10 best chapati makers

A chapati maker can save you a lot of time in the kitchen! This handy little tool will soon become your best friend, but how do you know which is a good chapati maker to buy?

Chapati is a deliciously soft and thin Indian bread. It is usually served alongside dishes such as chicken korma or chicken tikka masala. Usually, chapati is cooked on a tawa, but technology has stepped in to help and there are now electric chapati makers that save us some time.

There are many different chapati makers on the market, but only a few are worth your time. There are a few things to look out for when choosing a chapati maker, to ensure you are getting your money’s worth, and buying a tool that will be more of a help than a frustration in the kitchen!

Here are a couple things to remember when using a chapati maker:

Dough consistency – When using a chapati maker, the dough should be softer and slightly stickier. It should feel different than when you make a chapati by hand. For the right dough to use in a chapati maker, follow the below:

•    Make your dough

•    Add in 15% more water than what you usually do

•    Don’t over-knead the dough

•    Let the dough rest for 1 hour

Fresh dough – It is important to only use fresh dough when using a chapati maker. The makers don’t produce a good chapati when using refrigerated or stored atta. The chapati will turn out hard and crispy, instead of thin and light.

Rest the dough – You will need to let the dough rest for 1 hour before making chapati. The reason is that gluten strands will form in the dough which will make the chapati softer and lighter. If you are in a hurry, try to at least let the dough rest for 15 minutes.

Oil  - You only need to use a small amount of oil when creating the dough. You can even settle for just oiling your hands slightly when handling the dough. The reason is so that the oil on the surface will help distribute the heat evenly during cooking, and the dough will not stick to your hands if oil is used during kneading.

Eat them fresh – Chapatis made using a chapati maker are best served fresh. The dough is cooked differently to a handmade chapati, so the keeping-quality of the chapati will be different.

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APL - Chapati  Maker

This is a simple chapati maker but should be everything you need to make perfect chapati each time. As well as making chapati, you can use the maker to produce great tortilla, Tawa, Arabic Saj, Flat Bread, and Naan bread.

It can also be used as a warmer, heating up your chapati when you are ready to eat. The electric chapati maker has a 16’’ diameter cooking space, and reaches up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit, for fast cooking. It has an automatic thermostat that protects the machine from overheating, and the non-stick, high-heat performing base makes creating the perfect chapati easy and stress-free. The handle of the machine stays cool, so there is a low risk of injury or burns.

It might be simple, but it is an effective machine that will make your chapati cooking much easier. Either cook your chapati from scratch or warm some up ready to be eaten with dinner.

While this contraption was primarily created to cook tortillas, it works perfectly well with cooking chapati as well.

The chapatis made with the Brentwood machine will have a rough diameter of around 8 inches. The heat is adjustable, so you are able to cook the chapati to suit your preferences, for either a soft or crispy finish.

The aluminum plates are non-stick and super easy to clean, usually cleanable with just the wipe of a paper towel. The machine has pre-heat and power indicator lights, making the whole process a little easier. Other than tortillas, you can make roti, chapati, mandarin pancakes, and other wonderful breads.

A press-hold flattens the dough balls into shape while cooking them to perfection at the same time, with you adjusting the heat to suit the bread you are cooking.

Bajaj has released this wonderful little electronic kitchen device that helps with making great chapati.

The company itself has over 60 years of experience under their belts, so they know exactly what they are doing. Made with food-grade Teflon, the non-stick aluminum coating is easy to use and easy to clean. The outer body is made from stainless steel and everything has been double-checked by safety engineers.

The shock-proof body and heat-resistant handles make it safe to use, and the pre-set cut-off temperature feature stops the body from overheating. The temperature is regulated throughout the cooking process.

Once the machine is warmed up and ready, the LED indicator light will turn off and you can place your dough ball in for cooking. It will come out soft, fluffy and exactly how a chapati should be.

This easy to use chapati and tortilla maker is the exact contraption you want to have in your kitchen.

The non-stick plates make for super easy cleaning and produce perfect chapatis. The machine has 1000 watts, which allows for safe and quick baking of the chapati. To make it even handier, the machine can be stored upright and compactly, fitting into your kitchen cupboards.

It even comes with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow in order to create the best chapati you can.

The CucinaPro Tortilla Maker produces chapati that are 10-inches wide. It can also be used to make tortillas, pitas or flatbreads.

