them and appreciate their love of food all at the same time.


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