Thai Candy

Regardless of how good commercials make those Snickers bars look, it is still the same over-processed sugar you have been eating since you grew teeth. It is time to diversify. Thai candies are fruitful with a wide variety of tastes including honey, fruits, milk or even a coffee shot. The entire package has an individual wrap which makes them quite convenient to keep chewing on different occasions.

An indulgence of Thai candy is an eye-opener to a new angle of Thailand’s sweet flavors that is sure to never get boring. We have compiled a list of our favorite Thai candy to help you make an informed choice. Check out our list of the best 20 Thai candy that is guaranteed to satisfy you.

20 Best Thai Candies

The Roscela Tablet Malt Candy comes in a cute looking package for you to grab and go anywhere. With a mild scent of chocolate and milky sweet taste, it is easy to chew. This candy is rich in the natural goodness of malt which delivers nutritional value and great taste for the healthy growth of the body. The delicious malted milk candy brings back a lot of unforgettable childhood sweet memories. It contains calcium, and it is a good quality candy for children. We recommend the Roscela Tablet Malt Candy to all milk lovers to refresh your mind.

The Ooley Super Sour Strawberry Lime/Lemon Candy is another tasty Thai candy choice to try. It has an extremely sour taste with high vitamin C and powder coated all over the candy. This gives you that strawberry lime and super sour tastes. Once this candy touches your tongue, you will get a sour taste that will be gone in a minute before leaving you with a sweet taste. One tablet of Ooley Super Sour Strawberry Lime/Lemon Candy is equivalent to one lemon and taking three tablets a day is equivalent to the recommended daily intake (RDI).

The Moo Milk Candy Tablet is made of high-quality New Zealand milk powder supported by a small quantity of sugar, making it a healthy choice for consumers. Each of these candy’s tablet is printed with cute cartoon patterns. This milk flavored pellet doesn’t contain MSG or preservatives and it is GMD and HACC certified. The taste and aroma of this candy are suitable for everyone’s taste and health. It is high in calcium and vitamin A. The Moo Milk Candy Tablet is a no regret choice for milk lovers and a must try Thai candy.

This handy pack of mildy marshmallows contains 5 different flavors including strawberry, chocolate, lychee, melon, and banana. It comes with a very soft texture of marshmallows that can melt in your mouth in the blink of an eye. The Thailand Mildy Marshmallow Mixed Candy has a sweet taste and is enjoyable for all ages. This candy does not also contain preservative or MSG.

The Sugus Jumbo Chewy Candy is available in a variety of flavors including blackcurrant, raspberry, orange, and pineapple. This chewy fruity candy comes in a square shape and it is wrapped by thin paper. It is super sticky, lightly sour and sweet with a hint of flavor while chewing. The Sugus Jumbo Chewy Candy is not suitable for children under the age of three years old to avoid choking hazards.

The Fisherman’s Friend Mint Candy comes in a small resealable bag full of an oval-shaped tablet with purple glitter on it. It has a very cool menthol taste mixed with a mild scent of flavors. This candy is absolutely free of sugar and has a little sweet taste that allows you to enjoy the flavor. This pack comes with 9 different flavors, including original mint, spearmint, citrus, cherry, mandarin, mandarin, and aniseed.

Morr Milk Tablet is a simple Thai candy in the form of a tablet in a small package which makes it convenient to carry. It is easy to chew and has a mild scent of its own and a slightly milky sweet taste. The Morr Milk Tablet is another great choice for milk lovers on our list of the best Thai candy. It contains no preservatives or MSG, so it is safe for consumers of all ages.

The Jack n Jill Dynamite Chico-Filled Mint Flavoured Candy is a hard candy filled with chocolate inside. It starts with cool mint coated flavor from the outside then slowly explodes an intense taste like‘Dynamite’. This candy has a unique taste of hard candy, you would love to try.

Each package of the B & G Candy Plum Shanghai features a beautiful plum flower shape. It has a sweet flavor from glucose syrup along with a unique sour taste of plum. This Thai candy is very popular in Thailand and is delicious to eat, you will definitely like it.

Cougar Milk Flavoured Candy is a sticky and chewy milk candy with an intense milky taste. This is a highly recommended Thai candy choice for milk lovers. It doesn’t contain MSG or preservatives. The Cougar Milk Flavoured Candy is suitable for children and adults for free time, travel, camping, and every opportunity.

Yoyo Jelly Assorted Gummy Jelly

This is a yummy, gummy candy with gelatin jolly of assorted flavors, including orange, strawberry, grape, and lemon. The blended sweet makes it unstoppable especially when you are having these while enjoying your favorite TV show.

