10 Best Chamba cookwares

I know what your immediate thought is when you read the title of this article. What the heck is a Chamba cookware? You probably heard about clay or metal cookware but never Chamba. Well Chamba is actually just another name for a cookware that is made with clay but this one is a little more special. It is traditionally made by the people of Colombia and is basically a necessity if you want to make traditional Colombia food.

Aside from that it has all of the positive benefits that you want from clay cookware. It makes food tastier, moister, and is healthier, The problem however is are you getting good Chamba cookware? What are the criteria for a good cookware? Well in my opinion you want to get a cookware that focuses on durability and has an amazing ability in retaining heat. As long as the Chamba cookware has these two qualities, then in my opinion you got a winner! Which is what I have with this list, you are definitely going to walk away happy with one of these!

Here we have a masterfully crafted Chamba pot from La Chamba, Tolima. This is really important because as mentioned above, they have years of experience making Chamba cookware. So this means that you are definitely getting your money's worth for this point alone. It also has a beautiful color from a natural process of smoking. So you don’t have to worry about anything dangerous mixed into the clay to create the black color. Plus it is pretty huge at 3 quarts so there should definitely be no concern about not getting your money's worth.

This pot also has all of the benefits that you would ever want in a Chamba. It is without a doubt durable, and it is able to cook food perfectly which indicates it has amazing heat retention. This means that you can just leave the food cooking without having to constantly monitor it. I love this feature because it adds important value to this product. The product now becomes accessible to chefs of all skill levels. 

Lastly you don’t have to worry about eating the food quickly because you are afraid of the food going cold. This is because the food will always remain hot as long as it is in the pot. So just bring the whole pot to the table! Overall this is just an amazing pot and it would be a crime to not have this in your household!

Here we have a perfect product for people who are skeptical about cooking with Chamba cookware. It is small, affordable, and it allows you to cook small amounts of food as a test. See if it does retain heat well and if it can cook food well. The simplistic design allows you to monitor that feature more easily since there is no lid to cover the food. You can monitor it throughout the whole cooking process.

Also you can eat the food on the plate itself. Which allows you to see if the Chamba cookware can retain heat over a long period of time. But what about the technical stuff with this product? Well it is completely safe which means that it is toxin free. You can use this product with literally any stovetop and an oven! Lastly it is crafted in Central Colombia which means that it has the credibility. Give it a shot! I seriously doubt that you will be disappointed.

Here we have a product that has a more limited use. If you love roasting then you would be fine but if you like baking something then you would be upset obviously. But I think the pro’s of this product outweighs the cons. It is able to cook your food perfectly and maintain the food’s heat. Also it has handles on the side which makes taking the food out easier. Very minor detail but it is a convenience and helps prevent getting accidently burned which does happen. 

You don’t have to worry about any toxins since the clay is natural. The clay also helps produce food which is healthier, tastier and more moist. The last point is the most important one because you don’t need a lot of fat or liquids on your food. The food will just be as moist with less fat which makes it healthier. Lastly it has amazing durability value because this product comes with a care and use sheet. So as long as you follow those directions, you get an amazing Chamba cookware that will last a very long time.

This product has mostly the same qualities as the other cookware on this list but I decided to include it anyway because it has a very unique point to it. That point being that you can cook this over a live fire. Do you know what that means? It means that you can make some amazing foodt while on the road which is especially important during this time. As you all know we have been through a horrible pandemic for a very long time. For the sake of maintaining your health, you probably spent a lot of time at home without much human contact. So once covid is over, you can go out on the road for a very long time. The only thing that would put a damper on things would be eating something bland like jerky on the road. 

But with this product, you can eat something more fancy while on the road! The only real problem with this particular product is that it is huge! This can make it hard for you to bring with you on your travels if you pack a lot. Also it can be hard to clean while on the road due to the large size. Really important thing to do because it could produce a very unpleasant smell in your car while on the road. Overall a very minor detail because it can be easily overcome with diligence. I would still give this product my seal of approval!

