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Can’t hardly get out of bed in the morning anymore without a hot cup of freshly brewed espresso, can you? But it would be silly to keep spending as much money as you do every day buying espressos from Starbucks. Not everyone understands what that black gold does to you.

A lot of people don’t get how the rich aroma of hot brewing espresso hits your nose early in the morning filling you with a giddy thrill. They don’t understand that rush of eye opening euphoria as you take that first sip; smooth foamed milk blending with the coffee bean to perfection – but we do!

Hell, we know that you probably spend ten times more throughout the year buying one cup of espresso at a time than you would paying for a brand new top-of-the-line automatic espresso machine. You can’t spend $20 on a K-Mart brand coffee maker and expect the kind of espresso that you want – no, you need the best.

So that’s what we did! We found the 10 best automatic espresso machines that money can buy. Just pick a machine, any machine and you’re guaranteed that smack you in the face, Damn that’s good espresso any time you want! Best of all, it’s already paid for!

10 Best Automatic Espresso Machines

First up to bat in our list of the top 10 best automatic espresso machines is one we call the Italian Stallion otherwise known as the Barista Express Coffee Machine from Breville. We call it the Italian Stallion because of its Italian style 15 bar pump – made just the way they do it in Italy!

The Italian influence is felt not just in its function but also in its design. This is an improvement and a more recent version of their previous best seller. Sleek in its stainless steel construction, it comes with an attached conical burr grinder and a half pound hopper for your coffee beans. This thing is powerful. It heats up using 1600 W thermo coil heating and uses up to 120 volts.

You get a perfect cup of espresso every time because of this machine’s purge function. It will automatically adjust the temp for steam extraction. The two liter tank is easily removable for quick and easy cleaning. For the true espresso lover, this machine is sweet!

What we love most about the Pico Baristo Automatic Espresso Machine from Saeco is that even if you love espresso, it can automatically brew seven other types of coffees. Some days you may feel like a latte and other days you may want a cappuccino – this one does it all!

Constructed of high quality stainless steel, this machine makes your premium coffee beans last and last. It grinds so finely that the 8.8 ounce bean container can hold enough beans to brew 20,000 cups before refill! Plus, it comes with a one touch milk frother.

It’s easy to maintain this beast. Because of the AquaClean filter, you only have to descale and decalcify this machine every 5,000 cups. There is nothing to critique and everything to love about this top quality automatic espresso machine.

Is the cleaning the part that frustrates you the most about your old espresso machine? If so, we’ve got something special for you! The Super Automatic Espresso Machine from Saeco has an automatic cleansing and descaling function! So easy to clean, you can even take the entire brewing unit out and wash it along with the detachable Incanto milk carafe.

We think this automatic espresso machine is awesome looking in its sleek simplicity. Made of super clean stainless steel, the ceramic grinder guarantees 20,000 cups from one 8.8 ounce container of premium coffee beans.

In addition to espresso, this machine includes a one-touch cappuccino setting as well as a latte macchiato setting. The waste container can hold 15 times the amount of beans in the bean container so you won’t get caught constantly emptying it.

In our opinion the best automatic espresso machine these days should be programmable. That’s what we found with the Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine from DeLonghi. Using a combination of push buttons and a rotary dial you can program your menu settings to brew each cup just the way you like it.

Unlike any other espresso machine on the market, the Magnifica uses DeLonghi’s patented cappuccino system to create the richest, creamiest milk froth. The bean basin holds up to 8.8 ounces and is very easy to clean because of its direct-to-brew technology.

The professional grade burr grinder works best with medium roasts and can be adjusted to change the fineness of the grind. The one touch grinder turns beans into ground coffee in an instant so there’s practically no wait before you can start brewing!

Another programmable automatic espresso machine that made our list is the stainless steel Babila Espresso Machine from Gaggia. This bad boy froths and brews with just one touch. The milk frother can be adjusted for espresso froth or cappuccino. There is a manual steam dispenser that you can use to dispense hot water to make a cup of hot tea or cocoa instead.

What we love most about this espresso machine is its programmability. There are eight different brewing options to select from. You can even change the way the milk dispenses. You can make regular coffee, espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, or ristretto depending on your mood!

The reservoir holds over 50 ounces of water and top loads for easy fill and removal. Plus when you buy this espresso machine, it comes with everything you need to keep it cleaned and maintained including water filters, descaler, water test strips, lubricant, and more.

Our next pick takes programmability to the next level. The Velasca Prestige Espresso Machine from Gaggia is tops because it allows you to set your preferences and program them to make your espresso exactly the way that you like it each and every time.

You can set how much coffee to dispense per cup, how much milk, how strong you want the coffee to be, when you want the milk infused, and at what temperature it should be served – talk about programmable! It also uses one touch brewing and frothing technology with settings for baby cappuccinos, regular cappuccinos, or milk froth.

The big bean container holds over 10 ounces and works with either pre-ground coffee beans or you can grind whole beans from bean-to-cup. On top of all of that, this machine has an auto rinse function, a carafe cleaner, and a descaling cycle plus an easy to remove brew unit – what more do you need?

