People sometimes use the words vegetarian and vegan interchangeably as if they are the same thing – they are not! Both do not eat meat but beyond that there are some important differences. There are vegetarians who don’t eat land meats but will eat fish. Many vegetarians can even eat eggs and milk.

Vegans on the other hand eschew all animal and animal byproducts. The list of things that they can’t have is super long because it includes not just animal meat of any kind (including fish), but they don’t eat animal byproducts either. Ice cream is out – and butter, and cheese.

The reasons why people choose to live either a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle differ. Some do it for health reasons, believing that a plant-based diet is much better for humans. Some do it for religious or spiritual purposes and others do it simply because they consider animal slaughter cruel—you can’t get to the ribs without slaughtering a few pigs!

We can’t forget to mix in the latest crowd of vegetarians who are eliminating meat from their diets to help combat climate change too. Whatever the reason, finding a place to eat out can be damn near impossible for vegans and vegetarians. Granted you’ll find many more vegetarian options on menus than you used to but still not many.

From home, you can cook your own favorite vegetarian meals. You know what restaurants serve good vegetarian dishes. When you’re traveling or on vacation, it’s much harder to find places where you can eat like everybody else. That’s led to travel companies springing up that cater to the vegetarian lifestyle.

Thanks to companies like Veg Jaunts and Journeys and Humane Travel, you too can enjoy fine dining and top cuisine prepared by world class chefs while on vacation even if you are a vegetarian. Don’t know where to start? We’ll help you out! We found the best 7 vegetarian cooking vacations from around the world for the non-meat eaters out there.

7 Best Vegetarian Cooking Vacations


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