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I am a food lover. I don’t think I have to explain any more for people to relate to those words on a spiritual level. So I hope you can trust me when I say that you’ll want to buy a fiji cookbook to try out. These cookbooks have some amazing recipes that will bring a smile to your families face. However it can be challenging to choose the best cookbook for you to try out at your home.

That is where I and my top 10 cooking book list come in! I’ll give you an in depth explanation as to why they belong on my list and why they are ranked the way they are. What I will tell you right now is that the most important thing I will consider is the author experience. You obviously wouldn’t want someone who has no experience with cooking good food do you? Hopefully my list will help and if not, I hope you still enjoyed reading this list.

10 Best Fiji Cookbooks

Here is my best cookbook in my entire list. One of the main reasons for that is that it is a combination of indian and fiji cuisine. That is more unique than just fiji or indian cuisine. Also what is known about the author just adds to the cookbook credibility. The reason for that is because all of the recipes in this book are family favorite. This means that the author does have experience with fiji cooking!

These recipes are also easy to be reproduced because they came from the kitchen of a normal household. You wouldn’t want a recipe that requires some sort of fancy cooking tool that you don’t have! That would only just add to your expenses. The last great thing about this book is that it won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award in 2019. This assures the tastiness of all the dishes in this book!

A solid book for beginners, intermediate, and advanced chefs. There isn’t anything to dislike about this book which just adds more points to an already high mark in my book. I am sure you’ll be extremely satisfied with the purchase.

Here is a unique cookbook for the advanced chefs out there. You’ll learn how to cook with an underground earth-oven. Don’t worry about not knowing how to create a lovo for the recipes. This book will help teach you how to make a lovo from scratch. The only problem I have with this is that it can be too hard for beginner chefs. But if you can learn how to do it, you’ll be able to taste some true fiji flavors.

I can make that claim because the lovo has played a key part in fiji culture for centuries. You won’t get the same flavors from using a regular oven. I’m pointing this out because this is an important point for anyone who buys a cookbook. You wouldn’t want to taste food that isn’t in their best condition would you?  Overall a great book to buy but it is ranked lower than my number 1 cookbook because of possible difficulties for beginners.


This cookbook is at its most useful when you at fiji yourself. The reason for that is it includes a section for ways to use local produce, tourism maps, and produce maps. You’ll be able to find and pick out the best produce for your fiji cuisine. Also if you wanted to enjoy the other things in fiji, then you can do that as well with this cookbook. 

The next big question to answer is whether or not the author has experience with fiji cuisine. I am glad to say that they have 40 years of experience developing a more contemporary style of cuisine using local produce. Granted it might mean that the best flavors can only be brought out with the produce at fiji, butI’m sure it will still taste great with what you can get in America. Also going to fiji yourself for the produce isn’t a big negative as well because you can think of it as an awesome vacation!

Here is a cookbook that solely focuses on one thing and that is to help improve your health. This is an extremely important feature for any cookbook because you can enjoy a nice, tasty lunch or dinner while knowing it is still healthy. This cookbook consists of pegan meals which are a combination of the best meats and vegetables for a healthy diet. It will help you lose weight, lower cholesterol and improve your heart!

The last thing I like about this cookbook is that it helps you save money on produce as well. The reason for that is the recipe book includes food with healthy fats. The healthy fats help you feel more full after a meal which means you don’t need to eat as much. If you don’t need to eat as much then you would obviously save money! A solid book for those who want to save money and lose weight!

The budget friendly meals that can be produced thanks to these cookbooks are a tasty treat for your entire family. It includes more than 150 dishes for appetizers, soups, salads, main courses, side dishes, beverages, and desserts! This is great because you won’t get tired of the food you make for a long time. If you do get tired of a recipe then just move on. You’ll eventually redevelop a taste again for that recipe with time.

The next best thing about this cookbook is that it is great for even beginners. The ingredients that the recipes use are basic and that means beginners will already have some familiarity with the produce. Cookbooks that are easy to replicate will always earn high marks in my book. Just make sure your family comes to the dinner table hungry, they will have a lot of amazing foods to eat!

The food here comes from an author with a unique background. She didn’t have a lot of money when she was young so they had to make do with what they could buy. This means that the recipes you’ll see in this book are all affordable as well. It also means that people with little experience in the kitchen can succeed in replicating the material as well.

That also doesn’t mean that the recipes won’t be delicious as well. She had a career in the hospitality industry which she retired from. But this means that she has experience with food that people would like. The recipes in this book are definitely delicious and you should find the time to include this book in your household.

This is a fantastic recipe book for more experienced chefs only. That’s because this book requires a chef that is willing to experiment too for the full value of this book to be utilized. This book has 50 lined pages for you to write down recipes that you liked the best. You can also come up with fiji cuisine yourself and write down what you like the best. There would be no point recording the fiji recipes that are already in this book and that’s the main reason why this book is best for an experienced chef.

It comes with a whole list of different types of dishes from fiji. One of the dishes are called a lovo which you might recognize.  This means that you are given access to a wide variety of cooking that stay true to fiji cooking. This is a great book but I dislike that it is best used by experienced chefs only.

Another cookbook by the same author of another cookbook on the list! This cookbook focuses on meat, vegetable, and fruit but no grain. This might only be three different types of food but I guarantee that it is all delicious. You get dishes like duck curry, butter chicken, lobster curry, etc. You might be noticing a pattern here and that is the dishes mainly focuses on curry.

This might be a problem for a large amount of people however. The reason for that is there is no variety. This means that people might get bored of the curry over time. This is why this cookbook ranks so low on my list. A cookbook will not get a lot of points in my book if it only has one type of dish. That said, if you can overlook this point then I assure you that you’ll love this purchase.

Here is another book that has the same problem with the cookbook ranked above it. You’ll have more variety in the dishes that you can make but it is only made from vegetables. This is limiting because you won’t be able to use the other wonderful produce like meats. Of course this might not be a negative because there are people who won’t eat meats just based on principle. That is why this book and the book ranked above it can be changed based on your preference.

I just want to point out one last thing about this book and that is you’ll be getting genuine fiji food. That is because the author has documented the food recipes from her ancestor and her current family members. This is extremely valuable for vegetarians who want really good vegetarian food. I place high marks on food with this much value and I am sure you will too!

This book isn’t that special compared to the other cookbook on my list. However, what it does do, it does really well. This book's main purpose is that you can make good fiji food without stepping foot on fiji. This is great because it could become too pricey to just go to fiji for food. It also means that you should be able to replicate the food easily if the produce required can be obtained in America. 

The food should also be tasty as well because this cookbook has been ranked pretty well. It has been ranked in the top 100’s of Amazon’s cooking seafood, 15-min cookbook, Food & Wine Short Reads, and Pacific Rim Cooking. The last thing to point out is that the food will be quick to make as well which can be valuable. Sometimes you don’t have time to make a healthy meal and this cookbook will help with that.

Final Thoughts

Fiji cuisine can be amazing food when you prepare it properly. I hope my list will help improve  your dining experience. I made sure to include cookbooks with reputable authors and it is easy to reproduce. If you don’t like my list that is okay too but at the very least I hope you enjoyed your time reading my article. But I also would like to give you some final tips in your search for the right cookbook.

You obviously would want to look for a cookbook with a reputable author. But that doesn’t mean you need someone who is a five star chef. A person who spent a lot of time with their family cooking fiji food in the kitchen is also reputable. Also make sure to look for books with recipes that you think you can reproduce. Try your hardest to figure things out and don’t give up too quickly while cooking.If you do so, I can guarantee that you will be rewarded for your efforts!


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