Honing Steel vs Sharpening Steel

What you need to understand about knives is that knives get dull in at least two different ways. Obviously a knife that is no longer sharp means that it is dull and can't cut properly but what you might not know is that if the blade gets out of alignment it also won't slice your foods properly. Here's where either the honing steel or the sharpening steel comes in.

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    Honing Steel: A honing steel essentially works to align your knife by centering it properly and straightening it out. It doesn't shave off too much of the blade but it does correct the edge. The blade will seem sharpened because its positioned correctly but honing doesn't sharpen the knife. You should really hone your knife all the time, some professional chefs even hone every single time they use their knives!
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    Sharpening Steel: Sharpening does actually sharpen the knife and leaves your knife with a lovely sharp edge. You can use a knife sharpener, whetstone, or waterstone to sharpen your knife. You should only have to sharpen your knife a few times a year.

How to use a Honing Steel

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