Whenever we think about Baja California, most things that come to mind are beers, fish tacos, incredible night life, and likely a trip you'll never forget. However, what many people don't know is the intricate delicious foods that Baja California cuisine has to offer. 

Baja California is the north-western peninsula of Mexico that separates the Pacific Ocean from the Gulf of California. Because of it's ideal climate and ecological resources, the cuisine bursts with fresh flavors and influences from across the globe.

One of the most notable cuisines that has emerged from Baja California and gained popularity across the globe is Baja Mediterranean, or Baja Med for short.  

What makes Baja Med cuisine unique, scrumptious, and memorable are it's international influences. Baja Med Cuisine combines flavors from Mexico, Asia, and the Mediterranean to deliver fresh, savory goodness to your taste buds. We've collected some of the most DELICIOUS foods you MUST try on your next trip to Baja California.

1. Caesar Salad

This incredible salad dish has gained some serious notoriety across the globe. However, not many know that this standard restaurant appetizer originated in Mexico. Comprised of crunchy fresh romaines, dried anchovies, freshly grated parmesan cheese, and a rich creamy dressing, this salad is the perfect starter for your Baja California meal. Also, this salad pairs well with a blend of Mediterranean, Mexican, and Asian flavors.

There's really no other best place to have a caesar salad than the place where it was birthed, Caesar's Restaurant in Tijuana. 

Restaurant Recommendation

Caesar's Restaurant | Address: Revolución avenue between 4th and 5th street. Tijuana, México. CP 22000  | Phone: (011) (52) (664) 685 1927

2. Puerto Nuevo Lobster

Surrounded by gorgeous waters on almost all borders, it is no surprise that seafood is a signature in Baja California cuisine. One of the most popular places to get the freshest and juiciest seafood is Puerto Nuevo along Rosaritos Beaches in the north state.

These iconic lobsters are succulent and full of meat. Generally, they are served with a side of rice, beans, salsa, and tortillas. If you're lucky, you can visit during the Puerto Nueva Wine and Lobster Festival.

Restaurant Recommendation

Restaurant Los Arcos | Address: Blvrd Salinas 1000, Aviacion, 22014 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico | Phone: +52 664 686 4757

3. Tecate Bread

Source: Hospital Cer

For those of you who enjoy sweets, this is the bakery you're definitely going to want to visit. Located in the most northern part of Baja California, this booming bakery is famous for it's delicious sweet breads. Tasty staples like orejas, conchas, and campechanas are purchased and devoured on the daily.

What makes this bread stand out from it's competitors is the traditional methods of baking the bread. Bakers at this historical establishment use wood-fired ovens and recipes from a keen line of ancestry.

Restaurant Recommendation

Best Bread of Tecate | Address: Av. Juárez 331, Centro, 21400 Tecate, B.C., Mexico  | Phone: +52 665 654 0040

4. Abalone Chorizo 

Source: Tomo Style

Like most sausages across the globe, abalone chorizo was made due to the lack of refridgeration. When sailors would travel out to see, they would take along abalone chorizo since it had a long shelf life and high protein content. These days, this delicious seafood jerky is a staple local cuisine that you MUST try.

If you like seafood, you will love this. Also, take some home to share with your friends!

5. Fish Tacos

Source: Dj Foodie

For those of you who have ever lived or traveled to California, you will definitely recognize this SoCal staple. Fish tacos are delicious breaded flaky fish accompanied with fresh salsas, crema, pico de gallo, and avocado wrapped in a warm tortilla. These irresistible hand-held meals originated in Baja California itself.

If you're going to travel to Baja California, this is a cuisine you won't want to miss!

6. Pismo Clam Tostada

Luckily, since this gorgeous peninsula is surrounded by lively waters, the seafood in Baja California is something you've never tasted before. If you're a fan of seafood, you will absolutely LOVE the tostadas here. Generally, tostadas in California are topped with a variety of different flavors and meats. However, Baja styles does it with class, elegance, and flavors directly from the sea.

Restaurant Recommendation

Mariscos La Guerrerense |  Address: Avenida Adolfo López Mateos 917, Zona Centro, 22800 Ensenada, B.C., Mexico

7. Margaritas

Source: The Bar

If you're looking to wind down after a long day of travel, the best way to do so is with a tangy margarita. Baja California is home to some of the best margaritas in the world, while world-class bartenders serve you freshly squeezed lime tequila. 

One of the best parts about margaritas is the tequila. Make sure to visit Cantina Hussong's for some memorable cocktails.

Restaurant Recommendation

Cantina Hussong's | Address: Avenida Ruiz 113, Zona Centro, 22800 Ensenada, B.C., Mexico | Phone: +52 646 178 3210

8. Cheese

Source: Baja

Cheese is one of the most delicious cuisines to taste in Baja California. Real del Castillo is home to many vast farm lands that raise beautiful happy cows. You can find some of the tastiest cheese like Parma, Mancillas, Barajas and Ramonetti, all indigenous to the local area. However, Ramonetti is by far the most world-famous cheese, dating back since 1911.

9. Wine

As most foodies know, you can pair wine with almost any meal and make it classy. Because of the vast farm lands and beautiful ecosystem, wine grapes grow with ferocity and vivacity in this climate. If you like wine tours, no need to travel all the way to Napa. Baja California wines are comparable and, some say, could arguable be even better.

Tour Recommendation

Baja Winery Tours | Phone: 619-535-9994

10. Machaca con Huevos

Source: Canal Cocina

Breakfast fans, rejoice! If you're not a morning person, no worries! This delicious combination of eggs, chives, potates, and Baja Californian dried shredded beef will make you craving more at first bite. However, don't be fooled. You're not going to find your average diner style breakfast scramble.

You will have the best breakfast of your life ordering this classic dish.

Delicious Dishes You Must Have in Baja California Cuisine


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