What is a Mexican Bunuelo

Have you ever tasted a delicious Mexican Bunuelo? The word is pronounced “bun-way-lo” and is probably one of the tastiest Mexican treats you will ever have.  These are flat, slightly sweet cakes made with eggs, flour and milk, fried, and then sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. They may be served with cane syrup also.

You will often find them in a Mexican household during holidays and Christmas, and rightfully so-there are fun bunuelo molds that correspond to these special times of the year.

All you need are flour, baking powder, salt, warm water, frying oil, and some sugar and cinnamon. You can check out the great blog Isabel Cooks for a fun Bunuelos recipe that’s easy and fun for any time of year. Do it after your family eats a traditional Mexican meal for a finish that will be authentic and fun.

History of Mexican Bunuelos

The history of bunuelos is a rich one. According to What’s Cooking America,  it is a Hispanic belief that eating these during the holiday season brings good luck. They are eaten during baptisms, Thanksgiving and birthdays-not just Christmas!

It is stated that Bunuelos come from Spain. While the Spanish were settling in the Americas, the tradition of the Bunuelo came with them. These are not only popular in Mexican families living in USA; they are popular everywhere in Latin America, even in places like Cuba, Nicaragua and Colombia.

Different regions put their own spin on this classic. Some bunuelos you will find during your travels feature anise seeds, honey, jam, cream, or whatever the locals enjoy.

All bunuelos feature a wheat-based dough. They may be sweet or savory. In Mexico, a stiffer dough is used, and rolled out thinly to about 12 inches in diameter. THey are fried up and stacked, ready to be used.

In Urapan, you will find that they are broken into small pieces, before heated in a piloncillo syrup. Meanwhile in Veracruz, they resemble Spanish churros, but feature anise seeds and syrup served on the side.

Indeed, the bunuelo delights those young and old during special moments of life. Make this part of your family’s traditional holiday desserts by getting one of these great molds into your kitchen.

10 Best Bunuelo Makers (Molds)

This is a simple and handy tool that you can use to beautifully make bunuelos that will delight and amaze even if your guests have had them before. It is made in Mexico, so you know it is the real deal! The aluminum is good and strong, featuring hand-cast construction.

The handle is good and long at 12”, so you will not strain your back or hands making the bunuelos. And because your family will no doubt eat many because they taste so good, this is easy to use so you can make a hundred if need be and not get tired!

They make bunuelos 4” in diameter, perfect for hands of all sizes to hold and enjoy.  We liked the beautiful rustic wooden handle at the end. It provided a nice, old-fashioned feel which is sometimes lost in our crazy world of technology.

This is the way to go and it is our top pick because of its ease of use, great look, and toughness in making our bunuelos.

If you would like your Bunuelos to look like a pretty daisy or flower, this is the way to go. This would be a pretty way to make bunuelos stand out for a bridal or baby shower, a little girl’s birthday or even a quinceanera!

This one is made in the USA of quality materials, and features hand-cast aluminum construction. One thing we did not care for was that the handle was sold separately. This is okay if you already have a handle but may be a pain in the neck for some buyers.

 However, the quality is great, and the design makes the most beautiful bunuelos we have ever seen.

If your goal is to make a plate of the most beautiful bunuelos that your family and friends have ever seen, this is the one to get! We love all the varying shapes that you get with this set.

There are flower shapes, heart shapes, stars and squares. Children especially will get a huge kick out of the fun shapes. The handle is included which is a huge plus. The molds make it very easy to add in veggies, meat, fruits, or whatever you want to create. Sweet and savory bunuelos will be a cinch for you.

These quality molds are made of aluminum, and the nice wood handle provides that look we love plus stays cool when things get hot.

Here is a beautiful flower design bunuelo mold that will have your guests oohing and aahing as they reach for “just one more!” This features a good 12-inch-long rod plus another nice wooden handle.

The mold is angled so that cooking is both safer and easier. Plus, if you are new, a recipe is included so you need not go around the Internet looking for the preferred recipe.

It’s best to get a recipe from Grandma or Mom, but this one will absolutely do in a pinch! This comes with a great 90-day money back guarantee, so in case you are not satisfied, you can get your money back easily.

Whoever eats the bunuelos you make with this mold will be asking you how you did it-that’s how good they look.

