Murukku making machines make it easy to make murukku at home. They help to shape the batter in the shape of murukku. They are typically made of stainless steel and come with different plates designs that allow you to create different extruded shapes of the murukku dough. The creative use of this machine helps to generate a wide range of murukku shapes and designs. The advantage of using at home murukku making machines is that murukku can be prepared and stored in an airtight jar for long periods for consumption.

What to look for when shopping for a Murukku Making Machines?

Number of Discs

If you would like to make a lot of murukkus, you need to find a machine that comes with a lot more discs. The more the discs, the more murukku you can create at a given time. Being able to select from different disc patterns gives you more design options, so your murukku will not only taste great but will look amazing too.


The capacity of the machine will determine how many times you will need to refill. Also, the larger the shaft of a murukku making machine, the less refilling needed. However, it means you will need a larger holding tube. A smaller shaft may be limiting for large murukku volumes or adults but it is great for kids. Although you will have to refill it more often, making memories with your children is well worth it.

Ease of Use

Choose only the murukku machine you can easily use and handle, otherwise, you may not want to use it again. So it is important to go for the machine with the most ergonomic and comfortable handle. This will ensure you use less effort and the chances of numb or fatigued fingers, especially after long use, will be reduced.

Rust Resistant

Most murukku making machines on the market are made from metal. So it is important to go for the one that will not rust. This will ensure the safety of your murukku in the long run. No matter how hard you try, you can never get the moisture out of all the crevices and grooves on the machine as there will always be some residual dampness. That is why it is smart to stay away from those machines with rust prone materials and go with stainless or aluminum instead. Also, if the murukku making machine has a shaft made from heavy-duty plastic, ensure it is BPA free. This will ensure the food it comes in contact with is safe to eat.

Cleaning Ease

 The machine needs to be made of hygienic materials such as stainless steel which does not corrode or rust. It should also have minimal joints and a smooth surface because this discourages moisture, pastry leftovers, or dirt from being trapped inside or joints and edges. Since you will have to clean your murukku making machine after each use, it means you will have to take it apart to clean all the hard to reach areas. You can make the cleaning process easier by going with those with dishwasher safe parts. 

Best 11 At Home Murukku Making Machine

Making murukku and other Indian snacks are simple and easy with the Sev Sancha Gathiya Murukku Maker. It is made from brass materials and comes in golden color.

It is well designed for regular use and should last you through many uses if taken care of properly. It comes with 6 different discs, so you will be able to produce different designs and shapes to suit your personal or children’s preferences.

It also features a simple to turn handle and an easy loading mechanism. Unlike traditional murukku makers, this unit requires minimal time, minimal effort, and does not create a mess. It doesn’t occupy a lot of counter space, very easy to clean, and an inexperienced person can use it.

For its ergonomic nature, simple design, reliability, and comfort, the Sev Sancha Gathiya Murukku Maker is a top choice.

This is another murukku making machine from Satre Online and Marketing but this is made from stainless steel.

 It also comes with 6 discs and features a practical shaft. The stainless steel housing is food safe and provides durability and strength. The Satre Online and Marketing Stainless Steel Sev Maker is an affordable murukku making machine that is easy to use.

It can easily fit most hands and comes in the weight and size that makes it easy to handle. Despite its size, it produces quality murukku dough while also maintaining consistency throughout. The Satre Online and Marketing Stainless Steel Sev Maker is a machine both inexperienced and seasoned users will love because of its short learning curve.

You will definitely love its reliability, strong molding discs, simplicity, strong metal construction, and sturdy construction

The CIY-Cookityourself Sev Sancha Murukku Maker is made from high-quality brass that ensures smooth movement and better grip during preparation.

 It comes with 4 different disc templates that allow you to make your favorite murukku and other Indian snacks in different shapes and designs. It has a fairly large capacity that helps to minimize frequent refills.

This ergonomically designed unit can be disassembled easily for cleaning and storage. The CIY-Cookityourself Sev Sancha Murukku Maker is very comfortable to use, and it is a good quality product.

The Newcreativetop Stainless Steel Pasta Maker is made from decent gauge stainless steel material that won’t corrode or rust.

It is well made and comes with 5 discs attachments. It is designed with the safety of your dough in mind, so it won’t leak any dough when pressing. It is super easy to clean as all its components come apart simply and you can wash and clean it in the sink.

It features an ergonomic handle that makes it very comfortable to use as it offers an easy grip to its users.

