Ever tried to slice freshly cooked bread with a regular dinner knife or a fish filet knife? How’d that go for you? Crumby? Were there misshapen, tattered chunks of bread that made people laugh at you? You can’t serve something like that for Thanksgiving dinner or at a dinner party. You know, presentation is very important. Clearly, you need the Ultimate Guide to the Best Bread Knife in your life.

That’s why some people choose to buy a knife specifically designed for slicing bread. Even if you’re not the type to entertain, you still should make an effort for your family and for yourself to slice good bread the right way – with a bread knife.

The fact of the matter is no kitchen cutlery set is complete without a bread knife. It would be like buying a set of dishes without bowls. You should always have the right tools on hand to make a meal that is presentable and that means having a bread knife that won’t screw the pooch and leave you with shards of crusty bricks of bread.

When you start looking for a bread knife, you’ll see that there are all different kinds of bread knives. They come in different blade lengths, made of different materials, and designed with different grips. No matter what type of bread knife you need, we have it here for you in this, the ultimate guide to the best bread knife.


Best Serrated Knife

In your quest to eat healthier, you bought a loaf of whole grain whole wheat bread from an actual bakery. If this is your first time, what you realized first is that the bread is not sliced. When you got home, you realized that the only thing tougher than eating whole grain whole wheat bread is trying to slice through that mammer-jammer! You need a serrated bread knife and we found the best one.

The Fibrox Pro Bread Knife from Victorinox comes fully loaded. This one is the 8” blade but you can get it in 10.25” or 7” too. What makes this the best bread knife is its ability to handle a variety of textures expertly. Whether you’re slicing a sandwich made with soft white bread, trimming the edges off of fruit, or whacking through a hard loaf of whole grain bread, this bread knife does it with ease.

It has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to grip without injury. The handle is slip-resistant even when wet.

Expert chefs and amateur cooks alike know the Dalstrong brand well. Made of Japanese super steel, the best offset serrated knife for slicing bread is hands-down the 8” Serrated Offset Bread and Deli Knife from Dalstrong. With its incredibly sharp edge and high quality craftsmanship, this is a pro-level bread knife.

One really outstanding feature is the offset neck. It is designed so that even if you have big brawny hands, your knuckles won’t hit the cutting board as you slice. The handle is also ergonomically designed for ease and comfort – and it’s pretty good looking, you know, for a knife.

If you own your own family deli or you cook like a deli chef at home, you need a strong, razor sharp blade like this that is made to be used painlessly. You can try this bread knife completely risk free. If you are unsatisfied, they offer your money back.

Best Long Bread Knife

The name ThyssenKrupp is synonymous with elevators but it is actually a German steel company. That information is relevant because we found that the best of the long bread knives is the Zelite Infinity Bread Knife from Zelite Infinity and the blade is made from ThyssenKrupp steel – which will tell you something about the quality of this knife.

Beautifully crafted and made for virtually any use, the Zelite Infinity has a razor sharp edge. You can cut through the crustiest, hardest loaf of bread with this. The steel scores a 56 on the Rockwell Hardness scale!

 10.25” long, the blade is corrosion-resistant, the grip is ergonomically designed, and you can try it totally risk free. Its uniquely designed serrated edge never needs to be sharpened and this bread knife comes with a 15 year warranty – now that’s confidence in your product!

Best Electric Bread Knife

Made by the world famous Cuisinart, our pick for the best electric bread knife is the CEK-50 Cordless Electric Knife. The thing we like best about this product is that you don’t just get an electric bread knife. This is an electric bread knife, carving station, and butcher block all in one.

The collapsible would block storage tray stores the base and blades and also converts into a chopping block for carving meats and for slicing bread. It comes with two high density, top quality, BPA free, stainless steel blades. One blade is made for carving, the other is a bread blade made for slicing breads of all types.

Using this electric bread knife is easy on the wrist since it has an ergonomically designed handle. It stores conveniently out of the way in the wood carving station. With a name like Cuisinart, it has to be good!

Our second pick for best electric bread knife is this Electric Carving Knife Set from Classic Cuisine. Just like the Cuisinart electric knife, this one comes with handy accessories that we think put it over the top. It also comes with a convertible wood storage block that serves as a carving station and bread slicing board.

This electric bread knife has a serrated blade for precision slicing of breads, meats, and cheeses. It comes with two blades – one for carving, the other for slicing. Another feature that sets this knife apart is the eject release removable blade. Just pop it out and stick it in the dishwasher.

It has a super long cord so you can move around your kitchen while working with it. The handle has a comfort grip designed to maximize control. The makers of this knife went the extra mile by adding a finger guard to the handle to prevent injury.

Best Bread Knife for Crusty Bread

One of the main reasons why you go searching for a bread knife is because you like fresh, crusty, hard to slice bread. For you we found two of the best bread knives for crusty bread. First is this 8” Serrated Bread Knife from Orecchi. Made from ultra powerful stainless steel, this blade is made to slice through tough breads.

It’s only 8” so you have more control. The super sharp serrated edges help you slice bread with less resistance creating cleaner lines. It’s all made in one piece and the handle is designed for maximum comfort and control. The packaging is pretty which makes this an excellent gift idea for the cook extraordinaire in your life.

