1. Raspberry Lemon Pound Cake

Fresh raspberries and a lemon glaze brighten up this simple loaf.

2. Malted Coconut Cake

There's no better way to welcome spring.

3. Spring Daisy Lemon Layer Cake

Stun your Easter crowd with this cake that's packed with fresh lemon flavor.

4. Bursting-with-Berries Lemon Curd Cake

Behold the fruitiest-ever Bundt, with two cups of berries baked in and sprinkled on top of tangy lemon curd whipped cream.

5. Bunny Butt Cake

Turn basic cake mix into a table-ready bunny thanks to buttercream frosting, pink icing, and a cotton candy tail.

6. Carrot Bunny Cake

This adorable apricot and toasted pecan cake will hop from plate to mouth.

7. Vanilla Blossom Cake

Take inspiration from your garden by making this flower-covered layed cake.

8. Triple Citrus Bundt

Brighten up a typical bundt with zesty orange and lime.

9. Flourless Fudge Cake

Just because you polished off an entire basket full of chocolate doesn't mean you can't have more. This time, it's gluten-free.

10. Froot Loops Cake

Since this bundt cake is topped with a Froot Loops streusel, you can eat it for breakfast ... right? Right.

11. Rhubarb and Almond Upside-Down Cake

This easy rhubarb and almond cake is the ultimate dessert for spring and summer.

12. Orange-Chamomile Cake

Dress this citrus layer cake with bunny sugar cookies and fresh daisies.

13. Daffodil Cake

With notes of citrus and vanilla, this sweet springtime cake is the perfect choice for Easter.

14. Outlaw Carrot Cake

The secret to this incredibly delicious creation is the brown sugar in both the cake and the buttercream frosting.

15. Lemon Drop Sheet Cake

With the perfect combination of sweet and tart notes, this cake is sure to be a hit come Easter Sunday (and all summer long).

16. Strawberry Speckled Easter Egg Cake

Word to the wise: Cover all nearby surfaces before "painting" this cake... unless you want a pink kitchen.

17. Rhubarb And Marzipan Upside Down Cake

To all you frosting-haters out there, this one's for you.

18. Easter Oreo Dirt Cake

For an instant dessert, simply spread the ingredients in a baking dish and top with candy.

19. Mini Hummingbird Cakes With Grapefruit Cream Cheese Frosting

If you're not expecting a big Easter turnout, consider making a miniature cake. Though small in size, this one packs a serious punch with natural pineapple and banana flavors.

20. Candy Easter Bunny Cake

This simple, cut-out cake is a candy lover's dream! To decorate, just grab some frosting and colorful M&M’s, then let your imagination run wild.


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