Why a good steak knife?

There’s nothing quite like the first bite of a perfectly grilled steak at a backyard barbecue surrounded by friends and family. And that good of an experience requires nothing less than the best, from the steak to the knives you eat it with. Whether you have steak frequently or only at special occasions, you don’t want to slave over the grill, have a wonderfully juicy steak and then try to cut it with an old, dull and wobbly steak knife! Trying to cut a steak with a poor-quality knife lets the juice run out, making the steak loose some of its best flavor. It's also just unpleasant fighting for every bite you cut. A great steak knife cuts through the meat without any trouble, leaving the flavor in and making the whole experience more enjoyable.

However, finding a set of high-quality steak knives doesn’t mean breaking the bank! No matter the type of steak knife blade you prefer, with a serrated or straight edge, or what type of handle you like, there are many economical options available. We’ve found the best sets of steak knives for under $100. Pick your perfect set and you’ll be on your way to a great steak dinner! or We’ve found the best nine sets of steak knives for under $100!

The Best 9 Steak Knives Under $100

These Marksford Ansgar steak knives are sturdy stainless steel knives that look and feel like premium steak knives.

The knives’ blades are crafted from high-carbon German stainless steel. The high-carbon prevents the blades from wearing down over time and the stainless steel prevents rusting. The blades are straight-edge so they will effortlessly slice any cut of steak into bite-sized pieces.  The handles are made from high-quality black micarta. Micarta is a material, often opoxy or silicone, that is reinforced with fiberglass, cork, cotton cloth, paper or carbon fiber. It is incredibly durable and made to last a lifetime.

One great perk of this set of steak knives is that it includes a knife sharpener so you can easily keep these knives sharp no matter how long you have them! They also come in beautiful packaging making them perfect to give as a gift or just to display in your kitchen.

We love this Emojoy steak knife set! This set comes with eight steak knives, perfect for any small get-together.

These professional-quality steak knives are crafted from imported Thyssenkrupp high-carbon German steel and hand-sharpened to 16 to 18 degrees per side. The blades are serrated with small ridges until the end of the blade which is a fine, smooth tip for pulling meat from bones. Made of beautiful deep cherry colored Pakkawood, the handles look like real wood but are tough enough to withstand more force. The handles are also full tang, meaning the blade extends all the way through the handle, and are secured with three studs that are smooth with the finish of the knife.

For a set of eight steak knives under $100, it’s pretty hard to beat this level of quality craftsmanship and aesthetic finish. You will definitely love these knives for years to come!

This Foxel steak knife set is designed to elevate your dining experience to that of a five star restaurant in the comfort of your own home. The blade is melted from German stainless steel with a full tang handle; the steel extends through the handle instead of stopping at the heel. The sides of the handle are seamlessly connected to the metal and sanded and finished for a perfect, smooth texture. The handles themselves are crafted from beautiful rosewood, a pink-hued wood with dark ebony grains running through it.

But do these knives accomplish the most important task? Of course! These knives tear effortlessly through steak with their perfectly-serrated edges. The blade’s fine tip allows you to cut even the toughest of pieces of meat away from the bone. Hand wash these knives to preserve the rosewood and the blade and store them in the included Foxel box and these steak knives will last for years.

With a powerful upswept boning tip and long, fine-edge blade, these Messermeister knives are an excellent addition to any steak dinner. Fine-edge blades are best for separating meat from the bone and pull cutting through boneless sections of meat. The fine edge also means that it will cut the meat, not just tear through it. Fine edge versus serrated edge blades depends on the type of meat and personal preference.

These blades are crafted from high quality German steel. They are rust resistant and easy to resharpen over time. The blade extends all the way into the handle, as a full tang.

We love the handles on these knives! They are beautifully crafted from Pakkawood, an engineered wood and plastic mixed material. It is tougher and more water resistant than real wood and, while it can be made to look nearly identical to real wood, Pakkawood is also available in a number of other, less natural shades. One downside to Pakkawood is that it is not dishwasher safe. However, most high quality knives are not dishwasher safe, so this is not that different from other similar knives.

If you love the modern, sleek look for interior design, these are the steak knives for you! The Cuisinart C55 Advantage Color Collection consists of six all-matte-black ceramic coated steak knives.

Under the ceramic coating are high-quality stainless steel blades perfect for cutting any meat, from chicken to steak. The stylish ceramic coating not only has a distinctive look, but it is also non-stick. The blades are deeply serrated with a sharp, smooth tip for tearing meat off of bones.

Forged from one single, solid piece of high carbon stainless steel, these ZWilling J.A. Henckels steak knives will remain in excellent condition for many, many years. The blade is four inches long with a finely serrated edge and a smooth, sharp tip. The handles are tapered from the blade for a comfortable and easy to hold onto grip.

Because these knives are entirely stainless steel, they are dishwasher safe. No matter how much residue is left on them after use, simply put them in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning. Stainless steel also does not rust so these knives will look great for years to come.

This set of ZWilling J.A. Henckels steak knives comes in a wooden presentation box, making it perfect for storage or to give as a gift for your loved ones who are steak fanatics!

These Dalstrong steak knives are no joke! With five inch long, full-tang, imported Thyssendrupp high-carbon German steel blades combined with engineered-to-perfection handles, these knives with easily slice through any meat! The blades are straight-edge and hand sharpened on both sides, 16 to 18 degrees, so they will slice, not tear through the meat. Straight edge blades can also be easily sharpened at home.

But what is an excellently-crafted blade without an equally as excellent handle? Which is why the handles on these knives are ergonomically and aesthetically crafted from black Pakkawood imported from Spain. They are full tang and triple-riveted with stainless steel so they will not wobble, no matter how precise the work you are using them for.

One nice perk with this set of knives is that they come with BPA free PerfectFit knife guards so you can always store them safely! Overall, these classic design, straight-edge knives will be a great addition to your kitchen for years to come!

Another set of Foxel steak knives has made our list! These are classic, deeply serrated black and silver steak knives. The blades are made from high-quality Thyssen-Krupp German stainless steel and are sharpened on a high speed wet stone lathe. The serrations have an exact 18 degree slope and are spaced precisely to maximize cutting ease while preserving the knife’s sharpness. Stainless steel does not rust so these knives will last through many steak dinners!

The excellence of these knives does not stop at the hilt though! The full tang handle is ergonomic and weighted for ease of manoeuvrability and comfort.

These Victorianox Swiss steak knives are basic yet elevated multi-use knives that are ideal for cutting any boneless meat as well as any fruit or vegetable. They are designed ergonomically with a slip resistant, fibrox handle. Fibrox is a high-quality fiber material manufactured to last through repeated, everyday use and to ensure safety during use. The blades are serrated stainless steel with a spear tip. If you prefer a lighter weight knife, these are an excellent choice; because of the blade size and the handle material, these are nice and lightweight and easy to handle knives.

Not only are these great knives, they are also dishwasher safe! After your delicious meal, simply toss them in the dishwasher and go back to spending time with your family and friends, your pet or even just your favorite tv show!

Finding a set of high-quality steak knives doesn’t mean breaking the bank! No matter the type of steak knife blade you prefer, with a serrated or straight edge, or what type of handle you like, there are many economical options available. We’ve found the best sets of steak knives for under $100. #knife #knifeset #knives #kitchenknives #kitchen #kitchentools #cutlery #knifesets #steaks #steakknife #steakknives

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