It allows you to work on multiple batches with no discomfort. You can craft dozens of murukku in no time when you opt for the Newcreativetop Stainless Steel Pasta Maker.

The Cuisinart CTG-00-CP Cookie Press is a murukku making machine designed in a different way as it is shaped like a gun.

 It comes with 18 different discs and 6 decorating tips that help to add versatility. The discs help to give your murukku beautiful shapes and designs. It has a clear tube which makes it easy to fill with dough while also improving visibility.

The ergonomic design lets you manage this machine comfortably. The Cuisinart CTG-00-CP Cookie Press is backed by a limited warranty and it is dishwasher safe. It is a unique murukku machine that accomplishes all your tasks in no time.

The only drawback with this machine is that the plastic parts are not durable enough.

The Maruti Steel Sev Sancha Murukku Maker allows you to craft beautiful murukku dough by exerting minimal efforts.

It is made from stainless steel materials which make it sturdy. It comes with 15 different discs and 6 icing nozzle that allows you to craft your favorite murukku treat in no time.

The trigger mechanism of this machine allows you to use it with just one hand. This fun versatile tool is lightweight and easy to handle. The best thing about this unit is that it is dishwasher safe, although you can’t clean the discs in a dishwasher.

A trigger of soft grip is enough to make your favorite murukku snacks without getting tired when you go for the Maruti Steel Sev Sancha Murukku Maker. So if you are looking for a murukku making machine that will only require a one-handed operation, this product is your best choice.

The Tabakh Idiyappam Sevai Press Maker is made with quality wood, so it can last a lifetime. It is the only wooden murukku maker on this list.

This murukku maker comes with two elements; one contains the dough and the other presses or rotates it. It is a simple yet great tool for making murukku, idiyappam, chakli, and other Indian cooking.

It makes making your favorite murukku easy and convenient. It is important to note that this product may contain stains because of oiling which can be washed.

Also, make sure you wash this equipment thoroughly so that the sieve doesn’t clog.

The Tabakh Sev Sancha Sev Manual Pasta Maker is an easy to use and clean murukku making machine as it won’t put any strain on your wrists.

 It is available in stainless steel and brass materials, so you can choose the one that best suits your preference. It comes with different discs that allow you to create the perfect murukku.

It is not only great for murukku but you can also use it to make idiyappam, sev, chakli, and other Indian snacks. The drawback with this machine is that it has rough edges and rusts easily if not dried promptly.

Although the Tabakh Sev Sancha Sev Manual Pasta Maker is made with low-quality materials, it still serves its purpose as a murukku making machine.

Ensure you rinse it thoroughly before using it because there are tiny bits of metal from the machining process, so they won’t end up in your food

The Dianoo Manual Pasta Maker is made from quality stainless steel that makes it durable. It is very hygienic and convenient to make your favorite murukku treat.

It is available in 2 colors to suit your preference. It allows you to make professional looking murukku within minutes. Simply insert your dough inside the shaft and turn the ergonomic handle.

Not only will you get the best looking murukku but you are also assured of uniformity. The Dianoo Manual Pasta Maker has an easy to fill barrel that saves time and effort.

You will like its easy cleaning, sturdy construction, and easy installation. This unit can be washed safely in a dishwasher or by hand.

This unit is a hand-operated murukku maker that is designed specially to maximize its barrel capacity. Its large capacity makes it a great murukku making machine for the family. It is designed with suction cups mounting technology and it has 4 suctions cups underneath it.

This makes it powerful enough to establish a firm mounting on your countertop. The self-rotating tray ensures it is rotating at the right speed to produce consistent output. The disc locking method ensures the disc is held in the right place to produce the intended consistency and output.

The machine has a tray locking feature that ensures the effective placing and removal of the tray. This makes it perfect and easier to operate. The compact design of this machine makes it easy to store. The components come apart easily making it easy to clean. The only drawback with this unit is its expensive price tag.

The iTrends Stainless Steel Cookie/Murukku Maker is a gun-styled unit that features an easy press trigger. This quality murukku maker is made from food grade stainless steel. It features a clear cylinder for quick and easy viewing of your remaining volumes. It comes with 15 different shapes that allow you to create a wide variety of murukku dough shapes. This unit will help you create consistent murukku dough every time. It is easy to disassemble for easy loading and cleaning. The iTrends Stainless Steel Cookie/Murukku Maker has a comfortable design as its non-slip lever is comfortable and kid-friendly. This makes it great for repetitive use as it won’t strain your hand through dozens of murukku.

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