This automatic espresso machine may not make cappuccino but it has a dual spout one click brewing unit we think is dynamite! The X-Small Vapore Espresso Machine from Saeco is the perfect countertop espresso machine when you just want a simple cup of espresso.

It offers five different grind settings and also uses a ceramic grinder which makes the beans last longer. On top of that, it has a frother that produces a classic creamy milk foam that accents each cup beautifully.

When it comes to cleaning this machine, it has an automatic cleaning cycle plus you can remove the brewing unit in order to clean it out. For a no fuss, simple yet top quality automatic espresso machine, this one is a really good choice. And because it’s small, it won’t take up a lot of counter space – a win-win!

At number eight, we chose the professional grade Espresseria Super Automatic Espresso Machine from Krups. When we say professional grade, we mean that the conical burr grinder can hold 60 ounces of premium coffee beans! The bean hopper sits under a large seal and can be adjusted to select just the right kind of grind.

This monster runs on real power. It is a fully automatic 1450 watt machine with a 1.8 liter removable water tank. Unique to the Espresseria is the thermoblock heating technology that keeps each cup at the perfect temperature and includes a steam nozzle.

Fully advanced, the LCD control panel makes selecting a grind setting easy. It also has an easy to clean drip tray that comes out so you can clean it. Backed by a two year warranty this is the most advanced automatic espresso machine we found. Gives you professional results every time!

A full flavor espresso maker at a fraction of the time it takes other machines to heat up is why we chose the Intelia Deluxe Automatic Espresso Machine from Philips. This pretty thing is made to create the aroma and flavor that espresso lovers crave. It doubles as a cappuccino maker too!

This machine uses a patented heat boiler technology that rapidly boils the water so you don’t have to wait forever for it to start brewing. It comes with five different grind settings plus you can set your preferred temperature and how long you want it to brew.

Made of 100% ceramic, the grinder makes sure that you taste the actual flavor of the coffee bean the way you want it. And it comes with a double froth milk carafe that adds a unique layer of cream to the foam. When flavor is the thing for you, this is the machine that you want!

Last on our list but certainly not least is the fancy metallic blue Perfecta Digital Super-Automatic Espresso Machine from DeLonghi. As a refurbished machine, it only comes with a six month warranty but you do get 24 hour call center support for setup and maintenance when you buy this espresso machine.

Why would you want a refurbished automatic espresso machine? Because of its proprietary single touch hot milk system. As an espresso machine, this one comes fully loaded. It comes with a pro grade conical burr grinder with adjustable bean settings and uses the patented direct-to-brew technology from DeLonghi.

It has a digital control pad where you can program your preferred settings. You can make a cappuccino and an espresso at the same time because of the dual boiler system. If that weren’t enough, both the milk tank and the brewing system are removable so that you can easily clean them. We know you’ll love this machine!

Best Espresso Machine Accessories

Now that you have the espresso machine that you want, you’re going to need a few accessories. We have three good ones for you so that you have everything you need to start brewing your own espresso.

Even with a self-cleaning espresso machine, you’ll still want to decalcify it from time to time. Saeco makes a Maintenance Kit for Saeco and Philips Espresso Machines. It removes limescale build up and decalcifies your machine from milk residue. It comes with water filters, gaskets, decalcifier, a cleaning brush, and more.

If you don’t need the kit but just need the juice, Jura makes a Cleaner for Fully Automatic Machines with Frothing Systems. It comes in 1,000 mL bottles and works with any type of frothing unit, no matter the brand. It takes less than 10 minutes for this liquid to remove residue milk fat from inside of your espresso machine – A must have for any automatic espresso machine owner.

Finally, when you buy a new espresso machine, you might as well buy new espresso mugs to go with it. Well we found some beauties. The Savor Double Wall Espresso Mugs from JoyJolt are made of insulated glass so that you don’t burn your hand on the handles yet your coffee stays hot. The set comes with two 5.4 ounce mugs. Not only is it something you need, we love the way these mugs look and we think you will too!

We found the 10 best automatic espresso machines that money can buy. Just pick a machine, any machine and you’re guaranteed that smack you in the face, Damn that’s good espresso any time you want! Best of all, it’s already paid for! #espresso #coffee #coffecravings #espressomachine #nespresso #caffeine #coffeemachine
We found the 10 best automatic espresso machines that money can buy. Just pick a machine, any machine and you’re guaranteed that smack you in the face, Damn that’s good espresso any time you want! Best of all, it’s already paid for! #espresso #coffee #coffecravings #espressomachine #nespresso #caffeine #coffeemachine
We found the 10 best automatic espresso machines that money can buy. Just pick a machine, any machine and you’re guaranteed that smack you in the face, Damn that’s good espresso any time you want! Best of all, it’s already paid for! #espresso #coffee #coffecravings #espressomachine #nespresso #caffeine #coffeemachine
We found the 10 best automatic espresso machines that money can buy. Just pick a machine, any machine and you’re guaranteed that smack you in the face, Damn that’s good espresso any time you want! Best of all, it’s already paid for! #espresso #coffee #coffecravings #espressomachine #nespresso #caffeine #coffeemachine is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED 'AS IS' AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. All prices on this site may change and those considered valid are displayed on


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