Lodge L410 Pre-Seasoned Sportsman's Charcoal Grill
Lodge L410 Pre-Seasoned Sportsman's Charcoal Grill

The Good:

The Lodge L410 has two different adjustable heights. This function alone makes it a well sought after charcoal grill. The compact nature makes it easy for traveling purposes. Grills that don’t take up much room, but are still amazing quality are always the best grills. You don’t want to be toting around a clunky grill that takes up too much room and you’re left deciding between a charcoal grill and a suitcase full of things you need for a trip! It has a draft door that regulates heat. The cast iron grill face is well crafted and easy to clean because cast iron is generally nonstick. Also, this grill is already well seasoned and ready to use. Cast iron retains heat, so your food will cook faster and more thoroughly. Since it is cast iron, you will not need to use as many coals, which can save you money in the long run. It features a coal door so that more coals can be added if needed and a metal handle is also attached to the top for easy transport. The Lodge L410 Grill comes from a company that is eco-friendly and makes all their seasoned cast iron products in the United States.

The Bad:

I could not find too much to be wrong with the Lodge L410. Since the grill is composed of cast iron, with the exception of the handle, this grill is a little bit heavier than other grills of this size. If you were bringing it camping or picnicking, you may not want to park too far away from where you are going to be grilling. It also gets very hot, so you will want to be careful and use with caution.

Bottom Line:

This grill is made primarily out of cast iron, which makes it a little heavier, around thirty-two pounds, than some grills of the same size. However, the benefits of having the cast iron override it’s weight. The quality of this grill is superb and the fact that it is mainly cast iron is what makes this grill. It cooks food perfectly and you won’t have to worry about cold spots on your grill. The heat of this charcoal grill is very easy to control due to the cast iron, which is something that is sometimes hard to come by with charcoal grills. It keeps the flavor locked in! If you are looking for a compact, easy to use, easy to clean, high performance grill for cooking out, then the Lodge L410 Grill is definitely a contender.

About Lodge:

If you have never heard of the Lodge brand, you are not alone. I was actually surprised by the amount of consumers that have never heard of this brand before, considering how innovative the brand is. The company was birthed in the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee by Joseph Lodge in 1896. His quality driven craftsmen are now overseen by his great-grandsons. What I really loved learning about this company was that even through economic hardship, the Lodge’s made sure their employees stayed afloat financially. They are truly dedicated to their company and the development of their products. Pre-seasoned cookware was first designed by Lodge, now an industry standard. This company is very environmentally conscious. Since inception, the Lodge company has recycled over 109 tons of cardboard. A stream flows into the foundry and then into a lake. The company realized that this could be a problem for the lake, unless they take the right precautions. So, they constructed three stormwater settling ponds. They support plant and animal life, such as water lilies, cattails, and fish. I feel comfortable knowing that my outdoor product comes from a company that truly cares for the sustainability of the environment. This company has been around since the 1800s, striving for personal and company growth in providing products for consumers that are up to standard and outshine all others on the market. Lodge’s cast iron has been reimagined and redeveloped over the course of these years, making a name for themselves as a brand and as a company that delivers only quality products. Specifically, the Lodge L410 is a modern designed charcoal grill with an almost dutch oven style that brings you the perfect balance to cook on.

From The Backyard to The Mountains:

The design for the Lodge line of products was cultivated in the Appalachian Mountains. So, you can trust that their products, specifically the Lodge L410 Grill is going to outlast any other regular grill you might be considering. You might be wondering where the best place to take the Lodge L410 Grill is? The answer is: everywhere. This grill is pretty compact, at only about nineteen inches by ten inches. It will easily slide into your car, truck, or storage area of your camper or RV. You can pack up the L410 and bring it with you wherever charcoal grills are allowed.

Be aware: some parks, very few I have run into, do not allow charcoal grilling and those that do often times have pits for you to properly dispose of your coals. Always be a good samaritan and abide by these rules when you are preparing to grill!

I’ve found that I really enjoy using this product instead of my propane grill. I just got sick of my food tasting sort of like chemicals or like it came straight from my house oven. I love the outside cooked flavor and this grill brought that back out for me. So, it works great in my book as a backyard grill as well.

This is the perfect road trip grill, especially if you are a fan of charcoal grilling. It’s small enough to pack easily, but yet has a large enough surface to cook up some good food for the whole family without a problem. When you’re on a trip, you want to have the ease of durability. You get that and so much more with the L410. You get a product that is suitable not just for your backyard, but for wherever you want to grill.

The Cast Iron Makes This Grill

I have to give this grill an A+, even solely on the fact that it is made entirely out of cast iron. Well, besides the handle. I have never owned a full cast iron grill until this one. However, I have always cooked with cast iron skillets and have loved them due to their versatility. Not only that, but they were super easy to clean. This grill will not have burnt on food or sticky residue that cakes on, which can happen with almost any grill. However, what does stick to this grill is easily removed during cleaning. Only a few swipes and the grill is as good as new and ready for you to make some more food!

Cast iron is designed to retain heat and provide you with an optimal cooking experience that cooks your food quickly and thoroughly. This grill heats up quickly and stays hot to cook food for as long as you need it to. Whether you’re only whipping something up real fast or making burgers for the block party, this grill will never let you down when it comes to heat performance. Due to this high performance, you won’t need to worry so much about the coals, as this grill will use less of them than a normal charcoal grill that isn’t cast iron.

One of The Best Things About This Grill

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a scorcher of foods, even on charcoal grills. I’ll have a whole meal be ruined because I burned all the meat. Sometimes, with grilling, it is very hard to control the heat and if you even turn away for what seems like a second, your food could be burned. But, what might be arguably even worse than that, is when you have cold spots on your grill. The cast iron provides my favorite feature of this grill: control over the heat. You can raise and lower the grate, getting the grill closer or further away from the coals. The cast iron grill heats itself evenly, meaning that you will never have to worry about cold spots. Burgers and pork chops come out nice and evenly browned, while still being juicy on the inside. The ability to cook meats without really worrying about burning them gives me some new satisfaction. When I cook on this grill, it really feels like the best of both worlds between a charcoal grill and a cast iron skillet. Another plus is that due to the flat grill surface, you can easily place a skillet or dutch oven on top to cook as well.


This grill can get very hot! Cast iron holds heat like no other. You’ll want to take precautions around this grill and maybe even invest in a pair of gloves regulated for high temperatures.

If you’re used to cooking on a propane grill, like I was, you will want to adjust your cooking and cooking times. The heat output of a charcoal grill is greater than that of a propane one.

Play around with the grill height to see which height works for you.

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