Tandoori Oven

Did You Say Tandoori?

We sure did! Have you ever been to an Indian restaurant and tasted delicious Naan bread? Sometimes we just can’t get enough of how warm, textured, and flavorful they taste. That’s all thanks to Tandoor ovens (also called Tandoori)! What, you may ask? These ovens are used throughout India, the Middle East, Pakistan, and even going further into Asia.

They are typically large and permanent ovens, usually with hot sides, or they can be small and portable. Most tandoor ovens are made of clay with the insulating sides (usually concrete, mud, or metal.) It’s also cylinder in shape and curve somewhat like a vase, which keeps the heat concentrated. On the bottom, there’s a fire that can warm the oven up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Today, we'll be talking about the best tandoor ovens for sale in the market!

When we think about Naan, or other flat breads, they’re put against the side walls of the oven. As they stick and adhere, they’re able to cook rapidly and peel off. When we want the delicious meats and poultry, they’re cooked through long skewers put directly inside the oven. Even better, they can be cooked over the mouth, in a somewhat traditional barbecue fashion. Today, we have an entire list of Tandoor Ovens to satisfy any big or small cooking needs. It’s a must have for family events, those that are constantly cooking with meat and bread, or people who love to shake things up every once and awhile! Let’s dig in!

The 16 Best Tandoor Ovens

This unconventional statement tandoor oven is perfect for stove tops, grills, or the oven! This low and slow heat brings out the best flavors when it comes to making bread, or meats. This type of design is inspired by Moroccan Tagine, but it surely gets the cooking done for you!  

Choose between two shades of light or dark red, a beautiful teal color, or back to basics black! This tandoor oven is both small and portable, so you can use it in home or take it with you on the go -- yes, that includes camping!

One thing about this particular pot is that there is no steam holes, but pressure can release steam from the sides. It's a little bit different in the style of cooking, but it sure makes amazing breads, Indian dishes, and other meals.  It’s not the most traditional pot, but it's classic and great to keep in the household! 

BBS Tandoor with skewers 700x400-228x228

If you love that barbecue feeling, then you’ll absolutely love this tandoor oven! This set is made with authentic clay, so you can slap your Naan on it for easy cooking, while skewing delicious chicken and assorted meats. This is one of the most traditional tandoor oven brands, so you know that you'll be in good hands when cooking up skewers, breads, or barbecuing outside. 

Even better, it’s ready to use, no installation required! This tandoor oven is specifically made for outdoor use, and can cater up to 10 people with the skewers provided. It also features charcoal grate stainless steel (2 pieces) that make it a better cooking experience and easy clean up. Since you'll be outdoors, there is also a weather cover metal to keep you protected from the elements! 

Not only is it portable, it’s very chic, compact, and ready to get cooking! Don’t miss out on this oven, it’s bound to blow you away!

This particular oven set is for the skewer-only crowd! It’s a rotisserie style oven that is great for inside the home. Enjoy some delicious kebabs, gyros, or seasoned vegetables with this skewer set! The vertical grill can grill 6 pieces of skewers and it has a 1100W high-powered performance! People love this product because it doesn’t take up counter space.

However, if you want a more traditional oven, clay sides and everything, this is more for the meat lovers. You can explore outside of the Indian food realm with this grill oven, so this is great for experimental types!

If you're a meat lover or someone not too huge on carbs, this is an unconventional oven that will take you to newer heights! 

The Best 3 Gas Tandoors

This gas tandoor oven ships straight from India, so you can tell that you’ll get an authentic tandoori experience. There are two handles for easy transport, as well as moving it from place to place.

Use this to make tandoori roti, cookies, cakes, and more! It's cost effective, and you don't need to use excess oil, making for a more healthy meal! 
To use, you'd be able to turn on your gas stove , then remove the burner plates. Next, place your tandoor oven on top. Add marinated chicken, vegetables,  or whatever you're cooking and cook on low to medium flame. Easy! 

It is a rather small sized tandoori oven, so it’s great for small couples or a single person! It’s easy to use, and easy to store, so you know you’re in good hands with this oven!

This tandoor kit uses propane or natural gas, with a gas burner. To install it, you will take your propane tank and regulator with a hose and hook it up.

Once it’s all hooked on, you will put the metal tray on top and fill it with lava rocks. With a 10 minute set up, you’ll be all set for your outdoor cooking needs. Great for summer grilling, or all around weather food cravings!

Wow, where can we begin on this amazing tandoor oven?! This is a non-electric convection oven for all types of cooking. It features a removable grill to access while cleaning.

First of all, it’s portable, sturdy, windproof, and heatproof! People love that it’s easy to clean and that you can easily adjust the heat. Also, the surface space for cooking is about the size of a frying pan, so keep that in mind if you want to cook for a huge party. Food grills evenly, you can place the Naan to the flat surfaces and let it look.

