Best Empanada Makers

10 Best Empanada Makers

I remember the first day I had an empanada. I was walking through the streets and I noticed a store selling something that looked like a calzone. I bought one and bit into it thinking it was a calzone and to my surprise it wasn’t. It was still an amazing empanada and it sparked a new sweet tooth craving. I like to believe that I became an expert and that is where this list comes into play!

I will go over what you want to look for in an empanada maker. Ideally you would want an empanada maker that is easy to use. Also you would want a maker that is easy to clean. This may seem obvious but it is important to emphasize. You might end up buying an empanada maker that isn’t durable and doesn’t function well if you’re not careful.

Then I will go over the empanada makers and why they made my list. I guarantee that a lot of research has been done in the creation of this list. Due to the research, it’s possible that one product may barely edge out the others and that is okay! With that said I hope you enjoy yourself reading my list. 

About Empanadas

There are a wide variety of makers that you can find on amazon right now. Some look more fancy than the others. But ideally you would want one that is flexible in it’s uses. For example you would want an empanada maker that can also make dumplings. This is great because if you ever get tired of eating an Empanada then you would be able to make the switch. You would be able to get a lot of bang for your buck with an Empanada maker like that. 

There is no shame in buying an empanada maker to make your cooking experience an easier time. I know that there are people who will say that you should be able to make an empanada with just your hands. But there shouldn’t be any difference between an empanada hand craft and one with help.

My Best Empanada makers

This amazing set ranks #1 on my list because of everything it provides. It comes with two molds that have a very nice design that helps with making empanada. It also covers the other dumplings as well which is a nice thing. One of the biggest details of this product is that it is very easy to use as well. This is extremely important because you wouldn’t want a product that was difficult to use. 

You also don’t have to worry about making a mess with this set. The reason for that is because it provides you with all the tools you need to make a good empanada. It’s also safe to use which is definitely what you want as well. Taking all of this into consideration and you can see why it’s number 1 on my list. This is a quality product that was made with a lot of care.

This is an excellent product but at first glance it is easy to tell why it ranks lower. The most obvious reason is that it doesn’t give you much compared to the #1 set. It also doesn’t have much that is different from the #1 set. It’s safe which is a good thing whenever you are looking for a tool to help you cook. You obviously wouldn’t want any form of food poisoning! You don’t have to worry about this empanada maker being ruined. It’s stainless steel won’t “rust, bend, or break”.

It’s also easy to use for making a wide variety of dumplings. That may make you wonder about how hard it is to clean this product but it’s not that hard. You would only need to clean with soap and water which makes it an easy clean. This means that your pursuit of a quality empanada will be mess free!

This set comes with a lot of different tools to help you make an empanada. None of the tools that come with this set is pointless. All of them contribute to the steps needed to make an empanada. This means you shouldn’t have a hassle in the cooking process. It’s safe to use so this means that it can be in contact with foods. 

It’s also easy to clean as well with just soap and water. This product is dishwater safe so cleaning definitely shouldn’t be a problem. You definitely won’t have to worry about replacing this product with another one. The reason for this is because it won’t rust, or bend easily. You would definitely find quality value with this one. 

What makes this product very valuable in my opinion is that it comes with a warranty. This is probably the most unique warranty I have ever seen in my life. They offer a lifetime warranty which means exactly what it suggests. They are extremely confident in their product which gives it high marks in my evaluation. It also comes with empanada makers of different sizes which are useful.

The reason for this is because the empanada maker can be used to make empanada of different sizes. You would be given the convenience to make a small one to eat if you just have a small craving. The convenience and the lifetime warranty makes this an excellent buy in my opinion.

This is arguably the best value buy on my list. You get so much in this set at such an affordable price. Each of these items are also durable and there are a lot of them which means that they last even longer than usual. It’s also very easy to use which means that anyone can use it. You can use one of your three dumpling skin cutters to cut out the right amount of dough. Then you can place it on the empanada maker and the rest is simple. 

The most important thing about this set is that it helps save time. You have enough of the empanada maker to have your family come and help you with it. This means that the food will come out faster for the family to enjoy. This is why I highly recommend this product to anyone with a family to make use of its vast quantity.

This set is on my number 6 because of all it provides. It gives you the most tools to work with to make empanada or anything else. You can expect this product to last a long time and with everything it provides, you can expect it to last really long. It’s easy enough to use so that your family can come and help you with making the empanada. Thus it is very efficient in saving you time!

Finally I give it high marks because it guarantees satisfactory results. This might not mean much but in this case it does. The reason for this is because the company encourages you to contact them if you find anything wrong with the product. This indicates confidence in their products because they are willing to talk to all types of customers. This is significant because there are customers who can give people a hard time but they are still willing to talk to them!

I like this set because the number of options that you can buy is wide. You could buy a 2 piece mold and 3 piece cutters or a 3.75 inch mold and 3 piece cutters. Regardless of what you buy the product promises to not rust, bend, or weaken. You will get a lot of value with this product due to this. 

It also offers increased convenience with it’s long handles. That makes it easier for you to form the empanada. It seems minor but the convenience no matter how small gives it points in my book. Finally it is also easy to clean as well. Regardless of the simplicity, it is a good buy for any household. 

This set on amazon is rather unique. It doesn’t come with other tools to help you make the empanada. But the great thing about this set is that it comes with empanada makers of different sizes. This is great because it offers flexibility for making food. You can make empanada of differing sizes depending on what you are craving. This might not seem like a big deal but its useful because of the convenience.

With all that said, there’s not that much of a difference between this product and the others. But there may be some concerns when you look at the number of reviews. There isn’t a lot but what reviews it does has our all really good. So I consider this to be an underrated product that will still get the job done!

This product is rather simple in what it can do but it’s still good. The reason why this edges out the number 10 product is because it is stainless steel. This means that the durability of this product is greater. Also there is a lot of flexibility in what you can buy. It comes with five different options to purchase this product right now on amazon which is always a plus. 

Finally it's simple to use. The only thing you would need to do is have your dough ready. Then you just need to place the product on the dough to get the perfect shape. Next you would fill it with filling, press down and that’s it! I give it points for its simplicity and that’s why it ranks number 9 on my list!

Now I know what you might be thinking when you first glance at this product. It doesn’t seem like a good product because of its looks. But I included this on my list for a reason. I really want to emphasize that when it comes to empanada makers, there are lots of goods one. This is probably the simplest product on my list. All you would have to do with this one is just place the dough on the tool. Then you would place the fillings and press down. That’s it! 

It is easy to clean so you shouldn’t have much of a problem in the kitchen. That’s where my praise of this product ends. The most important thing when it comes to the empanada maker is probably the durability. That said, there is no guarantee that this product will be worn down as time goes on. If you’re tight on money then it might be wise to buy the other products on my list for the long run. Regardless of the negatives, this is still an excellent empanada maker.


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