The makers of this product give you a little something extra when you buy it. This knife comes with a cute little stay fresh reusable cotton bread bag – free!

If you want a longer blade that’s made for cutting through crusty hard breads, we recommend this 10” Stainless Steel Serrated Bread Knife from Mairico. It’s got a gorgeous sleek design and comes in highly stylized packaging. That’s because this knife is pro grade and made of the highest quality.

Though the blade is long, the handle is designed to create perfect balance in the hand giving you maximum control. The grip is also designed to fit comfortably in the hand to prevent slipping. The serrated stainless steel blade is ultra sharp and long lasting.

Whether you are cutting an oversized cake or slicing long crusty loaves of bread, this knife is the perfect accessory to your kitchen cutlery set. The team at Mairico also offer a full refund if you are in any way unsatisfied with this knife.

Best Cheap Bread Knife

Say you don’t care to spend a hundred dollars on a professional grade bread knife. You just want a good quality bread knife for as little money as possible. Well, we have that too! Our top pick may be cheap but it doesn’t skimp on quality either. We’re talking about the Millennia 12” Chef’s Knife from Mercer Culinary.

This simple knife is made of the finest high carbon Japanese steel. The edge is very sharp and sharpens easily and quickly after repeated use. The 12” blade is the perfect length for hacking through large dense loaves of bread.

The Millennia’s handle has finger grooves in place to prevent slippage and also includes a finger guard. Designed to be comfortable in the hand and last for years, this may be a cheap blade, but it’s also a very good bread knife. It even comes with a lifetime warranty!

Best Small Bread Knife

Slicing bread for subs or for small pastries requires a bread knife that’s a little smaller. If you want a small bread knife, we pick the Classic 7” Bread Knife from Zwilling J.A. Henckels as our top choice. It is small, nimble, strong, and durable.

The 7” serrated blade is made from the best German steel. It is melded as one into the handle so that it feels like one complete piece. Using stain-resistant steel, the blades are ideally serrated for slicing bread specifically. And this knife is dishwasher safe.

With the small blade, the handle is weighted to allow for even weight distribution for most comfort and balance. The hot dropped blades made with tough German steel are designed to last and last. You won’t need to replace this knife for years to come, even with frequent use making it a really good investment – that is if you slice a lot of bread!

Best Extra Long Bread Knife

Slicing a large loaf of bread or an oversized cake requires a super long blade. We found the best of the long bread knives in the Professional Serrated Bread Slicer Knife from Kutler. This blade is made from stainless steel, is ultra sharp, and designed to maximize balance in the hand.

We call this long bread knife the best because of its strength and durability. The 14” blade made of high pressure steel is also stain resistant. The grip has been ergonomically designed and the handle is made to increase balance and add control.

You can use this knife on a regular basis for a long period of time before needing to sharpen it. If for any reason you are unhappy with the Pro Bread Slicer, you can return it within 30 days of purchase and they’ll give you your money back.

Best Ceramic Bread Knife

Why a ceramic bread knife? Because ceramic blades stay sharper 10 times longer than even the strongest stainless steel. For the very best ceramic bread knife, we choose the Cestari Ceramic Cutlery 8” Serrated Bread Knife. First we love the black ceramic – so sexy!

But more than that, we love ceramic because it’s rust resistant, erosion resistant, and can cut through ciabatta bread as easily as a tomato – and it can slice either one. Use this bread knife on cheese and meat when you want to make slices so thin you can see through them!

Talk about non-slip, the handle for this bread knife is rubberized so that even if it’s wet, your hand won’t slip. It is also ergonomically designed for comfort and safety plus comes with a safety sheath for storing. And it is so light, slicing all day long is no sweat. When you’re finished, just slide this knife into the rack – it is totally dishwasher safe.

Best Wooden Bread Knife

If you don’t have a wooden bread slicer, you need one. This is the best one you’ll find we think because it is not just a slicer. It is a cutting tray, crumb catcher, and folds flat for easy storage. We’re talking about the Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer from Bambüsi.

One of the hardest parts about slicing homemade bread is making each slice even. That’s where this wooden bread slicer comes in handy. Just slide your freshly baked loaf into the slicer. Using a 10” bread knife, you simply slice through the slats – each slice of bread will be as even as the slices in a loaf of Wonder Bread!

You can adjust the thickness of each slice by four different settings. The box holds the bread in place so there’s no sliding around. Best of all, clean up is crazy easy! This bread slicer comes with a crumb catcher tray at its base. Just pull out the tray and dump the crumbs – sweet!

We recommend that you choose to buy a knife specifically designed for slicing bread. Even if you’re not the type to entertain, you still should make an effort for your family and for yourself to slice good bread the right way – with a bread knife. Here are our top 10 Best Bread Knives! #breadknife #knife #allaboutbread #breadrecipes #breadathome #cookbread #breadlife #breadknives #knives #kitchenknives #kitchenknife #kitchentools
We recommend that you choose to buy a knife specifically designed for slicing bread. Even if you’re not the type to entertain, you still should make an effort for your family and for yourself to slice good bread the right way – with a bread knife. Here are our top 10 Best Bread Knives! #breadknife #knife #allaboutbread #breadrecipes #breadathome #cookbread #breadlife #breadknives #knives #kitchenknives #kitchenknife #kitchentools

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