This great mold features a beautiful, tightly designed rosette pattern. It is made in Spain, adding to its authenticity. This makes adorable, smaller bunuelos measuring in at 3.5 inches wide.

The handle is a generous 12” length so hands and arms can comfortably make a huge batch with no worries about getting worn out. We also loved the metal handle on the end.

It looks beautiful, is very easy to hold onto, and looks lovely in our test kitchen. Bring all your friends and family good luck when you bring these to the family party, office or just at home for fun.

With its sturdy metal handle and larger size, this is a real winner.

This is a pretty 2 in 1 Spanish Rosette bunuelo mold that is hand-cast right here in the USA. The food safe aluminum will keep you and your loved ones safe as you make these beautiful treats, and the instructions are included so even if you forgot what Mom taught you can always reference them to make it easier.

These make some of the most beautiful rosettes we have ever seen, and best of all, hardly anything sticks to these. We really loved that these made larger bunuelos than we were used to seeing, perfect for the holidays when everybody is indulging!

One thing we would have changed is the fact that there is no handle included. For some this may be fine, but for us we would have preferred a handle.

The quality is great, and you would not be disappointed buying this.

“So cute and festive” was the first thing we said when we laid eyes on this beautiful snowflake mold. You can technically use this any time of the year, but we put it toward the bottom of the list because it seems to be best for Christmas and New Year’s applications.

It is like the other great products in that it features food-safe aluminum, which we all love, is made in USA, and features hand-cast construction.

We noted that no handle was included, but when you are buying this mold, chances are you have a standard rosette design and probably a handle already.

However, if you do not, please be sure you get yourself one. Given that this is a different mold, you may need a bit of practice, but you will have it in no time flat.

The quality, shape, and fun of this mold make it worth it-just be sure to get a handle first.

If you are looking to make fun bunuelos to delight young kids, this is the way to go! Fun butterfly shapes, plus “playing card” shapes are found in this great kit. There is a traditional flower shape to enjoy, and it comes with a nice wooden and metal handle to keep you safe while you fry these up.

One thing that we noticed was that we had to hand-wash these tools, which was slightly inconvenient but no big deal.

The hand-cast and durable aluminum will stand up to all the wear and tear you put on them. This makes a nice “starter kit” for people who have never made these before and would like a kit that has all you need to begin.

The bunuelos come out small but are still tasty and cute-it’s a good quality mold.

We will end on a positive “hidden gem” note. This is a nice, hand-cast rosette mold. It has only a few reviews, but more people need to know about this lovely tool.

It features food safe aluminum and comes with all the instructions you need to make perfect bunuelos. This is a medium rosette, so yours will not be too small or too big, for that matter. The rosettes you make will be about 3 inches in diameter.

Your guests will just love the classic design and you can’t go wrong starting your collection with this.

Happy Christmas everybody! That’s what you will be saying with delight when you come through the door holding a huge plate of these bunuelos. All the kids will come running to get their own cute little Christmas tree.

You can get these molds in the shapes of angels, snowflakes, or an Easter egg, too. The trees this thing makes are large and the mold is made in the USA.

The handle is sold separately, which is something of a pain point. However, the quality of this mold is definitely there and can hold up to all of your holiday baking fun.

 Be sure that you season this iron before you use it and follow all the instructions-and you too will have bunuelos that are the toast of your Christmas or holiday party.

Are you ready to impress and amaze your friends and family when you make the most beautiful bunuelos on the block? The way to get started is to pick out a favorite mold from our list. Then, the next step is to get the best recipe from your mom, grandma, auntie or whomever-or just find one online-and get crackin’!

You can also make Bunuelo balls if you get tired of using your molds. You mix up the ingredients as you would normally, and then form small balls using your hands. Heat up the frying oil to a temp of 300 degrees F, which is warm but not too hot.

Then carefully drop the balls into the frying oil and cover up the pot for about three to four minutes. Then, turn up the heat and set a time for 3 or 4 minutes.

Fry them until they are golden brown. Put them on a plate of paper towels to soak up the grease, sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar, and serve them to friends and family.

There are also bunuelo mixes you can buy online. Check on Amazon for some ready to go mixes or go to a Hispanic food market and ask the employees if they have any Bunuelo mix in stock. It’s a great way to go if you are pressed for time and do not know what to do for the perfect bunuelo.

No matter your heritage, get ready to branch out and try something new this holiday season!

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