Commercial Cold Press Juicers

Love the taste of fresh squeezed juice? Then a pressed juicer is a must in your near future!

Nothing beats the quality and taste of fresh squeezed juice. This trendy gadget allows everyone to have complete control over what goes inside their body, from the convenience and comfort of their own home! Cold Pressed Juices are taking over the health world with a variety of recipes that include fruit, vegetables, and nuts. The possibilities are endless! Whether you are a celebrity, influencer, or daily consumer, these commercial cold pressed juicers allow you to have creativity and ease in making delicious, fresh juice. In this buying guide, we show you the best juicers on the market! These award winning and top rated products are all durable, high quality, and create the best homemade pressed juice experience!

Pressed Juice Basics:

Now, there are several factors to consider when buying a pressed juicer, such as the types of juicers produced in the marketing. Below are some definitions and terms to help you get around when it comes to making your decision to press away!

  • Masticating Juicer

  • A Masticating Juicer is most known for their slow and steady rotating auger, which crushes products against a stainless steel mesh lining at slow RPM (80 - 100 avg.) With a slow speed, this guarantees less oxidation in your juices. Because of slow producing juice, these machines are going to be quieter than the powerful centrifugal juicer category listed below. Thus, it will take longer to extract your juice.


    Little risk of clogging. Good option for leafy greens Little or no Oxidation

    Versatile - some models can grind beans, nut butters, or make baby food


    Small Chute Longer time to make juice. Can be slightly pulpy - requires a strainer

  • Centrifugal Juicer

This type of juicer allows your products to be fed through a chute as spinning blades shred it into your juice! With fast spinning motions, the juices are separated from all the pulp and creates the juice. There is also a centrifugal juicer known as the “centrifugal ejection juicer”, which allows for the juice to flow out into a cup or container. It is most notable for its design, which has a separate compartment for any pulp produced.


Great for large quantities of juice. Can shred whole fruits at a time (depending on chute size width) Quick producing - takes seconds to juice


High Oxidizing - must drink within a short time frame. Takes up a lot of space

A.K.A Long Lasting Juicer

This centrifugal juicer packs a punch with a maximum juice capacity of 70oz, allowing for meal prep, big parties, and juice cleanses! With the Cold Spin Technology feature, juice can flow through this Italian-made mesh to reduce overheating. Everyone loves the easy clean up and effortless juicing, with the 3.5 inch chute,  which gives you more time when it comes to cooking, cleaning, or pursuing your lifestyle activities. Therefore, healthy options start today, go ahead and juice away!

A.K.A The Do It All Juicer

The Kuvings vertical masticating juicer is created with a 3 inch chute that allows you to juice whole fruits at a time. The durability of this juicer ensures that you are able to enjoy fresh pressed juices for years to come! Included in this juicing kit are 3 cleaning tools and blank strainer for ice creams and smoothies. Thus, it makes for a well-rounded gadget for any meal of the day!

A.K.A My Magic Mini Juicer

This personal juicer features a compact design, which can allow one to make almond milk, sorbets, and juices with ease! The HUROM HP also implements safety features to prevent overheating, and there are no blades present. So, you can press your ingredients, stress-free! The supplied motor has a 10 year warranty, and all parts are BPA free. This pressed juicer is stylish and sleek, with 3 color options! It is guaranteed for easy and accessible storage, clean up, and care!

A.K.A Long Lasting Juicer

The Omega juicer allows for maximum juice output from fruits, vegetables, and wheatgrass! There is 5 adjustable pressure settings, and low speed will minimize increasing temperatures and oxidation. It can able to satisfy any craving you have, with the ability to grind coffee or spices, as well as mix baby food. This allows you to create meals and juice for the entire family. Many people rave about the durability of the Omega, with a juice screen that commonly breaks. Thankfully, Omega’s customer service is top notch, and features a 15 year warranty!

A.K.A The Family Favorite Juicer

This juicer features 7 segment spiral openings with an 80 RPM slow masticating and grinding method, which allows for 90% of nutrition retention. Low heat and friction can preserve the nutrients from vitamins, enzymes, and minerals! The Aicok is incredibly easy to assemble and take apart, and dishwasher safe, which makes juicing a breeze! The Aicok provides the ability to juice from your baby, to your other half, or your grandparents! It does it all! This juicer also comes with a 3 year warranty, so you can ensure the longevity of your product.

A.K.A The Dependable Juicer

This bad boy has a 240W AC motor with a juicing speed of 43 RPMs. With a 3 inch large mouth chute, this juicer can accommodate larger produce items with little resistance to any clogging. Although on the heavier side, a whopping 15 pounds, the SKG has a handle for sturdy and secure cleanup. Many customers love this product because it decreases juicing time by 50%, but have noted that it is not guaranteed to be completely pulp free. It is also noted to be on the taller side, which may not fit under everyone’s cabinets. Overall, the SKG is perfect for environmentalists, as it has a small footprint, and is child friendly as it has a safety plastic

AKA The Slow & Steady Juicer

Whether you’re a newbie to the juicing trend, or a seasoned veteran, this Tribest juicer is equipped with a two blade auger, which makes juicing twice as fast and easy! Not only does it make the juice, this product also comes with a mincing attachment. Your recipes can be twice as nice with pates, dips, spreads, and nut butters! What people love most about this juicer they can use it on the daily. The trick is to cut your veggies and fruits smaller, which can yield high juice quantity and still keep their nutrients at a 47 RPM speed.

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Whether you are a celebrity, influencer, or daily consumer, these commercial cold pressed juicers allow you to have creativity and ease in making delicious, fresh juice. #juicer #coldpressed #juicing #juice  #coldpressjuicer #juicerlife #healthy #healthyrecipes #healthyjuice #healthfood #kitchenappliances #kitchenware
Whether you are a celebrity, influencer, or daily consumer, these commercial cold pressed juicers allow you to have creativity and ease in making delicious, fresh juice. #juicer #coldpressed #juicing #juice  #coldpressjuicer #juicerlife #healthy #healthyrecipes #healthyjuice #healthfood #kitchenappliances #kitchenware


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