Best Spice Sets

Need some spice in your life? Do you like to add a variety of flavors in your meals? Then, a spice set is in your near future! It’s quite the spice of life, if we dare say.

What’s the difference between bland, repetitive meals, and food that’s been nicely seasoned and flavored? Everything! If you’re someone who cooks on the daily, you can experiment with different flavors to suit your taste.  Or, use it with pre-cooked meals to add flavors to satisfy your taste buds! With a well balanced spice set, you can recreate all your favorite meals at home for a lower cost, with healthier options, and maximize the flavors! 

Listed below, we have the best 6 spice sets lined up for you! Perfect if you’re just getting your kitchen started, or you’re a spice master looking to keep everything organized and put together.  If you don’t know much other than your traditional salt and pepper, don’t worry. We’ll also dig into different flavors that mix well together, and provide you a spice glossary of tastes from around the world! 

The Best 6 Spice Sets

Included in this set are 24 of the best selling herbs and spices of the world. With a cute wooden design, it’s also perfect for a housewarming gift, college starter set, or the holidays!

First, this is a great value since you save money with a spice rack that includes all the spices you need, instead of buying all spices individually packaged. Second, this space-saving design allows you to keep it on your counter tops or mount it to a wall! 

McCormick spices feature a best-by date, and are up to date with their batches. Due to changing flavors and seasons, there is a little bit of inaccuracy in the 24 spices mentioned. So, don’t mind the product description listing. But, you still get 24 flavors and might get to try a new flavor you’ve never had before! The overall value is amazing!

Lastly, customers love that this spice set will last them many years, only needing refills every so often! Not to mention, all the spices are organic, which everyone says makes a difference in their cooking. 

All in all, this is a convenient way to get your spice rack started, since it has all the basics provided. You may come across some you haven’t used to before, so check out the spice glossary below for complementing flavors! Get cooking!

Measurements: 16.25” x 18.63” x 2.56”  

Revitalize your kitchen and cabinets with the variety of spices! The NOMU is truly the spice of life, with no other brand able to compete with the assortment of flavors. They take pride in providing the best overall flavor to customers and staying consistent with their ingredients! Uniquely, this spice set contains herbs, blends, chilis, and salts that every kitchen craves!

You can flavor your favorite steaks, chickens, fish, and vegetables with the array of spices provided. Running out of your favorite spices? No worries! They also sell them individually to refill your needs! The only drawback for the NOMU is that there is no spice rack provided, but, customers are crafty with their storage! You can place them nicely in cabinets, or get a bamboo divider for your drawers.

Each jar is made of glass, which is 100% recyclable. The packaging in the NOMU spice sets is very chic, so it also makes a great gift! These variety of spices are fun to experiment with, and if you fancy trying out need flavors, this is the set you need! For example, with six different flavors of salt, you’re in for a treat! Don’t miss out on this set, it’s definitely one for your cabinets!

Note: Spices are not organic, but are gluten free 

Included Spices: Cinnamon, Coriander, Cumin, Ginger, Nutmeg, Turmeric, White Pepper, Cardamom Pods, Aniseed & Mustard Seeds Herbs: Origanum, Thyme, Sage, Tarragon, Rosemary & Parsley

Heat: Chili Powder, Cayenne, Smoked Paprika & Chili Flakes

Blends: Italian Provencal, Mexican, Seafood, Mediterranean, Garam Masala, Curry, Indian & Lamb

Salt Blends: Chili & Coriander, Garlic & Herb, Rosemary, Smoked Chipotle | SALTS: Persian Blue, Cyprus Flake, Himalayan Pink & Atlantic Smoked

The FreshJax Grilling spice set features products that are additive, preservative, chemical, coloring, and MSG free. If you’re someone who has their basic cabinet filled, this is the expansion set that is a must buy! Got a barbeque with the family? These zesty 5 spice sets takes care of the meats, vegetables, and side dishes.. So easy! All glass bottles are 2oz, so you have plenty of flavor to go around.

Additionally, FreshJax has 2 other spice mixes, All-Star BBQ and Hot & Spicy Seasonings! All sets come with a gift box and included bow. So, this is perfect for your grill master family, smokey significant other, or someone who enjoys flavorful dishes! Keep these alongside your grill, or inside the cabinet.

Perfect for summertime barbeques, beach smoke pits, or camping! Those that use FreshJax enjoy the thoughtful packaging and high quality spices provided. Everyone loves the robust flavors of each spice, BBQ rub ideas, and that it pleases even the pickiest of eaters! 

Lastly, you are able to refill individual spices if you run out on the FreshJax website! All spices are handcrafted in Jacksonville, FL. Let your imagination run free with this spice set! All in all, this is a creative and personalized set that is sure to gift flavor around the world!

Included in the Grilling Spice Set:

Grill Master Burger Seasoning Ingredients: Organic smoked black peppercorn, organic dill, organic onion, organic paprika, sea salt, organic coriander, organic thyme, organic garlic, organic fennel, organic rosemary

Smokey Southwest Grill Seasoning Ingredients Organic chili powder, organic corn flour, organic cumin, organic smoked black peppercorn, sea salt, smoked sea salt, organic smoked paprika, organic garlic, organic onion, organic oregano, organic smoked chili flakes.