This might seem like something that you aren’t interested in but hear me out. This product is great for making some wonderful salsa that will definitely enhance the flavors of your food immensely. You also don’t have to worry about the salsa being affected as well because this small item also protects you from potential toxins. That is because this product is perfectly safe to cook with.

Lastly if you are somehow upset with this product, then you have another use for this. That is because this product has some great gift value. It has a beautiful design with a very distinct black color that is appealing to the eye. Great gift for any of your loved ones. It doesn’t matter if they are a chef as well because they can just use it to decorate the interior of their house. There is literally no way for you to feel like you didn’t get your money's worth.

Any bread lovers out there in the world? You will definitely want this bread making product due to the heat ability that it has. The heat ability might not seem that special but it is because it affects the quality of the bread that you make. The baking process will be faster because the product generates heat faster. This means that you can get your bread faster which is invaluable for the people who are really short on time. 

Additionally you don’t have to worry about ever having your bread turn cold too fast. This is because as long as the bread is inside this cookware, you will always get warm tasty bread. This is extremely important because this affects the taste of the bread. Let’s face reality, warm bread is definitely tastier than cold bread. There may be people who prefer colder bread but I believe that is a minority. This product is a definite necessity for all the bread lovers out there.

What we have here is a fantastic 1.5 qt pot which will satisfy your soup needs. This is because obviously you are not going to only make a small amount of soup. That would be a waste of your time and effort. So a 1.5 qt pot would make you a great hearty amount. You can make some amazing stocks with meat, vegetables, and spices. Plus they are going to remain hot for quite awhile which is just great. Granted it won’t take you a long time to just go to a microwave to heat up your soup but sometimes you just get lazy and no one should judge. The soup will be great with whatever your main dish is.

Really great coffee cup which has an amazing origin in Colombia. You essentially get something that has been traditionally crafted and comes from a country that is pretty well known for their coffee. That is because their coffee is supposed to be made with some of the highest quality beans out there. So if you got the required ingredients, then you can have a pretty traditional coffee experience which I find very important. Granted I personally can’t tell the difference that well between coffees. But the coffee lovers out there should definitely love it. 

Overall you get a wonderful 10 oz cup that retains heat extremely well. Get some high quality beans and you should get a fantastic drink that will wake you up!

Now this product is only for the people who completely bought into the idea of cooking with chamba cookware. That is because of the size of this thing which is a staggering 8 quarts. Why is this important though? It is extremely important because you can essentially use this product for any type of recipes out there. Plus you can be assured that whatever recipe you use will be cooked to perfection because again it has every good feature that you want with a chamba cookware. 

Lastly I love that this product provides a pretty amazing level of convenience for a family of four. That is because what you want to do is just bring the whole pot of you to the table after it is done cooking. It will most definitely cover the majority of the table which means that it would be pretty easy for everyone to reach into the pot for food. Of course if you aren’t lazy, then this shouldn’t be a big deal. This is because you can just get up for more food. But whatever convenience a product has will always be a positive in my book no matter how small. 

The last product on my list that is for people who aren’t completely bought into the idea of cooking with chamba cookware. However this product is more important because it is specifically made for simple dishes like soup. This is important because chances are you are a beginner cook if you aren’t completely bought into the idea of cooking with chamba. So what if you are testing with chamba cookware and produce something inferior. Is it the cookware fault or is it the chefs fought? You don’t have to worry about that question anymore because making soup is extremely hard to mess up. But if you don’t like what you produce still then you still have a pretty cool looking bowl for dipping sauces.


I strongly believe that cooking with Chamba cookware should be tried at least once with chefs of all skill levels. There is just way too many natural benefits that outweigh any fear of it producing inferior food. Plus they are all quite affordable and you can produce some amazing traditional Colombia food. However if you don’t like anything on my list then just let me give you one last tip. Look for a Chamba cookware that has origins from Colombia. They are the true experts and the only people who will give you something of any quality. 

What the heck is a Chamba cookware? You probably heard about clay or metal cookware but never Chamba. Well Chamba is actually just another name for a cookware that is made with clay but this one is a little more special. It is traditionally made by the people of Colombia and is basically a necessity if you want to make traditional Colombia food. Check out the best Chamba clay cookware on the market!

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