Best Brushes for Porcelain Grills

The weather is beautiful. There is meat and fresh veggies sitting in the refrigerator just calling out to be eaten, but no one wants to clean the kitchen.  In a light bulb worthy moment, you get out the grill and lift the lid ready to start cooking and in that split second you remember. You did not clean the grill the last time you used it.  Now what? You have nothing with which to clean such a mess and cleaning the porcelain grate seems like such a daunting task. What if it becomes scratched? 

You had searched the internet a few times trying to find a good choice and even considered buying one of those sets that randomly hang alongside the summertime fun display in your local grocery store.  All the options seemed cheap or looked strangely complicated. All you wanted was a brush to clean the grill in less time than it took to cook the meal.

If trying to decide what type of grill brush to buy has always puzzled you, then here are a few of the choices that come to the top of the list when looking for the 10 Best Brushes for Porcelain Grill Grates.

The 10 Best Brushes for Porcelain Grill Grates

Backyard Dudes carries this simple but high quality grill brush. Designed for all types of grilles, both indoor and outdoor,  the 16” handle with its 7” brass bristle head is small enough for use by ladies and gents alike. The brass construction is soft on the enamel finish. Two levels of  bristles easily clean in between grille slats as well as the cooking surface.

This brush is a good all around choice for grill cleaning. It tends to have a slightly shorter handle which makes it easier to store in standard kitchen drawers and use by those of us who are height challenged. It is relatively flat which also makes it a better choice for use in a kitchen with those electric or stovetop grills. A couple of times with back and forth action and the job is done. The single row of bristles are a breeze to clean. The manufacturer reports it is top-shelf dishwasher safe, but high temperature settings could conceivably affect the longevity of the tool. Regardless, this Made in the USA brush can make cleaning that grill less of a chore. Who says grilling has to be a clean-up hassle?

Sometimes that grill needs a bit more effort than just a good brushing. If that is the case, then this set of two different 18” steel brushes is perfect for the job.  One brush has multiple coils that handle 360 degrees of cleaning ability. The other has a pad of coils and bristles and an angled handle to apply even pressure to the overall cooking surface. Just dip the brush in water and use on a hot grill for a good steam cleaning.

The obvious reason this choice made the list is that two is just better than one but there are other reasons as well.  First the stainless steel construction means it is less likely to rust or fall apart. The second is that you can tailor your approach to cleaning to suit the type of clean you need.  Two brushes are better than one.

The Grill & Chill  BBQ Cleaner Brush is more a grill scrubber pad than simple brush.  The stainless steel bristles are woven into a stainless steel wire frame creating a pad which covers more space than single brushes.  The heavy-duty handle keeps hands safely away from the flames and the special bend means it takes less effort to clean even the nastiest burnt-on mess.  This brush is safe for all types of grills and comes with a 100% satisfaction return policy.

The new design of this brush has added stability and has a longer handle that is large enough to hold with both hands.  The special bristled pad allows for 360 degree cleaning in one swipe. Its 18 inch length is long enough to keep you and your clothes away from the heat and grease.  Overall, a great choice for the hardcore griller who needs a clean up tool that is both strong and durable.

The HiGrills BBQ Cleaning brush is one tool with two purposes.  First, use the attached scraper to remove any burnt-on residue, then use the 3 rows of coiled metal bristles to finish the job.  Manufacturer recommends using the brush soaked in hot water to steam clean the grease and grime off the grate.

This product is new to the market but appears to be a winner in that it combines two effective tools into one.  The wide handle is there when you need to use both hands and a bit more muscle. The shape of the scraper looks like it would work well along the edges of the grill and be at an angle that could easily lift off any large particles.  The metal bristles are tightly coiled into the wire frame to keep them from breaking off and ending in food. Brush comes with a imprinted storage bag with the HiGrills logo.

Functioning like a brush and scraper in one, this utensil is constructed of three rows of helix coiled stainless steel.  Each coil is then attached to a coiled wire frame and connected to the heavy duty handle. The 100% bristle free construction is considered safe for all grill types and comes with a 100% refund or replacement policy.

Easy Function may have produced a grill brush that looks like a simple brush but its helix (single strand coiled metal) design separates it from other brushes.  Promoted as the “safest grill brush”, its bristle-free construction does offer the user confidence that broken bristles will not find their way into food. The three coil construction saves time and keeps the grill clean in between uses.  Its stainless steel material minimizes rust and is easily cleaned with hot soapy water. Easy and safe should be the name of this brush.

The GrillArt Grill Brush and Scraper brings together a uniquely shaped scraper and helix coils to create a patent pending design.  Stainless steel coils and galvanized metal frame reduce the chance of rust forming. The 18 inch tough plastic handle offers a good safe grip. Backed by a 100% refund or replacement policy, this brush is worth a second look.

One must say this is a creatively designed cleaning option.  The wide scraper has groves that can fit over individual slats.  The pad of helix (single wire) coils are safe for any type of grill.  The shape is wider than it is long for more coverage but it can fit into those small corners.  Its bristle free design ensures safe food for your enjoyment. The stainless steel and galvanized metal construction will tolerate a strong cleaning after the grill is finished.  With a satisfaction guarantee policy, there is no risk in trying a new patent pending designed grill brush.

