Best Tempura Racks

A tempura rack is a necessity in your kitchen, especially if you love pan-frying or deep frying food! 

All my life, I’ve used paper towels on plates to fry tempura shrimp and vegetables, or chicken karaage, but it still didn’t taste like those restaurant quality dishes. With oil pooling up every time I fry shrimp, the already cooked shrimp start to become soggy and sad. 

Once I came across tempura racks, my mind was blown away by how easy it is to keep your fried foods crispy and delicious! Today, we’ve put together the best 6 tempura racks, along with why tempura racks are a must-buy for your household! 

Are you ready? You’ll get frying by the time you’re done with this article! 

Benefits of Tempura Racks:

  1. Save money on paper towels (that you don’t need) and oil! Traditional tempura racks go right over the side of your wok or frying pan, so cooked food will rest on top of the wire racks. This allows for your cooking oil to go back inside the pan, so nothing is wasted, and you don’t have to worry about oil collecting on paper towels anymore!
  2. Keeps your food crispy - There is nothing sadder than soggy tempura, karaage, or egg rolls. Especially if it took a long time to cook it! Once I made the switch to tempura racks, my food no longer sits in oil, making it fresh and crispy with each bite. Who could ask for more? 
  3. It’s convenient and easy to clean! Keep your food right at your fingertips, and once they are drained, they’re ready to plate and serve. Beware though, keeping them close might make you snack! I know I snack as I cook, especially when my egg rolls are freshly fried.

The Best 6 Tempura Racks

Where should we start about this product?! There are many sizes to fit all woks, including 24 cm, 26cm, 28cm, 30cm, and 34 cm. Wow!

Made of stainless steel, these racks are heat resistant and can endure high temperatures. It is also made from a heavyweight chrome wire, durable for up to 392 degree Fahrenheit. When you fry food, all excess oils go back into the pan, meaning no mess! They can also be utilized as insulation racks.

Of course, the racks allows it to stick to the side of the pan easily. Reuse these racks again and again for your favorite egg rolls, chicken karaage meals, or tempura veggies! All in all, since you get two racks, you can make double the food for double the fun!

This tempura rack is perfect for gifts, since the price is so affordable. Many people buy more than 1!

Helen’s Asian Kitchen also sells woks for those that are in need of replacing or buying one! She sells a carbon steel 12 inch wok that compliments the tempura rack. It is rated one of the best woks by many customers if you season it correctly. Back to the rack, though!  

This rack will secure on 12 inch frying pans, with a working surface of 3” x 10.75”. Naturally, this rack is easy to clean, just hand wash with warm soapy water! 

I love cooking up tempura carrots, potatoes, broccoli, green beans, and shrimp! Need we say more? Don’t miss out on this rack today!

Don’t own a wok? Well, now you can!

It’s a must have for all stir fry, deep frying, and Asian cooking needs! You can also use it to saute or steam veggies. Yum!

To make your tempura, just all oil to the bottom of the wok (it has a 5 quart capacity), and attach the provided side tempura rack. There is also a bottom frying rack to hold vegetables, shrimps, egg rolls, and other foods in place while cooking.

Everyone loves it because it’s easy to clean and store, has an excellent cooking surface, and the tempura racks are great! Of course, if you own a wok, this isn’t the product for you.

 For those that want a quick and easy addition to the house, this is a must buy product. There is a 5 year warranty, so you can rest knowing your wok is in good hands!

What’s awesome about this rack is that it’s foldable! You can use it over the wok, and you can serve it on a plate for everyone to eat since it expands into a full circle! 

It is made of new stainless steel, with a multi purpose wire to help you steam, cool, and bake. People love using it as a rack for air fryers, or within their pressure cookers.

 If using it over stovetop, I suggest folding it in half and placing at the edge of the wok or pan. Place all finished fried foods on top, and you’re set!

The product dimensions are a 13.4 inch diameter. They also sell a square shape, which is great for square pans, and can also be tri-folded. Everyone loves this stainless steel because it is extremely durable, doesn’t rust, and is a great addition to the household!

Perfecto food, every time!

This bad boy will take care of all of your tempura needs!

 It’s corrosion and rust resistant, so you have maximum longevity with your rack. Since it attaches to the side of the wok, the heat of the pan will keep your food warm.

AIYoo also mentions that it can be used as a fruit and vegetable strainer, drying dish rack, steamer tray, or frying tray. Easy cooking, easy cleanup! After cooking, just wipe over the rack with soap and water, and allow it to air dry.

This rack fits all 11 inch pans, skillets, and woks.

For the price, it’s an incredible product!

Great for yourself, and great for a friend or family member!

People love using these as a presentation or pot holder for tables if they’re not frying. Making the most out of your racks! First of all, grab these in 24cm, 26cm, 38cm, 30cm, 32cm, or 34cm!

Next, these racks use stainless steel, which is safe since it won’t rust easily. You don’t have to settle for tempura with these racks- they are also great for donuts, fish balls, fried chicken, onion rings, or even fair foods.

We’re talking deep fried oreos, funnel cakes, and corn dogs! Yum. Now that we have your mouth watering, get yourself this tempura rack to make life easier each day. 

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