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Iki jime is a method of killing fish, by inserting a screwdriver shaped tool, or a sharp narrow knife, into the brain of the fish. It a humane way to slaughter fish, as it is incredibly quick and painless for the fish. Iki jime tools can be really useful when out fishing, as it offers an easy, hassle-free way to slaughter the fish you catch, and it is a really quick method to use as well.

The right iki jime tools will make the process much simpler, without having to battle with a whole bunch of accessories or malfunctioning parts.

Why Iki Jime Is Used

Iki jime is a Japanese technique, used to slaughter fish, and it actually improves the taste of the fish drastically. When a fish is left to die or suffocate in a bucket or on a boat, it will flap around a bit, and this produces an excess of lactic acid. This lactic acid can cause the fish to have a sour taste, whether eaten raw as sashimi or cooked pan-fried or barbecued.

The iki jime process also delays the rigor mortis of the fish, compared to fish that are left to die by chilling or bleeding out. As the fish would be killed immediately, there will be no further movement from the fish, and the energy left in the muscle tissue will be used to maintain cellular metabolism after death. This stops the degradation of the fish happening too fast and gives a superior quality flesh after death.

The iki jime method is quick, easy and a humane way to kill fish for consumption.

How To Use Iki Jime Tools

The iki jime method of killing a fish needs some precision, but it does result in low-stress level which does create a wonderfully sweet taste in the fish when eaten.

To kill a fish using an iki jime tool, you need to quickly and firmly insert the iki jime spike tool into the head of the fish around 2cm behind the eyes., wiggling the tool around once inserted to destroy the brain. If this is done properly, the fish will be killed right away, and the body of the fish will go limp.

Once you have killed your fish this way, you should place it on ice straight away, or place it in an ice slurry, which is two parts ice to one part water, to preserve the eating qualities of the fish.

To improve the quality of the fish, and increase the storage life, you should bleed your fish right after killing it.

Traditional Iki Jime Tools

Iki jime tools are made from durable, strong materials. The curve of the spike has been designed to follow the natural line of the brain canal, allowing for one, easy maneuver for immediate death. This is really important, ensuring that the brain has been ablated, instead of just being injured, however, straight spikes are being used more and more.

A good iki jime tool will last for many years and will get the job done right and quick. A sharp spike is key to ensuring you can pull off the slaughter in one quick move.

It can be difficult to find iki jime tools online, so many people have resorted to buying ice picks to use instead. These might not have the piano wire used in traditional iki jime tools, which help to sever nerves in the fish brain, but they do get the job done efficiently.

The Best Iki Jime Tools

Here are the best iki jime tools on the market at the moment. Featured are some traditional iki jime tools, as well as other tools such as ice picks which work well too.

This stainless steel tool is machined made and really reliable.

It features a 4.75-inch spike which is 0.25-inches in diameter. It has a really sharp point which allows for effortless entry past the flesh of the fish.

It is precision CNC made and has been built to last a lifetime. There is an attachment on the top of the iki jime which allows for it to be attached to a lanyard, letting you carry it around without you when you are out fishing, and having it on hand for an immediate kill.

This iki jime spike is reliable, durable, and will get the job done immediately. The sharp point allows for easy entry, and you will have a swift kill on your hands, producing a delicately sweet tasting fish.

This handy, reliable ice pick is ideal to use when out fishing, ensuring a simple, immediate kill.

The handle of the ice pick is made from wood, and it has a lid which ensures the spike can be kept safe and protected when not in use.

The stainless steel spike is 9-inches in length with a width of 0.7-inches, which is great to use for larger fish.

With a wooden handle, you are ensured a comfortable, easy-grip, which will not slip at all when used, ensuring a one-strike success.

Along with the wooden handle and lid, the ice pick is perfectly portable, perfect to slip into your bag or boat when out fishing, and easy enough to take out when it is time to use. The stainless steel pick will last a long time, giving you sweet-tasting fish time and time again.

For high quality, reliable and durable ice pick to perform the iki jime method, this is a great choice.

Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, the ice pick is both sturdy and long-lasting. It can be used over and over and will hardly wear at all.

The length of the needle is 4.29-inches, and the length of the handle is 4.13-inches. When the safety cover is put on, the whole ice pick measures 5.11-inches. It is compact to carry around, but still long enough to be used for reaching the brain of the fish.

The protective sheath keeps the pick safe, protected and clean until you need to use it again. With a sharp metal point, the ice pick will make easy work of immediately slaughtering a fish

Handy and easily accessible, this ice pick can be used when out fishing for the day, and will soon become your go-to tool when out fishing.