Citrus Pepper Herb & Citrus Seasoning Ingredients: Organic orange peel, organic lemon peel, organic pink peppercorn, organic green peppercorn, sea salt, organic onion, organic garlic, organic lime peel, organic black peppercorn, and organic white peppercorn.

Fresh Bay Sea Seasoning Ingredients: Organic celery seed, organic cloves, organic smoked black peppercorn, sea salt, organic bay leaves, organic paprika, organic cardamom, organic yellow mustard seed, organic smoked chili flakes, organic mace, organic cinnamon, organic allspice.

Peppered Habanero Hot Grill Spice Ingredients: Organic smoked black peppercorn, organic bird’s eye chili, sea salt, organic habanero pepper, organic brown mustard seed, organic onion, organic garlic, organic parsley, and organic lemon peel

Satisfy your foodie at heart with Frontier’s spice set! All of the spices included are non-GMO, non-irradiated, and non-ETO! After getting this spice kit, you’ll never need to buy additional sets!

Many customers love that they can refill empty spices at their local grocery store, and that there are flavors to satisfy everyone’s preferences! 

Every spice bottle has an easy to read label, and features little drawings of each spice! With these spices at your hand, you don’t need anything else!

Overall, these spice sets are perfect for anyone who likes to keep the basics, but add variety to their meals. It’s a perfect set for someone who likes consistent sizing of their bottles, and likes the unique design and artwork. They’re as cute as how great they taste! 

Included in this set: All Purpose Seasoning, Basil, Cayenne Pepper, Chili Powder, Chili Pepper Crushed, Cumin, Dill Weed, Garlic Powder, Ginger, Italian Seasoning ,Smoked Paprika, Fennel Seed, Herbs de Provence, Thyme,Turmeric, and Rosemary

Organic Spices: Coarse Black Pepper, Cilantro, Cinnamon, Coriander, Nutmeg, Oregano, Rosemary, and Sesame Seed

This wooden spice rack keeps all your flavors accessible, since it contains a high-capacity for all your spices. You have the option to choose between a 12, 30, or 60 jar holder, with multiple wood finishes! 

With a slim design, AllSpice will complement any kitchen decor - a cute spice rack to showcase. The glass jars itself are 4 oz. (1/2c), which is the preferred size for shops and restaurants! 

It has a gorgeous  narrow profile, which eliminates the need for taking up too much cabinet space, giving your kitchen space its full potential!

There is one small drawback about this product: there are no spices included due to their dedication to fresh flavors. However, with that being said, this is the perfect product for someone who already has a cabinet full of spices, or someone who is eco-friendly! AllSpice features 315 pre-printed labels with easy to read fonts, and they are waterproof.

No spices in your home? No problem! As a matter of fact, there are many places online or in store that you are able to buy spices in bulk, refill them as needed, or customize your pallet.

In short, everyone loves this piece, because it is timeless and will last you forever! The quality of the wood is unbeatable, and it is a chef’s dream to have every spice at the tip of your fingers!

Measurements: 25.25” x 16.5” x 4.75”

Colors Available: Black, Oak, White, Bamboo, Walnut, Cherry, Maple

The holy grail of spices! This organizing spice rack holds 20 pre-filled spices, with varying assortments! It is quick and easy to cook with this rack, since it is revolving with a narrow profile. The rack itself is sleek, sturdy, and takes up minimal space. Each cap is clearly labelled in white for easy identification, and all jars and filled in Winchendon, Massachusetts.

The best part: with purchase, you are eligible for 5 years of free spice refills of your choice! If you’re seasoning on the daily and go through spices quickly, the Kamenstein has your back! Not happy with some of the spice selection provided? No problem! Customers have filled unused spices with their favorite blend and changed the labels. Take advantage of the 5 year spice refill, and come up with some unique dishes of your own!

Please note that there is shipping & handling $4.90/ 4 spice packets, and to refill all 30 spices is $22.50. Measurements: 15” L x 12” W

Spices 101:

So, now that you have all these spices on hand, what’s next?? Here, we’re going over the basic spice essentials; most of these spices you’ll find in your set!

