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The Karahi pan is a thick kind of cooking vessel that originated in India many years ago. Also known as a Kadai, Kadhai, or Korai to name just a few variations, this pan was traditionally made from cast iron. In today’s modern society, however, it’s more likely you’ll see them made from stainless steel, aluminum, or copper with either a round or flat bottom.

Although its roots lie in the Indian subcontinent, since the world started to become more culturally diverse, the Karahi pan is a cooking utensil that’s used all over the world. As well as being one of the main kinds of cooking vessels in India and many other parts of Asia, it’s also becoming more widely used by budding chefs everywhere including those the USA, Australia, and Europe too! 

Because of its steep sides, the Karahi pan is ideal for deep frying different foods including potatoes, meats, fish, and sweets. Typical Indian dishes cooked in a Karahi include different stews like chicken or mutton karahi, or curries such as kormas and baltis. 

To help you come to a decision as to which karahi pan is best for you we’ve put together a list of the top 10 best karahi pans selling at the moment. For each one we’ve explained what we love about it, why it’s such as great buy, and also point out any minor problems we happen to come across along the way.

The 10 Best Karahi Pans







2.5 L


3.7 lbs


2 L


4 lbs


28 cm Surface 


3.5 lbs


2 L


1.8 lbs


3.5 L


5.6 lbs


7 L


5.8 lbs


17.78 cm surface


4 oz

Stainless Steel

3 L


3.86 lbs


22.6 cm surface


1.3 lbs


16.8 cm surface


1 lbs


If you’re looking for a karahi pan that’s sleek and sexy and of really good quality, then be sure to check out this fine example on offer from Futura. With a 2.5 liter capacity, it’s large enough to cook most dishes, yet small enough not to take up too much room on the stove. It’s very lightweight and easy to handle, it has a non-stick surface, and the 26cm bottom allows an even coverage for all those tasty dishes. 

All of these features and more make cooking with the Futura 2.5 Liter Kadhai an absolute pleasure. It’s a reasonably priced product that’s of really good quality and likely to last quite some time. And for all of those reasons, we highly recommend this karahi pan for anyone wanting to do some serious curry cooking. Please note as this pan is round-bottomed it is more suitable for use with gas stoves.  

            Capacity: 2.5 liters

            Cooking surface area: 26cm

            Weight: 3.7 pounds

            Color: Gray

            Non-stick coating: Yes

The Prestige Manntra Omega Select Plus Kadai Pan is the first of its kind to offer residue-free cooking. Made using a special coating from Dupont, this Omega Select Plus Kadai pan is so nice to cook with. It’s metal spoon friendly, meaning it won’t get scratched when storing, and it’s 2 sturdy handles allow a comfortable grip for both left and right-handed users. While not quite as lightweight as the Futura 2.5 liter Kadhai pan, it’s still light enough to make cooking with it a breeze.  

Overall, this Karahi pan on offer from Prestige Manttra is one of the best we’ve seen. It may be at the top end of the scale when it comes to price, but when you take into consideration the quality and performance you’re getting with this pan, it’s well worth it.   

Capacity: 2 liters

Cooking surface area: 25cm

Weight: 4 pounds

Color: Black

Non-stick coating: Yes    

Not for the faint-hearted, this premium Kadhai pan on offer from Evergold is simply stunning. Made from high grade aluminum, this conveniently sized kadhai is the perfect utensil to use for cooking all your favorite Indian dishes. It’s lightweight, easy to handle, and cooks food much faster than most traditional methods.

The Evergold Heavy Aluminium Kadhai may be a little more pricey than some of the other models on this list, but it oozes a certain quality that the others don't seem to have. And, being made from a high-grade aluminum, this pan was certainly made to last. At 28cm wide, it’s not the biggest Karahi out there, but it’s plenty big enough to cook a good meal for the whole family. That being said, what more could you want?

Cooking surface area: 28cm

Weight: 3.75 pounds

Color: Aluminium

Non-stick coating: No

It looks fabulous, it works really well, and it doesn’t cost a fortune. What more could you possibly want from a Kadhai pan? The Eris Hard Anodized Deep Fry Kadhai Pan is by far one of the sleekest models we’ve seen for a while. As well as being super smooth and shiny, it’s also non-stick and scratch resistant and is the perfect pan for cooking all those delicious Indian dishes we all enjoy so much. And, because it has a flat base it’s suitable to be used on pretty much any cooking surface.

Overall, this Karahi pan on offer from Eris is a pretty good buy. It’s simple yet elegant design will look great in any kitchen and at just 8.5” (21.5cm) it’s not too big either. The fact that it’s non-stick and scratch resistant is great and being metal spoon friendly just seals the deal. However, one thing to note with this pan is that it’s not dishwasher safe.

Capacity: 2 liter

Cooking surface area: 21.5cm

Weight: 1.8 pounds

Color: Black

Non-stick coating: Yes

It’s swanky, it’s modern and is quite possibly the best looking Karahi pan we’ve ever seen. Here we have the beautiful 3.75 liter, Hard Anodized Deep-Fry Kadhai Pan on offer from Futura. It is definitely one of the higher priced models out there, but you do get a lot for your money.

The first thing you’ll probably notice os the capacity is much larger than most other Karahi pans on this list, meaning you can cook for a larger number of people at once. Another huge selling point for this pan is how high quality it in comparison to some others out there. The pan itself is hard anodized and it has stainless steel brackets permanently riveting the handles on. Overall, it’s a great buy and we highly recommend it to both amateur and professional cooks.

