It's been awhile since I've been back to Hong Kong but I totally miss the energy of the city.

I've been several times before, but definitely one of the most memorable times was when I was tour with my old band Nylon Pink. We had finished a couple weeks of touring at the Hard Rock Penang and Macau and were just stopping in overnight before we caught our flight back home.

It was not enough time! We tried to soak in as much of the cities deliciousness while we were there but it is such a food city than even a week would not have been enough time to eat everything that we wanted to try. 

I love that I can bring a little big of Hong Kong home with me with Tony Tan's cookbook Hong Kong Food City.

The cookbook features plenty of dim sum dishes and other local favorites featured in Hong Kong's one of a kind dining scene. It features 80 recipes from the high end restaurants to local food stalls.

Since we're all stuck from traveling at the moment, its a great way to take a virtual trip into another world and bring it into your home.

Some of my favorite recipes include: 

  • Cantonese Twice-Cooked Prawns with Soy Sauce
  • Bang Bang Chicken
  • Classic Sweet and Sour Soup

The photography inside is beautiful and author Tan showcases shots of the city in addition to the delectable food. I loved learning about essential pantry ingredients and some more about the city's rich history!

Exploding Lava Buns

I decided to make the exploding lava buns which were so much fun to make and so delicious to eat fresh out of the steamer

It's tme to get cooking with the Hong Kong Food City cookbook. We're cooking up our favorite Chinese Food recipes at home. #chinesefood #asianfood #cookbook #asianrecipes


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