Steaks are probably the most controversial food out there. That is because there are different ways to eat them because people have different preferences. You can eat them rare, medium rare, well done, etc. But people might judge you for how you eat steaks. They may think that eating well done steaks is like eating a leather boot but others will just love it. Others may think that eating a medium rare steak is delicious but there are people who say it is not cooked enough.

I personally believe that you should just enjoy your steaks in whatever way you want. There is no wrong way to eat a steak because they are delicious regardless of how you cook them. The main problem is that you might not have the right tools to cook a good steak. Which is why I will be recommending to you some of the best hot stones that you can find on Amazon right now! They will help you create that perfect steak in a short amount of time.

How to make steaks

Making steaks requires pretty much the same step. You just need something like a pan or stone to place the steak and something like a spatula to flip the steaks. I also like tongs in order to make the steak more delicious. You do this by getting rid of the fat that is on your steak. They make the whole thing unappetizing to eat but that is solved by melting the fat with the tongs.

What you want to do is hold the steak in a way where the fat is on the pan or stove surface. You can easily melt down the fat which will make the steak more appetizing to eat. Then add some butter, rosemary, and garlic for flavoring. The juices will be infused into the steak which will make each bite mouthwatering. Finally don’t cut it too quickly because if you do, then the juices will all come out and you no longer have a juicy steak. 

But there are other ways to cook a steak like sous vide. It makes the steak brown but it isn’t fully cooked, then you finish it with an oven. But most people typically find this step harder due to the skill required or due to a lack of equipment. So I highly recommend going with the first cooking method because it is typically easier and more accessible for most people. 


Making steaks can be quite tough for people who are unfamiliar or are beginner cooks. That is because it can be hard to tell if your food is a perfect medium rare or a perfect well done steak. The only way to do that is if you have the experience or if you cut the meat open during the cooking process to check. This becomes a problem because you don’t want to do that since you want to keep the juices in. But without the experience then you can end up with a lot of burnt steaks which can be discouraging. So what you want is a cooking thermometer. It will help you find out if your steak is cooked right or not!

What I love about this grill is that you can make a huge dinner for your family and friends. There is enough room to cook several amazing steaks and to cook up some vegetables. This is because this product comes with a huge 100% food grade basalt steak stone, stainless steel tray, and a bamboo serving platter.

The steak stone is what allows you to cook huge amounts of food, but the stainless steel tray and bamboo serving platter is what encourages you to do such a thing. That is because you have a place to put all of that food, you wouldn’t really want to cook all of that without a place to put it on. 

The only main problem is that you might have a hard time taking out the stone because it is really hot to touch. This can be easily overcome but if you don’t want to bother doing that, then place it on a grill large enough to hold a stone that measures 12 ¼” x 7 ½”. You can then grill your meat from there without having to touch the hot stone. Finally I love that it is very easy to clean which can be quite invaluable. Cooking steaks can be messy depending on how you cook it. Thus you can save on time which is valuable to people who don’t have a lot of time.

You might think that hot stones are only cooked for steaks, vegetables, or fries. But hot stones can do so much more with different foods. This hot stone works well with all types of fish as well. You can make some juicy salmon, tuna, or even swordfish! These two factors make me believe that it is best used by people who like to travel like hiking. It is really small which makes packing easy. Furthermore you can use this to cook up whatever fish you catch on your hike. However you need to make sure that you have temperatures at around 550 - 660 degrees fahrenheit / 280 - 350 degrees celsius. Temperatures lower than this won’t allow you to have a stone hot enough to cook the perfect steak!

The stone can also be used as a plate, so you don’t have to worry about transferring your hot dinner onto another plate. But if you want to then you have a bamboo board and a stainless steel under plate to use. Also you would also need to package an oven, grill, or oven with you but that should be easy enough. That is because any grill, oven, or even a hob will work with this hot stone. This is because the stone is great at managing heat. You just need something to make the stone hot for cooking! You will absolutely fall in love with this product like I did.

Very unusual for most people at first glance because you wouldn’t think that a pizza stone will be great at cooking steaks. But you would be wrong because this pizza stone is perfect for steaks. It also helps with cooking steaks faster because it heats up faster than a regular steel pizza stone. I also love that it is extremely durable as well since it has a better thermal shock resistance. Cooking stones can be dropped pretty easily which can lead to destruction. This will then lead to more money used which isn’t a good thing. 

