List of Supermarkets

Most of the supermarkets in Fiji are small and locally owned, but there are some larger supermarkets located in cities such as Suva and Nadi and Lautoka.

RB Patel

There are 10 locations of RB Patel located throughout Fiji. It's actually more of a department store as they also carry kitchenware, plastics, porcelain, drapery and electrical appliances.

Morris Hedstrom

MH has been open in Fiji for 150 years. They have 15 locations throughout Fiji and you can also shop online! They also have a delivery service. Similiar to RB Patel, they are more of a department store than a straight supermarket.

New World IGA

NEWWORLD first started operating in 1933, it grew from a small corner shop into the premium chain that it is today. The stores offer a pleasant shopping experience with a wide variety of international products. They boast more of a wider selection than the average supermarket in Fiji.

They also recently opened a $2.5 million store in Suva. This store has later closing times than on average, closing at 9PM.

Rajendras FOODTOWN

Rajendra has 7 locations throughout Fiji. It was established in 1964 by Rajendra Prasad and the company also focuses on real estate investments. Rajendra is known for its competitive prices. 

Shop n Save

Shop N Save is the first supermarket in Fiji to launch it's own app. It's free to download and allows users to check prices for product, to shop online from their mobile phones, and more.

Local Foods and Goods

Fiji's markets are filled with colorful fruits and vegetables. It's customary for the pricing to be by heap, they don't really sell one onion at a time for example. This reflects the sharing culture of Fiji and family meals.

Larger items such as watermelons, pineapples, and heads of lettuce can be purchased one by one. It'll be obvious by sight which items are sold by heap vs which items are sold individually. 

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Local food and products are quite affordable at Fiji Supermarkets and all the basic daily necessities are available. There will also be a selection of Fijian snacks that aren't available anywhere else!

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Imported Goods

Anything imported from other countries such as NZ/Australia/United States, etc is going to be quite pricey. If you must bring imported food on your trip, you can bring it in your checked luggage.

Local beers and alcohol is also much cheaper than anything imported. We would recommend that you pick up any imported alcohol at the duty free shop at the airport before arriving at Fiji.

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Store Hours

Many grocery stores in Fiji close around lunchtime on Sunday afternoon so be sure to check store hours!


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