Chamba cookware has long been cherished for its unique combination of visual appeal, durability, and excellent heat retention, making it a favorite among both amateur and professional chefs alike. Crafted from black clay found in the Colombian Andes, these earthenware pieces are not only functional, but bring a touch of tradition and artistry to your home kitchen.

Beyond the aesthetics, the secret of Chamba cookware lies in its incredible versatility. Perfect for slow cooking, simmering, and baking, these pieces can go from stovetop to oven to table all while maintaining their heat, ensuring that your dishes are cooked evenly and stay delightfully warm during your meal. Additionally, Chamba cookware is known for being chemical-free, making it a natural and healthy alternative to other non-stick options on the market.

When choosing the right Chamba cookware for your needs, it is important to consider factors such as size, shape, and weight. While smaller pieces might be more suitable for daily cooking, larger pieces can accommodate bigger recipes and entertaining guests. Also, ensure that you select cookware with well-fitting lids and sturdy handles, as these features will make it easier to maneuver the piece during use.

After spending numerous hours researching and testing different Chamba cookware options, we have compiled a list of the best choices that cater to various preferences and requirements, showcasing the exemplary craftsmanship and functionality that make Chamba cookware a must-have in any contemporary kitchen.

Best Chamba Cookware

We have compiled a list of the top Chamba cookware products for your kitchen. Discover the best options in our comprehensive roundup below.

Ancient Cookware Rounded Chamba Clay Soup Pot

Ancient Cookware Rounded Chamba Clay Soup Pot

We highly recommend the Ancient Cookware Rounded Chamba Clay Soup Pot for its even heat distribution, toxin-free cooking and artisanal craftsmanship.


  • Even heat distribution and heat retention
  • Made from natural, unglazed clay – toxin-free
  • Artisanally handcrafted in Central Colombia


  • Lid may not fit perfectly due to handmade nature
  • Longer cooking time compared to other cookware materials
  • Higher price for its size

We recently used the Ancient Cookware 2.5-quart Rounded Chamba Clay Soup Pot and were instantly impressed by its natural and organic feel. Cooking with this unglazed clay pot allows for toxin-free cooking, providing peace of mind when preparing meals for our loved ones.

Due to the even heat distribution and heat retention properties of the pot, our dishes come out perfectly cooked every time. The pot works on gas, electric stovetops, ovens, microwaves, and grills, making it extremely versatile for use in the kitchen.

Although we adore the handcrafted and artisanal nature of this pot, it’s worth noting that due to its handmade characteristics, the lid may not fit precisely on some pots. Additionally, it may take a longer time to cook compared to cookware made of other materials like metal or cast iron. However, the final result is worth the patience required—an enhanced and unique flavor that can’t be achieved through other cookware types.

In conclusion, the Ancient Cookware Rounded Chamba Clay Soup Pot is a must-have for anyone who appreciates organic, artisanal, and versatile cookware. Despite its minor drawbacks, it delivers excellent results and adds a unique touch to every kitchen.

Ancient Cookware Stew Chamba Clay Pot, Medium, 4 Quarts

Ancient Cookware Stew Chamba Clay Pot

We recommend this Chamba clay pot for those seeking a safe, artisan-made, and versatile cookware option that delivers incredible flavors.


  • Made of natural, unglazed clay, free of toxins
  • Can be used on various heat sources such as gas, electric, oven, microwave, and grill
  • Handcrafted, promoting even heating and heat retention


  • Slightly heavier compared to other cookware (6.9 pounds)
  • Careful handling required to prevent damage
  • May require initial seasoning to optimize performance

When we first used the Ancient Cookware Stew Chamba Clay Pot, we were amazed by the even heating and heat retention it provided. Cooking a delicious stew was easy with this 4-quart capacity pot, as the unglazed clay material brought out the natural flavors of the ingredients.

Thanks to the toxin-free clay construction, the Chamba pot allowed us to cook without worrying about harmful chemicals. It’s incredibly versatile, as we could use it on gas, electric stovetops, in the oven, microwave, or even the grill, making it a perfect addition to our cookware collection.

One thing we noticed was the weight of the pot. At 6.9 pounds, it felt slightly heavier when compared to other cookware options. However, it’s important to remember that this pot is handcrafted from high-quality materials, justifying the weight. If you’re not used to working with clay pots, you may need to exercise care when handling it to prevent damage.

We also found that seasoning the pot prior to its first use improved its performance, so be prepared to invest a little time into getting it perfect for your culinary adventures.

Overall, the Ancient Cookware Stew Chamba Clay Pot is a fantastic choice for individuals who value versatility, craftsmanship, and natural materials. Its even heating and ability to retain heat for a long time make it an excellent addition to any kitchen.

Ancient Cookware Clay Chamba Comal, 12 Inch

Ancient Cookware Clay Chamba Comal

We highly recommend the Ancient Cookware Clay Chamba Comal for its even heat distribution and stunning presentation.


  • Made of natural unglazed clay, safe and toxin-free
  • Versatile for gas or electric stovetops, oven, microwave, and grill
  • Retains heat for an extended period


  • Requires careful handling and maintenance
  • Size may be smaller than expected
  • Temperature variation on gas stoves

After using the Ancient Cookware Clay Chamba Comal, we noticed its remarkable heat distribution across the surface, which made cooking tortillas, toasting spices, and searing meat incredibly convenient. The unglazed clay material also added to the health benefits and taste of our food.

