Ultimate Guide to Sinandomeng Rice

Have you ever been to the Philippines before? They are a home to a wide variety of delicious recipes and some of the best recipes require rice. For example, they have some of the best fried rice out there and sinandomeng rice helps elevate the quality. This is because the rice becomes soft when cooked and that is important for the taste. That is because you end up with fluffier fried rice and not something hard.

Additional benefits are that you get a wonderful smell from the rice. So you don’t have to spend a lot of extra time to make your fried rice fragrant. This is especially important since the aroma contributes to the taste of your food. Not all is lost if you don’t like the taste of fried rice. You can still use this rice as a complement for your meats and vegetables. You’ll definitely love the taste of this delicious rice!

Facts about Sinandomeng Rice

The most important thing you might be wondering right now is if the rice is healthy or not? Unfortunately for you my reader the answer is that the rice isn’t that healthy. You are better off with brown rice if you are looking for something more delicious. But I highly recommend that you still give this rice a chance because it still has sufficient nutritional value and is extremely tasty.

More details would be that this rice is not the best for some recipes. If you decide to do something that requires sticky rice, then you are better off with an alternative. An example would be dinorado rice. It is a bit more sticky but that little detail helps you make a better sticky rice recipe. It doesn’t end there though, you can make better congee as well!

But what if you need something fragrant? Well I find it unfortunate to say that there are better alternatives then this rice. An example of this would be Jasmine rice. It would be best with stir fried foods. But luckily for Sinandomeng rice lovers, Jasmine rice does a worse Job in making fried rice. This does mean that you have to love fried rice if you want to truly enjoy Sinandomeng rice but it will definitely be worth it. The taste is out of this world!

Tip for Sinandomeng Rice

I highly recommend that you get a cookbook when you try out Sinandomeng rice. This is because you are limited with what you can do with this rice. So the best thing to do would be to look up different fried rice recipes because it can be pretty boring eating the same thing over and over again. Furthermore you want the cookbook to have a reputable author because you wouldn’t want someone with no experience teaching you fried rice right? 

Sinandomeng Rice Recipes

So like I said throughout this entire article, fried rice is your best bet for something delicious. But I personally find that a little boring since not everyone will find only fried rice recipes exciting. So I will make sure to include a lot of different recipes that may work with Sinandomeng rice. Admittedly this will be a little experimental because Sinandomeng rice isn’t that widely used but I will do my best. You will be given an explanation as to why I think this recipe will work well with Sinandomeng rice.

Garlic Fried Rice

Garlic fried rice might sound a little unusual because I bet most people are used to fried rice that has a lot of topping. But this is definitely delicious if you prepare it correctly. The garlic makes the fried rice extremely fragrant. You can also get a lot of freedom with this recipe because you can add any ingredients that you like. This flexibility is extremely important because anyone will be able to enjoy it by adding their favorite ingredients. 


Here we have a delicious rice porridge. But the twist is that this is actually a dessert. The rice has a lot of chocolate mixed into the rice porridge. This is why I believe that the Sinandomeng rice would work well with this dish. Admittedly there are better rice out there for rice porridge but you don’t need it. This is because chocolate is the main star of this dish. 


Another great rice recipe dish to make in your household. But I do need to first point out that there aren’t any kimbap recipes with Sinandomeng rice. I am still recommending this dish because it offers a lot of flexibility as well. There are a lot of ingredients that go into kimbap that helps elevate the flavor of the rice. So it is okay if the rice doesn’t work well with kimbap because you can make the taste more manageable with the right ingredients.

Final Thoughts On Recipes

These are only some examples of great recipes that use Sinandomeng rice. But there are other great recipes out there as well. It does require some experimentation and that can be problematic since Sinandomeng rice is hard to obtain. But you can just practice with regular rice to make the food perfectly. After that you can use Sinandomeng rice to make the recipes. You’ll get it done with careful planning!

Is it available on Amazon?

Amazon is a wonderful thing in the sense that you can find almost anything you want on it. Furthermore you can get the product quickly! But unfortunately for you, you cannot buy the Sinandomeng rice on Amazon. I tried really hard but I can not find any trace of this delicious rice on Amazon!

Where can you buy this?

You need to go through a lot of hassle to obtain this rice. Your best bet is finding an international online site that ships internationally. Not all is lost because there are some benefits. You can obtain a large amount of rice at a cheaper price this way. This is because the dollar is worth more than the currency in other countries. A dollar in another country could possibly buy you a whole meal in the right country.


Rice can be seen as an unfavorable food item because they are naturally bland tasting for some. Furthermore they need a lot of help to become tasty. You either need a main dish to help or make the rice into fried rice. People will see that as a negative but I personally see that as a positive thing. Rice seems inferior in terms of taste but it offers limitless possibilities! 

If you're looking for a way to elevate the way you eat rice, you need to try Sinandomeng rice. We've got the low down on everything you need to know about it. #rice #sinandongmeng #allaboutrice #asianfood


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