Best Undercounter Ice Makers

What is an undercounter ice maker?

Undercounter ice makes are also called built-in ice makers and they are perfect for entertaining. Most ice makers included in refrigerators don't make a fraction of the ice needed for when having guests over!

You can build them into your furniture, much like a dishwasher or trash bin. These ice makers also store ice as your freezer will probably not have enough space and make ice a quite a quick rate. They are super convenient if you need large amount of ice often for cooking and entertaining!

The Best Undercounter Ice Maker

This beast from Edge will keep your drinks all iced up! It is easy and inexpensive to install and is capable of producing 12 pounds of ice per day.

It is ADA height compliant and has front venting. The door is reversible so you can swing it with your left or right hand and comes with an ice scooper too!

This ice maker automatically turns off when it is full and you can turn it easily on and off with a switch button. It'll store 6 pounds of ice at once for you.  We love that this bin fills up twice a day or more and is very quiet. It's totally worth the investment!

Sunpentow's undercounter ice maker manually defrosts and can make 12 pounds a day while storing 6 pounds of ice. No drain is required when using this ice maker and it'll automatically shut off when full at capacity.

You can install it outside or inside under the counter for all your ice needs. It also works great in your RV

Ours worked fine but note that several customers have mentioned that they had to send it back in for a second unit. The Edgestar is an overall better pick because it seems to work like a charm the first time!

The SPT Stainless Steel Ice Maker can be free standing or built in and it should be installed by a licensed plumber. Make sure to use filtered water with it!

It stores 25 pounds of ice and is capable of making 50 pounds of ice a day. It comes with a plastic scoop but we recommend investing in a stainless steel scoop.

You'll never run out of ice if you have this baby in the house! The ice tends to come out in blocks instead of individual cubes but with a steel ice scoop this is not a problem at all. It's a great value for the price!

We're also featuring Whynter's Commerical Undercounter ice maker in this review but here's their home version.

This ice maker makes 12 pounds of ice in 24 hours and the ice cubes that are made are crescent shaped. It features the auto shut off feature and can store 6 pounds of ice. It uses 120 Watts of power.

The installation of this machine is easy and the ice that it makes is semi-soft. It's a really quiet machine and holds a good amount of ice when full. It's an overall great pick!

The Manitowoc SM50A-161 SM50 Ice Cube Machine is a luxury ice maker.

It features a patented design that cleans and sanitizes better than other ice makers and features led lights in the bin and also a larger opening. Perfect for those drunken party nights!

This ice maker has a water filtration system incorporated inside which also includes a scale inhibitor and depth filtration. It's air cooled and produces unique octagon ice cubes. If you're hosting upscale parties at home, this is the perfect pick!

This ice maker It is capable of producing 32 pounds of ice daily and is great for entertaining. It also has 3 different ice cube size settings so you can select the perfect ice cube for every occasion.

Danby's Mosel ice machine measures 35.1 x 16.9 x 25.8 inches and weights 80 pounds. This unit comes with a drain pump. 

The voltage that this machine runs on is 110 Volts and batteries are included!

The Koldfront ice maker stores 25 pounds of ice and makes up to 45 pounds of cubes per day. The ice storage is insulated to prevent your ice cubes from melting. 

We love that the ice bin is removable and it requires a drain. The door is reversible and the controls are computerized. The ice produced by this machine is hard, clear and restaurant quality. It's super easy to install, you can get it done in just 3 steps.

Note that the ice has to be broken apart, it comes out in sheets, but any stainless steel ice scoop while do the trick for you. This ice maker tends to be a bit noisier but it is also more affordable than many of the models on this list!

Best Undercounter Ice Makers for Commercial Use

The Scotsman Undercounter Ice Maker is the ultimate commercial beast. It also operates great outside and is great for a bar also.

This ice maker produces gourmet ice that is totally different from regular ice, it has a unique shape, is clear, doesn't have odors and melts slower than normal ice.

You can purchase it with a built-in drain pump which makes installation more efficient and easier so you can save money on installation. This is a stellar machine that makes beautiful ice cubes speedily and quietly. We recommend it!

This ice maker has a 50 pound capacity and can store 25 pounds. It measures in at 24.5" Long x 15" Wide x 32.5" High and is a front venting machine.

It features automatic shut-off when the ice box is full. The exterior features a brushed, stainless steel finish. This baby makes ice really quickly and is quieter as compared to other units. Although its a commercial unit, its great for home use also.

The ice holds well in the unit and doesn't melt too quickly.  This is a productive and sturdy ice maker that's well worth its price. We love that it works like a charm and the customer service is fantastic if you ever need to reach them. A commercial unit that is also great for the home!

Undercounter ice makers are also called built-in ice makers and they are perfect for entertaining. Here are our top 10 picks for the Best Undercounter Ice Machines! #ice #icemachine #icemaker #kitchenappliaces #kitchentools #icemakers #shavedice
Undercounter ice makers are also called built-in ice makers and they are perfect for entertaining. Here are our top 10 picks for the Best Undercounter Ice Machines! #ice #icemachine #icemaker #kitchenappliaces #kitchentools #icemakers #shavedice is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED 'AS IS' AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. All prices on this site may change and those considered valid are displayed on


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