Capacity: 3.75 liter

Cooking surface area: 30cm

Weight: 5.6 pounds

Color: Gray

Non-stick coating: No 

 If you’re looking for a great quality Kadai pan that won’t break the bank then be sure to check out this fine example on offer from Vinod. With a generous 7.0 liter capacity and a 30cm wide surface, this Kadai is perfect for making big batches of food or cooking for a large number of people. The fact that it’s been hard anodized means that it’s super durable and likely to last a good few years. And it has quality rosewood handles to give it the extra touch of class.     

Considering the volume you’re getting, the Vinod Pearl Hard Anodised Kadai is an absolute bargain. It’s hard-wearing, heavy-duty, and has quality parts that won’t be breaking any time soon. The only slight niggle is that it’s not non-stick. Other than that, it’s a great product!

Capacity: 7.0 liter

Cooking surface area: 30cm

Weight: 5.84 pounds

Color: Black

Non-stick coating: No

Here we have a lightweight yet durable Kadhai pan on offer from Imusa. With sides made of high-quality stainless steel and a bottom made of heavy-duty copper, this is one tough cooking vessel that’s suitable for cooking a whole range of Indian delights. It’s also lightweight and easy to handle making it perfect for use as a deep frying pan or as a serving dish.   

Made in India and designed for Indian food, this Karahi pan is one of the best stainless steel examples we’ve seen. It heats very quickly and cooks food evenly. The only real downside with this pan is, unlike most other models on this list, there’s no lid. But, if you can get over that and make do without one, it’s actually a really good buy!  

Cooking surface area: 17.78cm

Weight: 4 ounces

Color: Stainless steel

Non-stick coating: No

If you’re looking for a top quality, long-lasting kadhai that looks great and is just the right size, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we have a 10-inch flat bottom, aluminum Karahi with toughened glass manufactured by Nirali. As well as offering a solid exterior, the pan is coated with Teflon Platinum inside to give you a non-stick, higher scratch resistant surface for cooking all your favorite Indian foods. It has heat-resistant handles, can be used on any cooker top other than an induction one and is 100% dishwasher safe.

All-in-all, this is another great higher-range Kadhai pan available to buy right now. It’s extremely well made, looks great with its smooth, black exterior, and has a pretty reasonable 3-quart capacity. It may be one of the more expensive models out there, but in our opinion, it’s worth every penny.    

Capacity: 3.0 liter

Cooking surface area: 25.4cm

Weight: 3.86 pounds

Color: Black

Non-stick coating: Yes  

If you’ve never really experienced the true taste of Indian cooking, then grab yourself one of these and make a start today as you don’t know what you’re missing out on! The IndiaBigShop Aluminium Non-Stick Deep Kadai is a bargain like no other. It’s made from high-quality, food-grade aluminum that’s been hardened to lengthen the lifespan of the pan, but is completely safe to cook with. There’s also heat resistant handles to ensure safe cooking and it even comes with a free scrubber and plastic paddle!

All-in-all, this Karahi pan on offer from IndiaBigShop is not a bad buy. It’s one of the less expensive models on the market and still works really well. Sure, the quality may not be quite the same as what you’ll get from the Futura or the Prestige Manttra models, but it’s good enough to still produce a decent meal from it. 

Cooking surface area: 22.6cm

Weight: 1.3 pounds

Color: Black

Non-stick coating: Yes

And last on the list, (but still one of the best remember), we have the Imusa SA-10111 Kadhai with Stainless Steel Lid. Another authentic cooking vessel, made in India and designed to cook Indian food, this Kadhai pan is excellent value for money. It’s traditionally designed, with a durable stainless steel exterior and matching lid. Both handles are made from Bakelite, ensuring both a comfortable and sturdy grip while you’re cooking.

With a bottom that’s just 6.6 inches (16.8cm) round, it’s not the biggest of Karahi pans out there by all means, but it’s reliable, it looks good, and it’s a great price. And, as well as using it to cook all your favorite Indian dishes, it can also double up as a stylish serving dish too! 


Cooking surface area: 16.8 cm

Weight: 1 pound

Color: Black

Non-stick coating: No 

Buyers Guide

As you can see from the above list, there is quite a lot of variety when it comes to Karahi pans available on the market. So how do you decide which is best for you? The following buyer’s guide will help you do just that. It highlights some of the things in which to consider when making your Karahi pan purchase:

Size. What will you be cooking? And, who will you be cooking for? These are the two questions you need to ask yourself before deciding what size Karahi pan you need. Karahi pans come in a range of different sizes, so you can be sure there’s something to suit your needs.

Material. Stainless steel or aluminum are the main choices when it comes to Karahi pans. This is because both are durable and long-lasting. Some have been hard anodized to make them even stronger. And while this is a great feature to have, you will, of course, pay more for the luxury.  

Non-stick? This is something to watch out for as not all Karahi pans have this feature. While those that aren’t non-stick may still perform well, a non-stick coating saves you having to add in extra oil.  

Metal spoon friendly? As well as having a non-stick coating, many Karahi pans are metal spoon friendly too. Essentially this means they are more scratch resistant.   

Budget. As a general rule of thumb, the more you are willing to invest in a Karahi pan the better the quality will be. 

Because of its steep sides, the Karahi pan is ideal for deep frying different foods including potatoes, meats, fish, and sweets. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 best karahi pans selling at the moment. #pans #karahi #karahipans #cooking #cookware #kitchenware #pots #pan #fryingpan #kaharipan #deepfried #deepfrying is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED 'AS IS' AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. All prices on this site may change and those considered valid are displayed on


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