For the price, this is an awesome deal!

Best Electric Tandoor

Some some electric tandoor in your life? Look no further! This is a mult-functional grill/ tandoor pot that is great for any home! You can choose between a 3 or a 4 quart, depending on the amount you want to be cooking at once.

You can grill, you can make soups, or you can cook your flat breads. Go wild! The world is your oyster with this pot! This user-friendly design is perfect for first time chefs, and it has easy to clean pieces. Piece of cake!

Everyone who purchased this grill set said it’s the last pan that you’ll ever need! This is a practical kitchen appliance for those that want to conserve space in their home. You can invent your own recipes and have a great time cooking! 

For the quality of this tandoor oven, it's a must have for your kitchen. 

Best 2 Home Tandoors

This is a 680 degrees fahrenheit oven built for goodness! It is a little different than other ovens because it self rotates, which will evenly cook your food! It's a 4 way heating system that is going to blow you away. With a push of a button, it cooks for you. It can't be easier than that! 

It is only used for gas stove, non electric. Use it outdoors, use it for camping! When you're in your happy place, a home away from home, getting the best cookware is important.

With this oven, the possibilities are endless! There are two side handles that make picking it up a breeze! Included in this product are the main unit, a glass lid, the tyoriton, control box, air vent plugs, and an easy instruction manual. Put the timer on for the best meat cooked, guaranteed!

Healthy and delicious, wireless cooking? Sign us up! 


You can start grilling things to perfection with this pot!

With a temperature range from 200-450 degrees fahrenheit, you can grill anything! Grill vegetables, skewers, breads. You can even grill, slow cook, simmer, and stir fry! With a raised grill surface, fat will drip away, so you have the healthiest meals in the convenience of your household. Who could ask for more?!

Fans love it because it’s the most versatile kitchen tool, it’s easy to use, and works excellent! Sometimes, they say the grill could be on the hotter side, so do not leave your pot unattended while cooking (as we all should be.)

It’s an amazing price, so it’s a great starter set or addition to your kitchen needs.

Best 2 Outdoor Tandoor Ovens

This self-rotating oven is perfect on the go! You can use it on any gas cooktops, and it will keep the moisture and flavor inside the sealed pot.

It is a battery operated control box. Never have burnt or undercooked meals again! With a portable butane gas stove, it’s perfect for outdoor cooking when camping, or just keep it outdoors if you don’t want to keep it inside the house. This is guaranteed to be the best portable, indoor, and outdoor tandoori stove of your life. Believe it! 

You’ll be the best chef at the event! Don't miss out on this classy and convenient product. 

Do you know the King of Tandoor? It's gotta be Gulati.

This outdoor tandoori oven comes with 10 skewers, a stainless steel mouth cover, and handle. 

It’s perfectly suitable for charcoal and gas. Gulati is known for making high quality and dependable restaurant quality appliances. They serve India, Pakistan, and Middle Eastern Food. Wherever you're cooking, make sure that you're using Gulati. 

This is a quality tandoori cooking experience, probably one of the best! It’s 37” high, with a mouth diameter of 17”. If you’re ready to make the investment, this is the one for you!

Best Portable Tandoor Oven

Is portable possible when it comes to tandoor ovens? Well, yeah with this one! This is a 153 (14” diameter) square inch cooking area, made with cast iron grates! Also, the grill oven will promote even heating for intense and delicious flavors!

There are so many pros about this grill, oven, whatever you name it. It’s durable, affordable, and lighter than a ceramic grill. Take it to your barbecues, tailgating events, or out to the park! Best of all, there is a 200-700 degrees fahrenheit capacity, so you can cook all your favorite and delicious meals!

If you want to cook large portions of meat, this grill can make a rack of lamb, chicken, fish, anything! It’s portable and easy to use!

Best Clay Tandoor Oven

This clay baker is made in Germany, with making the most delicious meals in mind. Create roasts, breads, meats, or anything your heart desires!

 To use, just soak the top, where the lid will absorb water to create a blanket of steam inside and out of the pot. All natural flavors are retained and intensified. There are side handles with a glazed bottom. Cleanup has never been faster and easier than before!

Best part: oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe! Need we say more? There are 5 different sizes to choose from: Small, Medium, Large, Turkey Size, and Extra Large! Wow!

Reviews used this clay oven to make fresh bread, roasted chicken and turkey, and praise it as being one of the most needed kitchen essentials. Classic and cute! If you need a clay pot, this will definitely be the last one you'll ever have to buy! 

Best 2 Commercial Tandoor Ovens

If you’re ready to bring the party, then this is here to bring the food! Trust us, it's huge. 

Using a charcoal heat source, you can cook everything and anything inside this traditional tandoor oven. This is a professional and portable catering tool for restaurant owners and caterers. This is a pretty commercialized oven to fit all your party needs.

