Best Chinese Rice Brands

Have you ever had fried rice before? It is a tasty dish and a perfect dish to try out if you are a beginner. But that brings up a new question, what would be the best rice to use for fried rice? This is an important question to ask because the rice is the main ingredient in the dish, so the quality of the rice will affect the taste of your fried rice. Luckily for you, I did the research and I am recommending to you 8 of the best Chinese rice brands on Amazon right now.

I am recommending rice from China because fried rice came from China. So rice from China should be able to help you produce some of the best fried rice that you ever tasted. But this won’t be the only criteria I have for my list. There might be a rice brand on my list that doesn’t make fried rice but it is included because I still think it is a good item. Furthermore, I will also be looking at quality, taste, and volume to determine what the best Chinese rice are. I hope you spend the time reading my article because you will definitely be an expert when you are done reading!

Best 8 Chinese Rice Brand

The first rice brand on my list and you might already be wondering “huh”? I wouldn’t blame you because it is unusual but it definitely counts. This is still rice but the only difference is that it is a liquid form of rice. So the only difference is the texture! This rice still does the main things that you want from rice. It is both filling and it is great as a complement for your main dish. All you would have to do is dip the main dish in the liquid rice and enjoy!

Additional features would be that it is easy to digest and a good meal replacement. This might not seem like a big deal but it is definitely important. It helps people who have a tight budget for whatever possible reason. It is also great for people who have very little time because you can just make this quickly and it will fill you up. This rice cereal will definitely be better than whatever fast food you go to or whatever you find in the vending machine. So to summarize, this is a solid product to have because of its flexible uses.

Here is a little history for people who are interested in this rice product. This black rice was called the forbidden rice. It was called this because it was kept for the Chinese emperors only. This is because they believe that the black rice is really good for your health. So this rice was to help maintain the health of the emperor and no one else. Luckily for you, that is no longer the case and you can try this delicious rice.

The rice also has a natural flavoring compared to regular white rice. White rice can be bland if cooked by itself but this rice is supposed to have a rich, nutty, and sweet flavor. Furthermore they are perfect for a wide variety of chinese dishes like fried rice. But if you don’t like fried rice or any other chinese dishes, then you can try to make others. They can be used for Korean, Japanese, and Thailand dishes. An example of a dish you can make would be sticky mango rice. The additional dishes that you can make will help reassure you that this will be a good purchase.

Now when you see this rice on amazon, you might have a lot of questions. This is understandable because there isn’t really much said about this product. But actually, there is a lot that you can find out from the name. We know that this rice came from wuchang and this tells us that this rice is similar to Japonica rice. This tells us that the rice from Wuchang is one of the two main types of rice in Asia.

From this we know that it means that this rice is highly consumed in China. This means that the rice has been used a lot in some of the more common Chinese rice dishes. I love this detail because this means that the fried rice that you make from this rice will be wonderful. This rice can also be used as an emergency food provision if you don’t like fried rice. You are getting 4.4 LB of this product, so you’re getting a lot for your money!

Another black rice product that is not that different from the other black rice on my list. There is only one notable difference and that is this product was produced from Barry farm. Other than this difference, this product has the same health benefits and the same taste as the other rice product on my list. So to not waste your time, I will be talking about the history of the producer. This will be important because where a product comes from plays a role in purchases.

So Barry farm has a long history of producing food. They were first founded in 1994 ( and continued to work from there. They spent a long time practicing with no chemicals and they managed to create a “farm that is beautiful & healthy”( This is an important detail to me because it tells me that they have a lot of expertise in producing their products. This is reassuring because I definitely don’t want to buy rice from farmers who don’t know what they are doing!

One of the biggest problems that people have with rice is maintaining it. One of the biggest problems that people have is pests. Luckily for you, this product helps you deal with that problem. All you have to do is put some pepper or garlic in the rice to keep the pest away. Furthermore, this helps elevate the flavor of the rice when you are cooking with it. Why make some bland rice when you can make some delicious garlic rice for your dinner?

The rice grains themselves are also of extremely high quality as well. You are going to get some beautiful rice that is both delicate and smooth. So this rice gets both the texture and taste down just right. This beautiful combination will lead to one of the most amazing fried rice you will ever taste. The only downside is that you won’t be getting a lot of this rice but that is okay in my opinion. The quality of the rice is so great, that quantity concerns can be disregarded!

I can only recommend this rice product for enthusiast or experienced chefs in Chinese cuisine. This is because all you are getting here is raw ingredients. So you have to know how to work with the products in order to make things work. An inexperienced chef on the other hand will just make everything go wrong. However not all is lost because I did say that I would recommend this product for enthusiasts. 

Practice is the reason as to why I think this product will be worth it for enthusiasts. You are getting so much raw ingredients that practice should be the first words that come to your mind. If you manage to get everything down, then you will be able to make some amazing home cooked meals or side dishes that are nutritious. You will also get a large amount of chinese black rice that will be able to make some of the most amazing sweet or savory dishes!

Another beautiful great rice product that will get the job done. The main appeal of this rice is that it is an all purpose type of rice. This means that you will be able to make whatever type of rice that you would ever want. It also absorbs flavor better, so you can have some fun with your rice experience. I don’t have a recommendation for what you should use because just about any normal seasoning will do the work just fine. This rice product is also healthier than normal white rice but not as healthy as brown rice.

I think this is an important detail to point out because not everyone loves brown rice. So this will be a good alternative for a healthier living if you don’t like brown rice. Additional features would be that this is the #1 extra fancy calrose rice, kosher certified, and great for sushi. So if you are ever tired of fried rice or don’t like my sticky mango rice recommendation, then you can make some wonderful sushi. It is really hard to be upset with sushi!

The main purpose of this rice product is your health. This red yeast rice is great at lowering the bad cholesterol levels in your body. For people who are uninformed, there are good and bad cholesterol. The good cholesterol is the one that you want to keep inside of your body. So this is great for people who struggle with their cholesterol level intake. Furthermore this is good for people who are incapable of choosing what rice they want to eat.

This is because this rice is made with indica, japonica, and glutinous rice. You are getting the flavors and textures from all three! Now if cooked properly, you will get some great crisp rice that also has a light taste. The only downside is that the cooking process is very strict. You have to soak the rice, steam, cool, dry, and follow 10 other steps. This means that you should be an experienced chef or someone with a lot of time. If you aren’t good at the steps, then you can produce something that is inedible. The last negative thing is that you can’t really do a lot with this product because it is best for porridge. This is fine because the taste of this porridge will be heavenly!

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