The heavyweight aluminum is also coated in a non-stick coating, which evenly distributes heat for uniform cooking. The non-stick coating also allows for easy cleaning, with a light wipe afterward. The LED light will turn on when the machine is ready to use, and the cord wrap can be packed away after use. The machine can also be stored upright, saving space in your kitchen.

This electric chapati maker can also be used to make a great tortilla, roti, and puri.

The 8-inch non-stick plates help make some delicious chapatis, and the thermostat is set with temperature control of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can cook your chapati to your liking.

Place your well-kneaded atta dough ball into the machine and press down with the handle. This will flatten the dough out, and at the same time cook it to form a delicious flatbread. It is easy to clean with a simple wipe, making life that much easier.

It has a  modern chrome finish and can be packed away compactly into a storage cupboard when not in use.

The Rotimatic Robotic Roti Maker is a little more out there than the other chapati makers we have listed, but if you like looking into the future, this might be for you.

It is kind of a kitchen robot which makes chapati at the touch of a button. It allows you to predetermine the thickness and roast level of the chapati, and to be in control of the oil content.

It can even be controlled with remote operation and comes with troubleshooting and software upgrades. It is fairly large, weighing in at 20kgs with a size of 40cm x 40cm x 32cm. It might not be for your ordinary kitchen, or your granny wanting to make chapati, but it is futuristic and helps make chapati on a larger scale. It can also make wraps and tortillas, which may add a little more value to this machine.

The Orbit Roti Maker makes chapati that are approximately 8 inches in diameter. It has a non-stick surface that makes cooking a breeze and cleaning even easier.

You will be able to create chapatis that are thin and soft and perfectly round. To make the chapati even more authentic, you can place it on a flame afterward to crisp it up a little bit more. It has a maximum of 110-volts.

Once the dough ball has been placed inside the machine, you simply have to press down and let it do the rest. It is a quick solution to all your chapati making needs!

This electric flatbread maker creates perfectly soft and puffy chapati.

The cooking surface is non-stick and therefore easy to clean once cooking is done. Once you have placed your dough ball on the surface and pressed down, you can open the device to cook the chapati a little longer, or close it again and wait for the chapati to puff up.

It can be used to make all types of flatbreads, including tortilla, so it will be a definite help in your kitchen.

This is an upgrade from Brentwood's previous tortilla maker but still works perfectly well in producing great chapati.

It cooks perfectly round and soft 10-inch chapati and has adjustable heat so you can choose between soft or crispy chapatis. Easy to clean aluminum non-stick plates really help when it comes time to clean up, giving you more time to sit down and enjoy your freshly made chapati.

The device has pre-heat and power light heat indicators that tell you when it is time to get cooking. The machine also comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, showing they believe in their products.

The Best Chapati Makers For You To Try

What makes chapati makers so handy and versatile is that they can often be used to make other flour breads such as tortillas, rotis, puri, and flatbreads. Find one that is non-stick, so the clean-up isn’t unnecessarily hard. To add to that, finding one that stands upright and fits into your kitchen cupboard will be a space saver when you aren’t actively making chapati.

You can now take your famous chapati recipe or one that has been passed down through generations, and quickly make soft and delicious chapati, in only a matter of minutes!

Just as a tip – if you want to add some authenticity to your chapati, you might consider throwing them over a flame after cooking them using the chapati maker. This just adds a little more flavor and authentic taste to the chapati, and nobody would know it was made using a machine!

Choose one of the great chapati makers from our list and get cooking! Don’t forget to make some delicious chicken tikka masala or chicken korma to go with your deliciously soft and light chapati. Your family will thank you!

How To Make Chapati With A Chapati Maker

Before heading off to buy your chapati maker, you should learn how to make chapati using one. It is slightly different from making it by hand and on a stove. Here is a simple way to make chapatis using a chapati maker:

•    Make your dough using your favorite recipe. Mix in your flour, salt, and butter until the mixture is crumbly. Add in water and mix the dough together using your hands. Knead the dough to get a soft and sticky consistency.

•    Cover the dough with a paper towel and leave it to rest for an hour.

•    Divide the dough into small balls and sprinkle some flour over the top.

•    Shape the balls into a golf ball size and shape with a little oil on your hands.

•    Place the ball of dough onto the open chapati maker and make sure it is closed securely.

•    Leave the chapati to cook and flatten for 30-45 seconds.

•    Open the chapati maker and leave it to cook for 15 seconds on each side.

•    If necessary, close the lid again and wait for the chapati to puff up.

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