Serve up to 50 people or more with a lively tandoor cooking experience! It is made with authentic clay, with stainless steel on the outside. Of course, this bad boy weighs under 300 pounds, so transport it through your truck or van!

If you’re serious about tandoor, then this is seriously the right one for you!

Calling all meat lovers!

This barrel is a 5 in 1 cooking space. Use it as a table, a firepit, a bbq pit, a cooking rack, or a vertical grill hanger! This is not only useful, it’s portable too! With a 2 piece barrel, you can take it apart and keep it in your truck.

Use it for huge family events, tailgating, beach grilling, camping, or catering. It’s meant for both beginners and pros, and the barrel will heat up to 225 degrees (perfect for smoking.)

Fully assembled, the total height for this product is approximately 3 feet. Not to mention, it's height is perfect for keeping any little ones at bay; at the end of the day, no one gets burned! All in all, it’s a great and nice functional design!

Best Stainless Steel Tandoor

This stainless steel tandoor starter set will bring you places! Showing this off to all your friends and family is surely going to impress them!

Of course, the stainless steel here is corrosion proof and non-stick. It also comes with a 2-in-1 beer can chicken/turkey holder rack, one large grilling basket, and a bonus meat thermometer! This is perfect for cooking your vegetables, heating up Naan bread, or sizzling seafood and chickens.

You have the peace of mind with a full money back guarantee! Hand wash it or put it in the dishwasher, the ball is in your court! It’s heavy, durable, and great for smoking meats!

It’s a great buy, so don’t miss out!

How to Make a Homemade Tandoori Oven

If you’re feeling crafty, this section talks about making your very own tandoori oven! That’s right - you want to sizzle meat, cook breads, and have authentic clay pots in your life? We definitely understand! The best part about making your own tandoori oven is that you can adjust the size to fit your needs. This is the perfect DIY project for those that are passionate for tandoori, and have the patience and materials to make it! It’s easier than you think, and requires an item that you will most likely find in your household: a flower pot. Let’s get started.

Materials Needed:

3 Terracotta Clay Pots

Pot #1 should be the BIGGEST

Pot #2 should be medium

Pot #3 should be smallest

Pot 3 should be able to fit inside pot 1 without touching the wall of the sides

Masking Tape, Pencil, Pen

Ceramic Saw / Angle Glider

2-3 Bricks

2-3 Small Bricks


Safety Goggles, Eye Mask, Gloves

1-2 Bags Lava Rocks (30-60 pieces depending on size)


Try to keep your pots 2-3 inches apart

Don’t let the smallest pot be smaller than 10 inches

Get pots that have a pre-made hole


  1. Put Pot #1 on the ground and flip it upside-down. You should work in an open area (preferably outdoors), where you can receive good ventilation
  2. Drill holes in Pot #1 by putting 5-6 small holes, or 3-4 big ones
  3. Put Pot #3 on the ground and flip it upside-down.
  4. Drill holes in Pot #3 by putting 5-6 small holes, or 3-4 big ones
  5. Put pot #2 on the ground and flip it upside-down. Mark ½ an inch from the base of the pot with masking tape, pen, or pencil
  6. Cut the base off using a ceramic saw
  7. Cut along the line you drew
  8. Sandpaper the edges as needed
  9. Once the base is removed - keep it - DO NOT THROW AWAY

Putting the Oven Together

  1. Take your bricks and place them on the ground to create a platform
  2. Put Pot #1 on this platform face-up
  3. Create another platform by placing 2 or 3 smaller bricks inside Pot #1
  4. Ensure that the bricks are firmly placed
  5. Place Pot #3 on the platform. It should sit firmly without touching Pot #1
  6. Secure the pot and make sure it is not going to move or wobble
  7. Take Pot #2 and flip it over. Place it on Pot #3
  8. Make sure that Pot #2 does not touch Pot #1 - it should look like a funnel
  9. Fill the empty space with your lava rocks around Pot #2 and Pot #3
  10. Return the base piece on Pot #2 - it is now your lid

To Cook:

  1. Place coals inside Pot #3 and heat to your desired temperature
  2. Start cooking!
  3. Be careful with the pots, as they may rise in temperature.

Viola! That was easy, right?? Now you have the tools to get cooking - so you just need a recipe for some amazing Indian meals.

Looking to up your Indian cooking game at home? We found the best tandoor ovens for sale that will help bring the best Indian dishes to your table. #indian #indianfood #indiantandoor #tandoooroven #tandoor #india #indiancuisine #indiancooking #kitchentools #kitchenappliances
Looking to up your Indian cooking game at home? We found the best tandoor ovens for sale that will help bring the best Indian dishes to your table. #indian #indianfood #indiantandoor #tandoooroven #tandoor #india #indiancuisine #indiancooking #kitchentools #kitchenappliances

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