The latest version of the GrillArt bristle grill brush has a customized scraper that fits and cleans the top and sides of nearly any grill grate.  Specially bonded stainless steel bristles result in fewer falling out during the cleaning process. A hard plastic hand insulates against heat distribution and the 18 inch length keeps you well away from the heat.  Guaranteed safe for any porcelain grill grate or your money back.

GrillArt seems to take the common brush and scraper concept and adapt it to be even more user friendly.  The customized scraper head has grooves that will fit your type of grill grate. One scrape and the top and sides of the slat are free of burnt-on residue.  Get what is left with the thicker and specially reinforced stainless steel bristles. Great for users who have more than one type of grill.

This dual head, bristle free grill brush by Sooreally uses a helix spring design to safely clean any grill.  The coils are made of stainless steel and the reinforced twisted wire frame attaches securely to the hard plastic handle.  Bristle free and suitable for use on any type of grill. Your purchase comes with a 10 year replacement warranty or 90 day money back warranty.

This grill cleaning tool has many features that others have on this list. Stainless steel  brush head and sturdy construction can be claimed by countless brands. However, this manufacturer sees the importance of regularly cleaning the brush as well as the grill and includes a cleaning fork along with the brush.  Pick out those nasty blobs of grease and charcoal that seem to be forever lodged in the cleaning surface. Food safety begins with clean utensils.

Grillaholics produces more types of grill brush and utensils than most companies.  This brush features tightly twisted brass bristles in heavy duty wire. The wooden handle is long enough to use two hands if the need arises and yet, the hundreds of soft brass bristles gently cleans any surface.  The manufacturer backs this product with a Lifetime Warranty.

This soft bristle brass and stainless steel grill brush may look a little old-school with its large wooden handle and basic brass bristles but sometimes the old is synonymous with quality.  The wooden handle will not melt or warp if it comes in close contact with the heat. Brass bristles last longer and are easier on porcelain grill grates than heavier steel versions. Brass is also less likely to rust or break off than other steel products.  The 5.5 inch brush head makes quick work of any mess and it can be manipulated to fit into any corner of the grill. This brush is for the serious griller.

Three rows of stainless steel spirals attached to a reinforced shaft and scraper blade make the Kiswin 3-in-1 Woven Wire Grill Brush and Scraper a unique design in this list.  Recommended for any type of grill, the bristle free scrubber has no sharp points. The 18 inch long length and extra large plastic handle fit a two-handed cleaning style if the grime gets too much for a simple swipe.  Manufacturer offers a 90-day money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty on product failure.

Safety is the focus with this bristle free coiled cleaning product. Strong enough to get between spaces in any grate, the bristle free cleaning head keeps fine metal bristles out of grilled food.  The mostly stainless steel construction means less likelihood of rust forming on the coils and the material is easy to clean before storing. The kit comes with a PVC protective cover and a cloth storage bag.  

Buying Guide Tips

Ease of Cleaning the Brush

Of course, the first goal of a grill brush is to clean the grill but what happens AFTER that job is done.  How do you clean the brush itself? Too often, a grill brush is rinsed under some hot water only to find out the next time you go to use it that the brush has rusted and the bristles are falling out.  Few companies publicize the need to completely clean the brush after every use. Look for brushes that are brass or stainless steel and handles that are suitable for top shelf dishwasher use.

Method of Use

Without being rude or questioning the talents of our readers, this is just a quick reminder that even the best grill brush on the market may fail if not used correctly.  Unlike an ordinary scrub brush, grill brushes are designed to go along the grill slates not across them. Your newly purchased brush will work infinitely better if you follow this one simple tip.  The technique also decreases greasy splatter when used to steam clean your hot grill. You can do this!


Because of their long length and sometimes 3-dimensional design, storing a grill brush presents a challenge.  Brushes for strictly outdoor grills can be left outdoors with the grill, but if you have an indoor or stovetop grill, you may need to consider where you are going to store your purchase before you buy.  Smaller handled versions can easily fit in a drawer or hang on a utensil rack but longer models may cause problems in a normal kitchen set up. Select a grill brush that not only fits the grill but storage options as well.

If trying to decide what type of grill brush to buy has always puzzled you, then here are a few of the choices that come to the top of the list when looking for the 10 Best Brushes for Porcelain Grill Grates. #porcelaingrill #grilling #grills #bbq #barbecue #porcelainbarbecue #allaboutBBQ #outdoorbbq #outdoorgrill #grillingrecipes
If trying to decide what type of grill brush to buy has always puzzled you, then here are a few of the choices that come to the top of the list when looking for the 10 Best Brushes for Porcelain Grill Grates. #porcelaingrill #grilling #grills #bbq #barbecue #porcelainbarbecue #allaboutBBQ #outdoorbbq #outdoorgrill #grillingrecipes is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED 'AS IS' AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. All prices on this site may change and those considered valid are displayed on


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