All Spice: A.K.A pimento, or Jamaica pepper; very important to Caribbean cuisine, notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves

Best used for: Jamaican jerk, moles, sausages, and curry powder. Can also be used for desserts

Basil: herb of the mint family; native in Central Africa/Southeast Asia; if not used fresh, it should be added last when cooking to preserve the flavor

Best used for: pesto sauce, Italian sauces, chicken seasoning, soups, and vegetables (eggplant, mushrooms, zucchini, and squash)

Bay Leaf: aromatic leaf commonly used in cooking; shaped like a leaf and used whole; carries a bold, distinctive flavor, should be removed from cooked food before eating; dried bay leaf has a similar, floral taste to oregano and thyme; they can also be crushed or grounded before cooking

Best used for: soups, stews, Indian biryani rice, Filipino adobo and menudo, French dishes, and Thai massaman curry

Cayenne: hot chili pepper to flavor dishes; native in Northern South America, or Southern North America; helps with flavor as well as attributed to multiple health benefits

Best used for: spiced chickens, coconut tofu keema, salmon fillets, stuffed bell peppers, and dry rubs 

Cinnamon: spice that is from the inner bark of tree genus Cinnamomum; aromatic flavor additive to create sweet and savory food;

Best used for: breakfast foods, oatmeal, french toast, tea, Mexican chocolate, churros, horchata, apple pies, Persian foods, and bread based dishes

Cumin: native to parts of Middle east, to east India; seeds are used for cuisines, has a distinct flavor and aroma, provides an earthy and warm character to food; can be an ingredient in chili powder, Mexican-style foods, and in South Asian cuisine

Best used for: Curries, gravies, chilis, pickles, guacamole, taco seasoning, spice crusted fish, Moroccan vegetable stews, and salads

Curry Powder: spice blend with origins from Indian subcontinents; after Britain colonized India, it was introduced to Japan -- also known as Japanese curry; does not reflect specific food, but rather a similar mix of spices that can include ginger, garlic, turmeric, cumin, and coriander

Best used for: Coconut curry, vegetarian Korma, lentil curry, chicken seasoning, beef curry stew, Jamaican chicken curry,

Garlic Powder: grounded and dehydrated garlic; common season; when not used fresh, it can be added to pasta, pizza, ranch dressing, or spice mixes

Best used for: if you like garlic, this is your savior; pizza dough, garlic cheese biscuits, garlic bread, and french fry seasoning

Ginger: flowering plant, where the root is used as spice or medicine; it is in the same family as turmeric, cardamom, and galangal; when cooked, it creates a hot and fragrant flavor; the best ratio used to replace fresh to ground ginger is 6:1

Best used for: hot teas, candy, seafood, meat, and vegetable dishes, gingerbread, cookies, crackers, gravies, and masala chai

Nutmeg: seed/grounded spice from the genus Mystristica; grinded from a seed into powder, has a pungent fragrance, with warm and sweet notes; mainly used as a flavoring for baked goods

Best used for: potatoes, cookies, baked goods, vegetables, eggnogs, fruits, hot cocoa, and cider

Onion Powder: dehydrated, ground onion (white, yellow, and red onion); typically used in seasoned salts and spice mix

Best used for: pasta dishes, pizza seasoning, and meat rubs, beau monde seasoning, and burgers

Oregano: flowering plant in the mint family, native in Western Eurasia and the Mediterranean;

Best used for: pizza seasoning, Mediterranean and Greek food, rice, salad, olive bread, lamb chops, spaghetti, and chicken dishes

Paprika: grounded spice from dried fruits, or bell peppers; has popular origins within Hungarian cuisine, Mexico, and Spain; is provides mild to hot flavor, and can color rices, stews, and meats

Best used for: Paprika Hungarian chicken, Moroccan cuisine, fried chicken batter, and any savory foods

Black Peppercorns: a dried spice within the family Piperaceae; native to Southwestern India and popular in Vietnam; much known to the modern world best paired with salt; there are other colors of peppercorns with distinct flavors, so don’t be afraid to try some of those!

Best used for: fresh grinded on salads, pizzas, pastas, everything and anything for added and quick flavor

Red Pepper Flakes: consists of dried/crushed red chili peppers; originated in Republic of Macedonia; you can find these within pizza places, or Mediterranean restaurants

Best used for: pizza toppings, spaghetti, chowders, sausages, meats, and garnish for salads

Saffron: spice from flower Crocus sativus; seen as crimson strands that are used to season and color foods; one of the most costly spices in the world; Iran produces 90% of spices worldwide; soak the strands in hot water prior to preparation; has sweet notes

Best used for: Italian risotto, saffron rice, Spanish paella, couscous, and Moroccan chicken

Salt: mineral A.K.A sodium chloride; present in seawater, one of the 5 basic taste sensations; from salt shakers, to different flavoring options, salt is a universal seasoning that is essential for most foods; feel free to experiment with differing salt preparations and flavorings!

Best used for: flavoring and preserving dishes, most foods may naturally contain salt, flavor pasta water, and can be used to flavor fresh fries, or prepared dishes

Tarragon: estragon, herb found in the sunflower family; used as an aromatic culinary herb, and have different regional variations (French, Russian, etc); sweet notes; native to Asia and has slight anise tastes

Best used for: salmon, chicken, asparagus, carrots, vinegar, potatoes, bearnaise sauce (French tarragon), and tomatoes

Now you know your spice ABCs, go ahead and get cooking! At the end of the day, remember your basics: salt, pepper, and whatever spice you like the most! Of course, don’t be afraid to experiment and try new flavors. The world is full of different spices and possibilities! Feel free to leave a comment on your favorite spices and recipes!  

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