The comal is handcrafted in Central Colombia, giving it an authentic and elegant look. We like using it for both cooking and serving food since it offers stunning presentation. However, the size of the comal could be a bit larger to accommodate bigger portions.

One thing to note when using a gas stove is that the temperature varies, and it may require adjusting cooking techniques. The comal comes with a product information sheet outlining the care and use, which we found helpful, as maintaining the clay material requires some attention to ensure its longevity.

Overall, the Ancient Cookware Clay Chamba Comal is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, offering both practical cooking functionality and beautiful presentation. With proper care and handling, it will be a reliable asset for years to come.

Toque Blanche Chamba Black Clay Soup Pot

Toque Blanche Chamba Black Clay Soup Pot

Investing in this Toque Blanche Chamba Black Clay Soup Pot is worth it for its unbeatable versatility, even heat distribution, and unique aesthetic value.


  • Handcrafted and elegant design
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Suitable for oven, stovetop, microwave, and table use


  • Possible variations in size due to handmade nature
  • Unglazed surface may require extra care
  • Slightly heavier than some alternatives

The Toque Blanche Chamba Black Clay Soup Pot is a beautifully handcrafted piece of art that we recently had the pleasure of using. The versatile pot works splendidly to cook a wide array of dishes, including meat, pasta, beans, and potatoes. What amazed us most was how evenly it heated and how well it retained heat throughout the cooking process, ensuring that our meals were cooked to perfection.

The black clay of this cookware offers an unglazed, porous surface, which allows for slow evaporation of steam, resulting in a healthier, moist, and tender meal. It is also great for slow cooking stews, soups or curries, as the flavors are enhanced, and the food stays hot for a longer period. Furthermore, the pot is practical for everyday cookware, yet sophisticated enough for those special occasions or gatherings.

Using this clay soup pot was such a delight, as it can smoothly transition from the stove or oven straight to the table. While it looks stunning as part of any table setting, we found it to be slightly heavier than some of our other pots. Nevertheless, its elegant curves and overall aesthetics more than make up for it. Additionally, the care instructions for maintaining the unglazed surface may demand a bit more attention, like seasoning the pot before initial use and being aware of the handmade nature of the product, which may result in small size variations. Still, these slight drawbacks did not take away from our overall satisfaction and enjoyment of using the Toque Blanche Chamba Black Clay Soup Pot.

Toque Blanche Authentic Chamba 4-Quart Casserole Pot

Toque Blanche Authentic Chamba Casserole Pot

This beautifully handcrafted Chamba clay pot will enhance your kitchen and dining experience, making it a great addition for both everyday use and special occasions.


  • Elegant and timeless design
  • Even heating and heat retention
  • Versatile for cooking and serving


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Size may vary due to handcrafted nature
  • One pound weight might require careful handling

When we used the Toque Blanche Authentic Chamba 4-Quart Casserole Pot, we were immediately impressed by its elegant and timeless appearance. This handcrafted earthenware dish not only adds an artistic touch to our kitchen but also performs exceptionally.

Cooking a variety of dishes, especially slow-cooked meals, was a delightful experience in this black clay pot. The even heating and heat retention properties of the unglazed clay made our meals healthier, juicier, and more tender than with traditional cookware. We loved how the pot can transition from stove to table seamlessly, making it perfect for both serving and cooking.

Despite its beautiful design and impressive performance, we must note that the casserole pot is not dishwasher safe, which means handwashing is necessary after use. Additionally, due to its handcrafted nature, the actual size may vary slightly, but this only adds to the uniqueness of each piece. The one pound weight of this pot also means that careful handling is an essential skill when maneuvering the dish.

In conclusion, the Toque Blanche Authentic Chamba 4-Quart Casserole Pot is a superb addition to any kitchen for those who appreciate artisanal craftsmanship, versatility, and impeccable cooking results.

Buying Guide


When choosing Chamba cookware, it’s essential to consider the material used. Traditional Chamba cookware is made of clay, which offers excellent heat retention and distribution. A high-quality clay pot should be durable and resistant to cracks or breaks. Look for pots that have been fired and glazed to ensure long-lasting use.


Consider the size of the cookware according to your needs. Chamba pots come in various sizes, so think about the dishes you’ll be preparing and how many people you’ll be serving. This will help you select the appropriate size for your needs.

Pot SizeSuggested Use
SmallSingle servings, sauces, or dips
MediumFamily-sized dishes, stews, or soups
LargeLarge gatherings or batch cooking

Lids and Handles

Chamba cookware lids should fit snugly to ensure proper heat retention and even cooking. Well-designed handles make it easy to carry and maneuver the cookware, especially when handling hot food. Look for secure and comfortable handles to make your cooking experience more enjoyable.

Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of your Chamba cookware will help it last longer and maintain its performance. Some key care tips:

  • Before using new cookware, season it with oil to create a non-stick surface
  • Prevent rapid temperature changes, as this can cause cracking
  • Handwash with mild soap and avoid abrasive cleaners

Following these guidelines will help ensure your Chamba cookware remains functional and beautiful for years to come.

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