When it comes to cooking, baking, or preparing dishes, one main ingredient for certain dishes is flour. Imagine your favorite waffles or muffins at your best brunch spots, or even rice noodles to eat your favorite soups and stir frys! Mochiko Flour, also known as sweet rice flour, has a high starch content and a sticky and dreamy texture. “Wait, what is mochiko flour?”, you may ask yourself as you’re reading this right now.  Notably, you may see this flour when eating certain Japanese sweets, such as anmitsu, daifuku, or dang! Many of these Asian delicacies are one that you may see in your favorite bakery, or little shops in certain cities.  In fact, Mochiko goes beyond Asian dishes. Picture some French bechamel sauce, or juicy fried chicken. Maybe you wouldn’t imagine that you can make some of your favorite dishes and treats at home! But, now, you can, and we’re here to help you satisfy all of your cravings!

The Best Substitutes for Mochiko Flour:

Now, let’s get down to business. You may not even know what Mochiko flour is, and might be thinking, “what’s the difference between this and any other flour?” You may even have a recipe that calls for this mysterious sweet rice flour! We’ll get to answer all of these questions and show you all of the things you can do with it, or use in place of it.

To put it simply, mochiko flour is made from mochi rice, which is sticky and glutinous. The best part about it is that it is starchy, and does not contain gluten, which is a great alternative for those that are gluten free. Of course, since sweet rice flour is gluten free, it is not effective when using yeast raised breads. The more mochiko flour you use, the lower rise you’ll get.

You are able to find mochiko flour at most Asian grocery stores, or even online. Since sweet rice flour removes the nutrients and carbohydrates in your food, alternatives that are often used include brown rice flour, rice powder, potato starches, arrow root powder, tapioca starches,corn starches, wheat powder (contains gluten), as well as sorghum flour.

Where to Buy Mochiko Flour

The best place to find Mochiko Flour would be in Asian supermarkets. Your best bet would be Japanese grocery stores! You can try looking at stores like Mitsuwa Marketplace,  Marukai Market, Ranch 99, H Mart, or any local chains. But, if you can’t find any in a store near you, never fear! Amazon also offers Mochiko Flour in packs of 3, or they are individually sold. Keep a lookout on what type of flour you’re purchasing; it might be a different rice used. You can also look into big chain grocery stores, just be sure to call and clarify ahead of time.



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