I consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to salmon. The reason for that is because it is one of my favorite fish to eat. It is fatty, meaty, and it just melts on your mouth if you prepare it correctly. This is why I highly recommend that you give out salmon gifts. Spread the love and joy of salmon to your loved ones!

I have done a lot of research into what would make a great salmon gift. For the most part they are all salmon gift boxes but I made sure to take some liberties. You’ll definitely love what I have to recommend as a salmon gift. If you don’t like any of my choices in terms of the taste, I am sure you’ll find an alternate use because I value flexibility.

10 Best Salmon Gifts

Looks, taste, value, this gift box has it all. It comes with a stylish gift box that contains your delicious smoked salmons. The box is even reusable so the person you are giving this to can still find another way to use it once they are done with the salmon. They can use it to store papers or other valuables that they might have. It can even be reused to store fish or make a great gift box for another person's gift.

They can even be happy about the taste as well since they are really fresh. They are caught from the wild using appropriate fishing methods. So when they say that their fishes are gourmet samplers and all the other wonderful stuff, they mean it! They won’t have to worry about the shelf life because this item is prepared for that as well. They are sealed in foil pouches so they won’t have to worry about it going spoiled anytime soon.

The last thing I want to talk about here is that it comes with one more convenience. If they enjoy the taste of the fish, then they can just replicate it. This is because the product comes with a recipe that is easy to follow. You might realize that I only talked about the positive things and that is because I can’t really think about a negative for this product. They'll definitely love it as much as I do! 

This is a fantastic gift for those who want a lot of variety in their gift. The sausages, cheeses, and hot mustard goes extremely well with the sear bear salmon. They make a great snack to enjoy. The person you are giving this to can make something more complex like a sandwich filled with sausage and melted cheese. They could even toss out the other items in the list and experiment with just the salmon.

I can even assure you about the quality of the products as well. This company won the 2018 U.S. Small business of the year award from Washington State. A company with this award definitely won’t have products that have low quality. They even have 30 years of experience so they know what they are doing! Their experience is even more reassurance that they will pick the best quality items for their gift baskets.

This is an amazing dish for people with simple taste. It only comes with the sockeye salmon but it is still a great gift. This delicate fish is preserved in their vacuum sealed pouch and placed in their award winning gift box. This means that the person you are giving this to won't have to worry about the product going bad anytime soon. This is because the vacuum sealed pouch is reassurance that the shelf life will be long.

There is even more reassurance to the quality of the product due to the cooking process. It is cooked in their juices which is supposed to help extend the shelf life of the salmon. This means that they don’t have to even refrigerate it which is quite unique. This is probably the only fish product that you can find on the market that doesn’t require refrigeration. 

Another amazing product that is similar to the other product on the list. It has the same choice cuts of land meats, salmon, and mustard. The main difference is that the sausage is different and that this was their first true meat and cheese gift box. This means that they didn’t have a lot of experience yet when making this box but that is fine. The reason for that is because of the flavor in this box.

The flavors are a tried and true flavor which is saying a lot from this reputable company. The reason why they are still selling this box without alterations is because they received a lot of positive feedback. So this means that you can be assured that chances are the person you are giving this to will love the flavors in this box. So I hope that their stomach is ready for the fancy truffles and crackers that goes well with the salmon!

At first it seems like a very similar product to another one on my list. But there are enough unique things to point out. The salmon is smoked to perfection and that is because the salmon is cooked in a way that allows it to absorb a lot of the wood flavor. It has a reputation of being their smokiest salmon in their inventory. This means that it is a perfect gift for the people who love smokey flavors.

It has the same packaging which means that it has a long shelf life and is kosher certified. The person you are giving this to can also keep this fish outside of refrigeration for as long as you want until they open the box. Not much to dislike about this product unless you or the person you plan to give this to hates smokey food.

I hope your friend loves variety in their smoked salmon. The variety ensures that they won’t get tired of eating the same smoked salmon. They also would be getting quite a lot of it as well since there is a whopping total of 12 ounces of salmon. What makes this even more special compared to the other smoked salmon on my list is the care that the company puts into making it.

This product is made by soaking their fish in a brine. This brine has the special combination of ingredients that flavors it. They take the time to marinate their fish which means they are definitely focusing on flavor. This means that there is no risk of artificial flavoring in this product and that is something you don’t want. They then take the time to inspect each of the fillets before sealing it in gold pouches which extends the shelf life.

You see what I mean by care? This is the only product on my list that talks about the cooking process in great detail. The person you are gifting this too will be sure to love the product but again there is a small problem. This product also lacks the visual appeal but can be addressed with fancy gift wrapping!

A great gift for those who crave traditional cooking. It is mostly the same thing as the other item on my list. But the only difference is that this product is made with a traditional native american brine. They are then smoked on alder wood and then placed into foil pouches. The pouch is also great since it helps guarantee that the fish will stay fresh for five years. You can take your time to find the right person to give this wonderful delicacy.

The only other thing to talk about is the fishing process. I want to assure you of the freshness of the fish and explaining the fishing process will help with that. Once they are caught in Alaska they are carefully inspected to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the fish. The fish is then transported to their warehouses immediately. This means that there is no time wasted which means that this is as fresh as it is going to get.

This is a special case of jerky because of the type of salmon used. It contains one king salmon strip and two regular salmon strips. This is important because king salmon is much more valuable than a regular salmon. They taste better because they have a higher fat content and richer flesh. With this product the person you are gifting this to will be able to taste the differences in salmon.

It is not everyday that someone can taste such a luxury. So this means that this gift might excite their palette enough to thank you. I can say that confidently because a food lover will always be appreciative of new taste. The last thing to talk about here is that it serves one more great purpose.

It is great for people who love working out at the gym. The reason for that is because the product has a great source of protein. This is especially important because protein helps people build muscle and that is why they used protein powder. The problem is that they might get tired of the taste and this product will help with that. An amazing item for all the gym lovers and food lovers out there.

Another smoked salmon gift that is valuable for people who love to exercise. It is a snack strip that will provide them with 7 grams of protein per strip. It is even great as a snack for a late time jog or for an errand. You can even be assured of the quality as well since it is 100% wild caught salmon. There are even two different purchasing options on amazon right now, so this means that you can purchase the smaller amount for that special someone to try out first. 

They can also eat a lot of these strips without much worry because they are healthy. I am also not just saying this because it has certification. It is certified gluten free and works well for people trying a paleo diet. It can be tough to eat only lean meats, fish, etc and this product will help spice up your life. Nothing much else to say besides the fact that it lacks the visual appeal of a gift. But this problem can be easily addressed when a creative person is involved.

This product has simple features that will appeal to anyone. There are a wide variety of boxes with different designs and they are all appealing. It also comes with quality smoked salmon which is free from artificial ingredients. Now this all sounds good but what about the problems? Well unfortunately there is a really big problem to point out. The problem is that there are no guarantees.

For example we don’t even know about the shelf life of the salmon in this product. It doesn’t say what the salmon is preserved in and that means it is possible for the salmon to go bad way too quickly. So that special someone will have to find a way to preserve it as soon as possible.Toss it in the freezer or if they are planning to travel then they should find a good portable ice chest. Will still make a great gift for people who love to eat fish!


Well I hope you enjoyed your time reading through my article. I tried to include everything that I think will make a great gift. Of course you could not like any of the items I picked out on my list. So that is why I just wanted to offer some final advice for choosing a salmon gift. Just focus on taste, shelf life, and I am sure that whoever you give this too will just love it!


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