A simple, effective tool that gets the job done right the first time is exactly what you want with you when out trying to land a large catch.

The Cuda SS Ice Pick is crafted from only the highest quality materials. The stainless steel pick has chromium content which makes the blade more efficient.  The chromium reacts with oxygen to produce a protective layer over the steel, making it corrosion resistant, and suitable to be used in wet environments.

The steel of the ice pick extends down to the handle of the tool, which allows the ice pick to have increased strength, along with a more rigid, stronger handle.

The grip on the handle of the ice pick is comfortable and secure, in all environments and scenarios. The handle was designed to be gripped from either the top or the side, whatever the circumstance calls for.

Included is a tip protector, keeping the tool safe and sharp when not in use. The handle has holes which allow for the ice pick to be attached to a lanyard.

For the best quality tool to use when performing the iki jime method, you really can’t go wrong with this Cuda SS Ice Pick. It will be your trusted tool whenever out fishing, as it is comfortable and versatile, as well as strong enough to get the job done right, the first time.

This iki jime tool has a more sophisticated look, but will still do its job well and with precision.

Measuring 6.8-long by 0.8-inches wide, this is the perfect size for fishing out on a lake or for small catches out on the sea.

The wooden handle is comfortable to grip, and will not allow for slipping when in use. It comes with a safety cover, which matches the wooden and gold design of the handle, which keeps the pick safe and covered when not in use.

The ice pick comes in a fancy carry case, which can be used to store it when packed away or can be used as a gifting cover as well.

Reliable, good-looking and easy to use, this ice pick is the ideal iki jime tool that will become permanent in your fishing gear kit.

Getting the job done quickly and efficiently is most important when using the iki jime method, and this tool will see to getting that done.

Measuring 9-inches in length overall, it is the perfect size to keep on your person when out fishing. The 3-inch ultra-high tensile spike is made from steel and is incredibly strong with a very sharp point.

The handle of the iki spike is made from polypropylene, and comes in different colors, depending on your preference.

The spike sticks to Japanese requirements, which states that fish exported should be ikied an inch before sold or consumed.

This is the ultimate iki jime tool, small, efficiently and easy to use. The grip is comfortable and slip-resistant and can be held in a multitude of ways. The spike is sharp enough to easily penetrate the fish and thick enough to cause deadly nerve damage.

Reliable and effective, this is one of the best options out there.

Sleek and environmentally friendly, this is the ideal little tool to use for the iki jime method.

A bamboo handle and sheath hold a stainless steel pick which measures 8.5-inches long. The handle is warm in the hands and easy to grip, meaning it will not slip when being used.

The stainless steel pick is sharp and durable, and won’t fail when performing the iki jime method. The sheath keeps the pick protected from wear and damage, and keeps you safe from any accidents while kept in your pocket.

It is a great size to use for all types of fishing, and will effectively and immediately cause the death of the fish caught, ensuring a sweet, fresh taste when cooked and eaten.

Sometimes simple is better, and simple is all you need to get the job done at times.

This ice pick has a wooden handle that does not absorb any cold, which is perfect for fishing in cooler weather. It is warm to the touch and non-slip, ensuring easy and comfortable use.

The stainless steel pick is sturdy and sharp, easily getting through to the brain of the fish. There is an included wood sheath to protect the tip when in storage, keeping it sharp and avoiding any harm done accidentally.

The total size of the tool is 7.25-inches and will fit easily into any fishing toolbox or bag. It is recommended to handwash the pick to keep its integrity.

Easy to use and easy to store, this ice pick will be really useful when doing the iki jime method. Keep a few stored away for easy access and you are ready to go.

The Iki Jime Method

Immediately killing a fish not only stops any unnecessary suffering, but it has other benefits which make a huge difference in enjoying the fish when consumed.

When killed immediately using the iki jime method, the fish will have a sweet, fresh taste, instead of a more sour tasting flesh which can often happen if a fish is left to die on a boat or in ice.

The way you catch and kill a fish is one of the biggest influences on how the fish will taste, so it is worth taking the time to purchase the right tools to help you get the job done perfectly.

Iki jime is a method of killing fish, by inserting a screwdriver shaped tool, or a sharp narrow knife, into the brain of the fish. It a humane way to slaughter fish, as it is incredibly quick and painless for the fish. The Best Iki jime tools can be really useful when out fishing, as it offers an easy, hassle-free way to slaughter the fish you catch, and it is a really quick method to use as well. #ikijime #fishing #fish #fishtools #fishingtools #fishinggear #outdoors #flyfishing #allaboutfish

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