When Greek cuisine comes to mind, the beautiful marriage of aged cheese, pickled vegetables, fresh tomato and cucumber, and a glass of indulgent wine are just a few luxuries of this historical cuisine. For those of you who are planning your next dream vacation, you won't want to miss the top 5 cooking vacations in Greece. There, you will be able to experience the vibrant landscape while experiencing culinary ventures first hand. So, read on and see what cooking vacation will be your next in Greece.

1. Foraging in Crete

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Let's face it, some people can be a little more rough and tough than others. If you have Bear Grills and Gordon Ramsay on your list of super heroes, this is the trip for you. The act of foraging is searching, harvesting, and preparing your own food. In this culinary vacation, you will be able to scavenge the luscious ecosystem Crete has to offer and all it's fresh product.

On this trip, you will learn botany and ethnobotany. This includes identifying edible and non-edible plants as well as their purpose in nature and on your plate. On top of that, you will also discover some of the medicinal plants used for centuries by locals.

In the end, you will not regret this immaculate 4 day foraging trip. If you're planning on learning more about the Greek culture first hand, this is definitely the culinary experience for you.

2. Olive Picking in Greece

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One of the staples of Greek cuisine is their unmistakably fragrant and utterly delicious olive oil. Because of the nutrient-rich soil and temperate environment, olive farms flourish especially in Crete.

Since Crete is strategically located between mountainous ranges and thriving coastal lines, the cuisine here has been heavily influenced by surrounding cultures. Not only will you have the opportunity to explore these unforgettable sites, you will also experience the flavors influenced by centuries of historical impact.

On this 8 day culinary adventure, you will harvest your own olives, learn to make homemade olive oil, explore historical villages, and learn about Crete's vast ecosystem. This is at trip you certainly don't want to miss!

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3. Greek Gastronomy in Santorini

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If you've ever seen pictures of the Greek Islands, likely you've seen the unforgettable landscape of Santorini. Located next to an existing volcano, the soil is rich with nutrients that bear fresh vegetables and produce year round. Freshly grown fruits and vegetables like cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, fava beans, and white eggplants adorn the healthy cuisine on almost every plate.

In this cooking vacation, you get to explore the coastal lines of the Aegean Sea, taste handcrafted wines, attend top of the line cooking courses and learn historical Greek recipes. You can even take a boat ride out to neighboring islands.

This is the perfect culinary vacation to take if you're looking to discover Santorini and it's luscious cuisine. If you're looking for a more luxurious relaxing culinary escapade, this is the trip for you.

4. Culinary Vacation in Mykonos

One of the more popular Greek Islands to visit for those seeking adventure is Mykonos. Generally, many visit this beach island for it's perfect weather, clean beaches, rich culture, and mostly relaxation. However, with such ideal conditions bear some of the freshest product that culinary pros worldwide appreciate.

On this 8 day cooking vacation, you will discover how the locals spend their Greek orthodox Sundays. Also, you will learn from the locals how to prepare a full-course meal by the ocean. Local farms line the coast and provide tours for you to explore how food is harvested here.

In the end, this is a culinary tour you won't want to miss. If you are planning to take a trip out to Mykonos, make time for this tour. You won't regret it!

5. Culinary Adventure in Athens

If you can recollect your first European history class, you'll know the huge impact Athens had on the world. Ranking as one of the world's oldest civilizations, this city is full of culture and vibrant sites to see. Not only will you be kept busy with historical landmarks, you will also be excited about the flavors of Athens.

On this trip, you will spend 4 days exploring some of the labyrinth-like marketplaces. Also,  you will have many opportunities to work with some well known chefs in the area. Later, you can taste fresh seafood at beach side restaurants for a small entrance fee. If you enjoy drinking, you won't wan to miss some of the most delicious wine tastings offered on the tour.

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Best Cooking Vacations in Greece


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