Bottom of the Pot - Koresh Bademjan

What a gorgeous cookbook, I have to admit that I was relatively unfamiliar with Persian foods, especially anything that was more in the home cooked realm.

The passion of author Naz Deravian for this cuisine is obvious and similar to the Chinese culture, I learned that Iranians are absolutely passionate about their food.

The photos in this cookbook are absolutely gorgeous and stunning in their variety of color. I still haven't tried Persian Rice with tahdig and am intimidated to try it at home. The author mentioned that even seasoned home cooks sometimes weren't able to achieve tahdig: the crispy crust of golden rice at the bottom of the pan. It's next on my list to try it at one of the amazing restaurants here in Los Angeles!

Khoresh Bademjan aka Eggplant Stew

For this recipe I tried the eggplant stew. I absolutely love eggplant and braised chicken. This recipe reminds me a bit of soy sauce chicken or chicken adobe. It's just chicken braised in a pot until its fall off the bone soft. 

I loved the addition of eggplant and baby tomatoes to this dish and a decent dose of citrus. I substituted lemon juice as recommended instead of the sour grapes (where do you get those?) I also left out the addition of saffron.

I enjoyed it as soon as it was done, piping hot with a steaming bowl of steamed rice. Super delicious!

It made plenty so I froze some to heat up for later!

Bottom of the Pot - Koresh Bademjan
Bottom of the Pot - Koresh Bademjan 1


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