The Ultimate Guide To Singoda Flour

First off I feel like I need to define what singoda is since most people probably don’t know what it is. Singoda is another way to say water chestnuts. These are great to snack on but unfortunately I believe that it is not commonly consumed. This is a tragedy in my opinion and more people should try the delicacy often. It tastes great and there are multiple uses for this item!

You can already guess where I am going with this. The flour that can be made with the singoda is so valuable for a wide variety of fried goods. Yes you read that right, I am saying that Singoda flour is best used for frying and not baking. This is probably the best flour for frying because of the health benefits in the singoda. This means you can consume any fried food with a little less guilt!

Difference between this flour and other flours

One of the most obvious differences between this flour and other flour is that it is best for frying. But how does it compare to other flours in terms of baking? I wanna say that it is great but unfortunately I would be lying to you all. This singoda flour is best used for baking a few baked goods like pancakes. It isn’t great for other types of baked goods that you can think of making at home. 

You now know the benefits and limits of the singoda flour which might discourage you. However I will recommend some flours that might be best used for baking. This is just in case you might prefer flour for baking. You at the very least won’t feel like you are wasting your time by reading this article. I want all my readers to be satisfied while reading my article and this section will help with that goal.

The first flour I will recommend is All-purpose flour which is great for its flexibility. This flour can be used for all types of baking goods that you can think of. It works just like how it is named. However it is best used for cookies, bread, and muffins. If you want to make other types of baked goods, there are better types of flour out there. 

An example of flour that is better for other baked goods would be cake flour. This flour is best used for a baked good that isn’t mentioned for all-purpose flour. However this flour isn’t best used for much else out there. I hope you are picking up where I am going with these examples. There are a wide variety of flours with different benefits out there so you should make sure you choose the best one.

I have tried to cover flours that are best used for the most common baked goods but it won’t be possible to cover everything out there. So I highly recommend that you do research and experiment out there. The experimentation is important because you might prefer other types of flour for your baked goods of choice. This is called substitution and another reason why choosing a flour can be so hard!

Tips with singoda flour

 You already know that this flour is best used for making the necessary batter for frying. But you probably don’t know what type of cuisine would use this flour best. Here is how I can help you with your question! Singoda flour is best used for Indian and Asian cooking. This means that you should focus on making fried food of Indian or other Asian cuisine. Of course you are still free to experiment with other types of cuisine but make sure you like what you taste!

How to make singoda flour

Making singoda flour is easily done. You might think it is hard to make due to the name and unfamiliarity with the product but don’t worry. All you have to do is peel and dry out the chestnut. Then the next thing you have to do is find a really good blender and place the dried chestnuts inside. That’s all you need to do to get the flour you need for your frying or baking purposes. 

Singoda Flour Recipes

Fried food is so common in the United States of America that it can be considered a delicacy to everyone here. This is why I will try to recommend fried food recipes that most people are familiar with. Another reason why I am recommending this is because fried foods are relatively easy to make which means that every cook can make it instead of a select few. However I do know that not everyone is craving fried food so I will recommend other recipes that you might like!

  • Singhare Ke Pakore - This fried recipe is a little uncommon when it comes to America. You would normally think of food like fried chicken and not fried potatoes. But I can reassure you that this recipe is a fantastic snack to enjoy and is easy to make. All you have to do is boil spicy potatoes and prep them in flour and that’s it!
  • Water Chestnut Flour Dosa - This is a breakfast delicacy that you’ll surely enjoy in the morning. It is a rather simple dish to make but it is sure to fill you up for breakfast. You are also given a lot of freedom with how you make the breakfast dish. You can add things like pepper or something sweet like chocolate to the dish. You’ll never get tired of eating this amazing dish for breakfast.
  • Water Chestnut Cake - Here is probably the first surprise on my recipe list. It is a sweet item that will be sure to bring plenty of happy faces to your entire family. This might seem like a contradiction to what I said earlier in my article about the use of this flour. But rest assured that I know what I am doing with my suggestion. I mentioned that this flour can still be used for asian cuisine and this fits  the bill!
  • Vrat ke Pakore - Here is a more traditional fried food for everyone to enjoy. This is a dish that is used for religious purposes and is supposed to be rather tasty. It is also made with potatoes but you definitely won’t get tired from eating this. However if you do, you can also make this with yam’s so there is flexibility to this dish!


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