You will love these Thai candies if you like a side of coffee with your hard-boiled sweets. These dainty little hard-boiled candies come in individual wrappers. They are rather appealing visually with a milky top and a coffee-colored base, echoing the makeup of practically any coffee you choose to name. Kopiko Cappuccino Candy is a candy coffee innovation that is made from the extract of selected coffee beans.

An intense coffee shot and a strong aroma will help you conveniently recharge anytime within your pocket reach. The flavor is delicious with vanilla and hints of toffee-like flavor coming from the upper portion of the candy. It tastes like condensed milk with a rich and lovely fatty cream base. The coffee flavor is also very good. It is strong enough without ever becoming overwhelming and bitter.

This super cool hardball Thai candy will help you refresh your breath after a meal. It has a very strong mint aroma from your mouth up to your nose with a light taste of mixed berry. With its small flatted package, the Botan Mint Ball Mixed Berry Candy is a convenient choice to bring along everywhere you go. It is also easy to open with just a finger pop.

My Mint, Mint Flavour Candy is a chewy mint-flavored candy with a refreshing cool taste that will come out once you keep chewing. It has a light sweet taste, especially when followed with a cup of water. This will enhance the feeling of fresh cool mint all over your mouth. This is a unique Thai selection that can’t be missed.

This pack contains four flavors of raspberry, orange, green apple, and blackcurrant. The Sugus Chewy Assorted Candy has a unique thick in taste but it is soft inside until it lasts. Reproduce the taste of fresh flavor spread in your mouth when you eat this candy. The Sugus Chewy Assorted Candy is great for travel, camping, and party.

This is an all-time favorite gummy candy among many people in Thailand. It has an intense sweet and sour taste that is great for all ages. Additionally, the combination of the various fruits makes this candy very enjoyable.

Just like Thai desserts, these candies are very sweet and also very unique. They are definitely worth a try. Find your favorite flavors in any of the best Thai candy reviewed above.

The Cougar Yoghurt Candy has a sweet and sour taste and is a great choice for candy lovers. Crunch with a hint of yogurt and an intense curd taste. This sticky and chewy curd candy is also great for children. The Cougar Yoghurt is also available in banana flavor

My Mint, Mint Flavour Candy is a chewy mint-flavored candy with a refreshing cool taste that will come out once you keep chewing. It has a light sweet taste, especially when followed with a cup of water. This will enhance the feeling of fresh cool mint all over your mouth. This is a unique Thai selection that can’t be missed.

United Coffee Candy is made from real roasted coffee bean extract. That means you will get an authentic flavor and that little boost of caffeine you would typically get from an actual coffee. Each candy is individually wrapped in sealed pouches, making it easy to keep in your purse or in the car. The candies are little, flat rectangles and they are crisp and densely rich. It has a sweet taste but with a robust and full sweet coffee flavor. You will enjoy this full and robust flavored coffee Thai candy.

Tamarind is a common fruit in Thailand that grows in almost everyone’s backyard. Thai Tamarind Candy has a sweet and sour taste similar to the fruit but with the texture of hard candy. It comes in bite-size and in individually wrapped packages. This makes it easy to throw into the purse and take it with you. This candy is one of the most famous chewy Tamarind in Thailand. It is well mixed with sweet, sour, salted, and a bit of chili spicy. According to the manufacturer, Thai Tamarind Candy can help you recover from drowsiness while driving. It is a great candy for everybody at all times and places. 

Halls Fresh Lime Candy has the real flavor if real lime. This fruit is widely used in Thai delicacies, pastries, and cuisines because of its aroma and acidic, sour juice. It is also a common ingredient that can be found in restaurants mostly in Thailand, Mexico, and Vietnam. This fruit is not only delicious, but it is used for medicinal purposes especially for cosmetics as it has anti-aging properties and best used in facial cleanser and washer. Lime is rich in vitamin C and ascorbic acid. It is known to have high water content and a good source of minerals like potassium, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and iron, as well as vitamins like vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin A, and folate. Halls Fresh Lime Candy is a perfect code for your colds and coughs. It gives relief to fresh breath and clogged nose as well.

Royal Chitralada Milk Candy is one of Thailand’s most famous candies. It is one of the products from the Royal Chitralada Project. Thai people like this milk tablet because of the taste and quality of the ingredients. It is made from non-fat milk powder and mixed with a little sugar to give it a mellow and mildly sweet taste. This candy tastes good and comes with 2 different flavors: original and chocolate flavor. Royal Chitralada Milk Candy is great for children and milk lovers.

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