The size is also perfect since it measures at a 15” round bread stone thickness ⅗”(15mm). This transforms the baking stone into an all-purpose baking machinet. The only downside to this cooking stone is that you might have a hard time washing this. That is because it is highly recommended that you don’t use soap or detergent to clean this stone. If you do, then the food will be greatly affected because the stone can absorb the soap and detergent. So your best bet is just washing it which can be hard to get rid of the tougher stains. But I assure you that you will find this product to be satisfactory.

Sometimes simple is best and that screams true for this particular product. This is just a simple stone slab but the catch is that it also has natural seasoning on the stone. This means that your steaks will be flavored with the pink himalayan salt in this stone. I just love that because it can be hard for some cooks to season their steaks correctly. The salt in this stone will ensure that you will be able to get perfectly seasoned steak without trying!

The stone slab also ensures that you will be able to use it with any type of heating equipment. You only need to worry about cleaning and the size of this product. The size is something that you can’t fix since it measures at 8” x 8” surface and 1.5” thick stone. This means that you can’t cook a lot of food on this stone. But luckily for you cleaning might just make up for this factor because all you need to do is scrape, rinse, and dab dry to clean the stone!

Sometimes you don’t really need to talk about the features to truly appreciate a product. All you need to do is talk about how a product is made. This stone was created by molding it through 400 tons of pressure and it has been heated 2100 degrees fahrenheit for hours. What does this tell us about the product? It tells us that this product is of extremely high quality which is what everyone wants. You don’t ever want to spend your hard earned money on a stone that has poor quality right?

But that is not the only thing great about this product. It can spread heat evenly which is useful for someone trying to cook a steak. That is because you don’t want a situation where your steaks become unevenly cooked. A part of the steak might be tough to chew and the other part of the steak might be too raw. Lastly if you somehow don’t like this product, then it will still be useful as a gift for someone that you care about who loves cooking!

Sometimes people are skeptical about a product because they may not be natural. So a product claiming that it is a volcano stone cooking might cause some pause. But fear not because this product is a 100% natural product from the volcanic region in Italy. This cooking stone is one of the highest rated thermal conductive stones as well. Which means that it can absorb heat easily from almost anything like grills or ovens. 

I also love that this product provides a unique type of protection that other stones don't have. It protects your food from dry hot air and carbonization. What this means is that you don’t have to worry about your meats burning too easily. Also you don’t have to worry about your meats cooking longer than you need them to because of the hot air. The main purpose of this stone is to help you create perfect steaks safely and it succeeds with its goal!

Honestly cooking steaks on a cooking stone can be problematic for some people. For the most part it can be used on any type of oven or grill but this can be a problem for some people. For example you may think your electric grill will work and it will. But it doesn’t generate enough heat for you to like it. So you might have to spend more money on another type of grill because you want to heat up the stone faster. Well this product resolves that issue by providing you with a grill.

The grill that comes with this product will be the best one to heat up the stone fast and efficiently. It also doesn’t have any side gaps, so you don’t have to worry about any life form getting into your grill. This means that you can keep your food sanitary! However It may prove problematic to maintain this product because there may be fear of the grill rusting. Which would be a problem because you wouldn’t want that to affect the quality of your food but you don’t have to worry about it. This is because it has a powder coated aluminum which prevents this product from rusting. You will get perfectly cooked food for years to come!


This cooking stone is actually special in the sense that it is able to do the same thing as the other stones and much more. It is able to absorb the juices of the meats that you cook on this stone. What makes this great is that it gives the stone some internal flavoring. This allows you to flavor the vegetables that you cook to compliment the meats that you make. It allows you to experience a whole new world of flavors. It is literal music in your mouth!

But that doesn’t end there, you can make other things like bread, scones, and biscuits because of its size (15 x 12inch). You can literally make cooking a family activity. Making steaks might not seem like an appealing activity to your children but making cookies can! It also encourages them to make their own food which is invaluable when they hit college. Making your own food in college will save you a lot of money and you need that saved money to pay for your schooling!

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